I’ve never heard anyone say “When I was young all I wanted to be was a liar” because that would be mad wouldn’t it? I mean, I ask you, what could be more stupid? Why would you wish to be such a thing, but possibly you know the answers don’t you: not sure I do!

My obsession was called Annabelle, and she had a warmth and smile about her which could chase the winter out of any room, and just to bath in her energy for a few minutes, an evening perhaps, or maybe just a lifetime seemed the doorway to “Paradise.”

I’m not one for public disclosures so the fact I was married was not fully known to those I worked with, including Annabelle, who caught my eye as I did hers.

I am an engineer by trade and travelling away from home is part of my routine, so there was no there need to tell anyone about my wife Krystal or my daughter Caroline. I love my wife and had never betrayed her but we all have that space, don’t we, which is unnourished: that suitcase of dreams which remains unpacked in our current circumstance, and suddenly, in her presence, I was granted that smile which allowed me to express a new and beautiful way of being me: that was my belief.

It was only after I slept with her for the second night we were together, lying in bed and drinking tea that I spoke about my marriage. “Get out of my room” she said, which left me no time to explain myself.

For the rest of the week I avoided her as much as possible, riven by waves of panic and a growing sense of what I had risked by this reckless conduct and glad to be escaping, hopefully never to return.

“All’s well that ends well” they say, which is not what happened in my case. Annabelle traced my wife through social media and took it upon herself to pass on all the details of my deceit. As I opened the door my dear wife said, “Do not unpack.”

Truth often becomes apparent only in retrospect and I had disregarded the simple fact that I loved my wife and everything else was mere distraction. As I seek to forgive myself I hope that my wife might do the same!

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18 Responses to Annabelle

  1. ksbeth says:

    ah, how it all becomes so clear once we have lost it. have you seen the movie, ‘Anomalisa’? if not, i think you would love it. it reminds me a bit of this piece –


  2. I like this piece. It’s interesting to read about the impact of lying from the cheater’s view point–usually we get the wronged spouse’s point of view. I noticed the main character doesn’t express regret until he’s caught. If I could, I’d warn his wife not to take him back.

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  3. Al says:

    Once again passion rears it’s head to disguise itself as adventure. But it’s a rare adventurer who discerns the risk until it later decides to reveal itself.


  4. As ever a case of “Sorry (that I got caught out).” I agree, these ‘distractions’ often mask us from what is real, like a black angels cloak. Nicely written, Peter.


  5. Quite an apposite little story, Peter. Funny how some people only manage to see the wrongness of something when they are caught out, and the wrongness becomes more than a fleeting twinge of conscience. It turns into a life sentence.


  6. Shonnie says:

    Sadness. His wife was kind–I’d have ripped all his hair out. Now, when I was young and stupid, I kept thinking the ass would actually stop cheating and beating me. So … good for her and sad for the guy. This one sounds or I get the feel that he was a nice guy who did a stupid thing.


  7. Oh what a story. Good one to his wife!


  8. Oh, Peter. Why am I so off in la la land? I don’t appreciate people being disingenuous, but I’m not sure I would have hunted down the wife to extract my revenge. Maybe I think folks should know a bit more about each other before they hop in bed for a cup of tea? Ms. Annabelle was most likely not passionately in love at the moment. My guess is she shares the blame of superficiality and took out her revenge on the wife. But the, I’ve always been a bit strange.


  9. nelle says:

    My best advice for him: don’t count on it. 😉

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