Love By The Hour


The single truth which fed and clothed her every day since dropping out of university was to do with men. Inspired by the welcome and then depressing attentions of her classics professor, she realised she could earn enough in a decade to live as she wanted for the rest of her life rather than wade through a career of dressing respectfully to become an echo of the polite and ordered vassal her mother had become.

He told her many men over fifty are quietly ignored and then taken for granted. They pull the cart of responsibility up and down the field of life while, over the years, the looks they receive at home grow more detached. At night, and before sleep offers them brief sanctuary, they might day-dream about another world and explore those fantasies which must not be disclosed. Secret identities eat at your composure and fan the wish to escape for a day or even just one hour, and to provide that was her calling.

For one hour and £ 250.00 she would be your co-conspirator, your recognition-oasis and soul-mate. Her composure would never be challenged or conventions shocked by any dream or revelation. You would see in her practised eyes that whatever you were was who she wished to meet. You would be the man to kiss and hold and welcome her heart home.

She was the practised mirror, reflecting your inner thoughts until you believed they were her own. ” Truth and fantasy are close friends” she once said and such was your hunger you dared to believe this was here and real. In this barren and god-forsaken landscape called a life, where beauty looks the other way and innocence is a figment of history, she laughed like a conspirator until you were, for that one single hour, the boy who would have dazzled in the lecture hall, or on the sports field or anywhere at all if people had only understood your worth.

With her I thought, I had found that fresh spring which would flow into the stagnant pond I had become, allowing me to flourish once again in beautiful secrecy. However outlandish my requests, she always smiled and touched my arm and said, “Oh Derek, I feared no one would ask me that. You’ve bring me happy” and we shared hours of this warped paradise until, so taken was she by the image I created, that it was I who had to remind her that my session was at an end.

“Come again soon my darling” she would say, and being with her now was everything I wished. Somehow we would find a way to be together always and forever until that is, my wife asked why I kept making these cash withdrawals every fortnight. There was a squalid argument after which I left at her request, suitcase in hand and of no fixed address. For the first and only time I knocked on my ladies door without a prior appointment.

She stood there without makeup or pretence and asked me what I was doing. “My wife has thrown me out” I told her and she looked remarkably unmoved. “Am I caring? “She said. “But I love you” I replied, my heart filling with panic, but again she was unimpressed. “I am busy. No one is interested Derek.” and with that she shut the door. She taught me something I will not forget: the truth is seldom comforting.


About Peter Wells aka Countingducks

Trying to remember what my future is
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16 Responses to Love By The Hour

  1. mikesteeden says:

    A belter of a tale from first word ’till last. Raising the bar yet again, Peter…which is, I might add, more than The Arsenal are doing presently!

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  2. Al says:

    Doing the math, it appears that around 66 million pounds would insure a lifetime commitment. Did you try that approach?


  3. George F. says:

    Touched me. Heartbreakingly truthful. Great writing. Thanks.

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  4. Gut-wrenching! And brilliant as always.

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  5. Ha! Love by the hour indeed!

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  6. Al says:

    Having suffered that ignominious rejection, he should have offered her 66 million pounds. Calculating by the hour, that would have insured a lifetime commitment from her.


  7. “She taught me something I will not forget: the truth is seldom comforting.” For whom? Excellent fodder for thought, my friend! 😉

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  8. ksbeth says:

    the great pain in it all, is that it is the truth. leaves no room for thinking it might be otherwise. no misunderstanding.

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  9. joey says:

    Fabulous. I don’t care who you are or who you’ve been with, it always feels like that, doesn’t it? So well done.

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  10. SAD)))
    Peter, you are such a gem. x


  11. Shonnie says:

    I always love reading your writings.

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  12. However cynical we might be, we can’t prevent ourselves from dreaming.


  13. surlyandcurly says:

    “…she could earn enough in a decade to live as she wanted for the rest of her life rather than wade through a career of dressing respectfully to become an echo of the polite and respectful vessel her mother had become.”

    Very real, very solid. Good writing. Looking forward to seeing more. Maybe the next one will hit a little *less* close to home (haha kidding, very fine job!)


  14. Nicely written … Belle de Nuit and a little kicker at the end. Loved it. Thank you.

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  15. nelle says:

    You have tapped into an endless reservoir of fresh story approaches, and I’m enjoying each one.


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