A Glance In Passing

Between strangers briefly met came a touching of unrecorded lives. In that place behind our eyes where privacies seek out moments of nourishment:  in that unmapped jungle deep within our thoughts where primal energies and doubts enjoy freedom of movement, and unchained dreams shout their longings heavenward,

All you said was “Hello” and I was lost, unable to reply: you the wife of a passing dignitary and me some junior staff member of the charity where your husband had arrived to share the glories of our documented kindness. He, it seemed, was the man of the hour, a celebrated figure and pleased to be so. You his gentle wife and “gentle” is the word I use when I think of you because you touched my heart as you walked through my life.

We were both prisoners of expectations formed by others than ourselves, fulfilling duties without regard to harboured dreams or the need for self-expression, or at least I think so. You had become the sum of your duties and social expectations as had I, or at least I think so.

Maybe I was wrong, possibly I was wrong, but in your glance I sensed a recognition not felt by me in recent adulthood. I will progress alone, filling the roles I can afford to fill. I have no power apart from the ability to please. I have become the sum of general expectations but for one glance, I did not feel alone.

I hug this thought in solitude, and your kindness is like the autumn sun. Wherever I may be, and however far I drift from tenderness, I treasure that moment of another’s understanding. The beauty of a life can remain unspoken, dreams kept secret, but in that brief instant, to a man living in quiet desperation, you gave a sense of harmony.




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21 Responses to A Glance In Passing

  1. ksbeth says:

    it is always the moments, not the hours, the days or the years, that hold the strongest memories and make up our lives.


  2. catterel says:

    Another beautifully tender piece – thank you.


  3. I think that you have expressed the way in which some people view their lives excellently in this tale, Peter. To facilitate others is a wholly altruistic thing – but how much of us is lost in so doing. A bit of a dilemma, I feel.


  4. Ah, yes. That moment when we dare to reach across the gulf of who we are and see who we can be.


  5. So much can be taken from one gesture.


  6. The first and last paragraphs have me trapped, Peter… So eloquent, so full of longing, a hint of loneliness overcome, that I cannot drag my heart away…

    Priceless is this piece, as priceless as the moment it captures…



  7. piratepatty says:

    So beautiful. The last paragraph, oh how touching!

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  8. I’m going on out on a limb here to say, I thnk He read too much into the word ‘Hello’. Hmm??


  9. Al says:

    A glance, a touch, a whisper……all rhapsodic moments for those meek at heart. Fleeting seconds, but ingrained memories. Beautiful.


  10. This is beyond gorgeous!

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  11. stawatrenk says:

    One priceless piece…when I grow up I want to write like you☺☺

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  12. gotham girl says:

    Oh I’m so loving this one!


  13. nelle says:

    Sometimes hello is enough… nice exploration of how.


  14. **I hug this thought in solitude, and your kindness is like the autumn sun**

    Lovely. xx


  15. restlessjo says:

    What beautiful, gentle notions, Peter! 🙂


  16. ASH says:

    Beautiful, bittersweet, touching, a discovery; it is deeply perceptive to even grasp such fleetness…


  17. And, I suspect, that important man owes his success to his great good fortune in marrying her. Some there are who have the power to touch our lives – they are the gifted, the special ones.


  18. Aww, as I always say, be careful what we say; never know when even a “Hello” might mean too much for someone else. This man though, is one interesting being I’ll like to meet.
    Beautiful piece I couldn’t help but read over and over!


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