Cooking and Christmas Cheer To All My Friends

Christmas day is the one day when the kitchen is cleared, technically speaking, of all opinions but my own and, for better or worse, I step forward to roast the turkey, cook vegetables, make the sauces and generally do all that is needed to supply a visually stunning feast at approximately 2pm on 25th December.

In order to try and preserve some flavour, I buy the very best ingredients I can so that, even if the turkey is removed from the oven in a charred, distressed and almost unrecognisable state some remnants of taste may remain thus allowing my reluctant guests to nod their heads in nervous appreciation before taking a palate-cleansing slurp of any available liquid.

When eyebrows are raised as a wing snaps away from the rest of the bird in a sound I last heard when I broke up an old and rusty fence, I ensure that my expression is non-committal, and may even go in for a short period of head nodding and slurping to suggest that, modest as I am, I have recognised flavours in my creation which are normally only produced by the very best kitchens. Carry this off with enough understated confidence and you may persuade one or two of the diners that the meal they are eating is actually enjoyable.

Anyway, as always, the proof of the meal will be in the eating but I cling to optimism as being my best approach on the day.

In the meanwhile may I wish my blogging and other chums a very happy Christmas and I hope you all get the meal and festivities you enjoy the most.

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25 Responses to Cooking and Christmas Cheer To All My Friends

  1. Just stopping in to say hi and Merry Christmas to you and yours from me and mine. I hope this new year brings you peace and all the things that go with it. Love your friend and fan Kat


  2. gotham girl says:

    Love it! I’m sure it will be a beautiful event…with all the chars and snaps and slurps! You have brightened so many days…thank you so very much…and can’t wait to see what you cook up for us in 2016! Best to you and yours!!!


  3. I suspect the meal will be wonderful. My husband does all of our cooking. I’ll never forget the birthday, when I mommed it up by sending heart-shaped brownies to my daughter’s preschool that turned out to be as hard as rocks. Sigh.


  4. I have no doubt that the meal will be exquisite. May your day be blessed with your growing family and a glow of good things to come.


  5. Your culinary skills may indeed rival mine. Your confidence far exceeds it.


  6. Nan says:

    Merry Christmas, right back at ‘cha…


  7. Christmas wishes! and may all your turkeys get heartily gobbled.


  8. renxkyoko says:

    Happy Holidays, Peter.
    I’ll do a lot of cooking this year. Today is the 23rd, and my mother and I are going to the Asian market to make a last minute shopping for fresh veggies.


  9. Enjoy, Peter. My best wishes to you for the new year.


  10. Al says:

    I believe you’ve come up with an entirely new Christmas taste treat…..turkey brittle. Enjoy it heartily!


  11. 1WriteWay says:

    Merry Christmas, Peter. I suspect your cooking will result in nothing less than fully satisfied guests 🙂 Cheers!


  12. ksbeth says:

    it’s all in the attitude really, isn’t it? and happy christmas to you, your turkey, and any who may be sharing this celebration with you )


  13. tiostib says:

    Ho! Ho! Ho! Thanks for all the laughs and may you find many smiles for the holidays!


  14. Sue Vincent says:

    Happy Christmas, Peter… and may your turkey be edible 🙂


  15. cotswoldsgirl says:

    Happy Christmas! A post of great elan, as I’m sure the dinner will be. I’m off to make croissants…which my mother is slightly regretting.


  16. Jane says:

    Merry Christmas and I am sure you cook as well as you write…excellent!


  17. Je says:

    Just stopping in to say Merry Christmas to you 🙂


  18. nelle says:

    Happy Christmas, Peter!


  19. I just bet your meal was amazing my friend. A meal is always amazing when it’s made with love. I hope you had an amazing Christmas.


  20. Scarlet says:

    Happy Seasonal Greetings, Mr Ducks!!


  21. jbuliesblog says:

    Our sincere best wishes to you and yours, Mr. Wells!


  22. Lady E says:

    Tehehe, I hope that your real Xmas was fun, and tasty? Wishing you and yours a lovely new year too… Xx


  23. Well done! For anyone who spends the day cooking and hosting, I have great admiration…of course, I always think the hardest role is that of the eater. Under-recognised but heroic nonetheless.


  24. L. R. Palmer says:

    Oh, yummy! I am savoring every word of this post! I hope you had a delectable holiday season (ing)… lol!


  25. Nirodaigh says:

    Thanks! Only reading now as I had no time in December to blog or even browse (see my latest post for why!). 🙂 I hope you had a good festive season and all good wishes for 2016!


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