Bunter Macingtosh Rediscovers Love

Someone asked me recently if I still believed in marriage and I said, “Of course old boy.” I mean you can’t have drifted through five of the things without some belief in the institution and I’m still friendly with all the exes and some of my children, apart from Marjorie, but then even the finest of salads can be spoiled by an excess of vinegar don’t you find?

Not that any of that would have mattered but I teamed up with some quite fetching thing in her prime and you know how one drink leads to another, and then I shared some old films with her and suggested we go on holiday and eat a few cream teas and I find myself filling with emotion and saying, “Fancy a shuffle up the isle my darling” and she sort of shook her head which might mean either yes or no. As I always say, “Time will tell: time will reveal everything,” and let’s face it that can be a “Wincer” once in a while, but that’s another story.

I am a great believer in self-discipline but also in not trying to hog all the good qualities and keep them to myself so I let others enjoy the admiration which comes with self-restraint and I now play open house to any passing calorie, hence the name “Bunter.” I go for walks between the bedroom and the living room and make my own tea and snacks so I think I can hold my head up in company in a way which takes the attention from my chins: no photographs please.

Virginia, my new love, is actually a dog, which might explain why I can’t understand her answer, and when I told the vicar, in strictest confidence, that I wanted to marry my pet as a symbol of my undying devotion, no sex involved, he started shaking his head as well, which just shows how catching some of these endearing habits are. The way he looked at me makes you think that those gents in white coats might be popping in for a talk about life and an afternoon snifter sometime soon.

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted but for now it’s a good bye from me and a woof or two from her. Goodbye.

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25 Responses to Bunter Macingtosh Rediscovers Love

  1. Way to go! After 5 marriages I think tying the knot with the dog is a fantastic idea. Unless…those other weddings weren’t to dogs too, were they?


  2. You are a gem Peter in all that you write. And these names you conjure up are all so perfect for their particular story. And however ridiculous your characters are I don’t think I have ever disliked a single one of them, even the rougest of rouges down to the most sad and pathetic. All wonderful. Keep them coming. 😊


  3. Ina says:

    Lovely story 🙂 It is easy to see this person and his dog, as you really make them alive.


  4. ksbeth says:

    i love your witty and wise approach to life –


  5. I once heard from a fellow in Canada that he feared the co-habitation/marriage laws of the country would most likely allow such a relationship – but then, could there ever be any as loyal?


  6. Bunter (always been a great fan of Billy) is an absolutely gem. Any man who considers marrying a dog is a good man in my books. Love it. Janet:)


  7. I think that this says a lot about his character and nature – and possibly even his aspirations! I love how, in your writing, you manage to get inside, and write as if, you were the protagonist. Great story!


  8. I might be shocked by your story, but 1) I’ve already adjusted to the Japanese inclination to marry their robots, and 2) who can imagine a better companion than a dog? Let me know how it goes.


  9. You know, I did hear of a woman who married her pet…want to say it was a parakeet or something. In other news, as of this weekend, Billy Joel is now on his 4th marriage. This was only brought up to me by my radio station who felt the need to comment on (The NY Post’s, I believe??) embarrassing headline The 4th of Joel-y (4th of July pun).


  10. You’ve got a lovely sense of humor. I think I can get a laugh here which is priceless.


  11. Your wonderful sense of humour shows through in this highly entertaining piece 🙂


  12. Now that’s about as wonderfully mad as it gets! Great stuff!


  13. Al says:

    One can indeed make of career of marriage if erudite in picking the proper mates. One has only to remember this: “You can marry more money in 5 minutes than you can earn in a lifetime!”


  14. gotham girl says:

    I LOVE it!! Thank you!


  15. Peter, you should see my face. I don’t know how you do it, but you always have me immersed in something you’ve written to the point where I forget about my impending work in front of me LOL. I enjoyed this.


  16. restlessjo says:

    Thank goodness I’m only stuffing my face with cherries… though I could be tempted if you had a cream scone hidden away somewhere? 🙂 Another salutary tale, Peter! 5? At least 2 too many!


  17. Scarlet says:

    Please remember to send me an invite! Dogs are more easy going than humans… but they do like a bit of exercise – are you up for that?


  18. Minelli Eustacio says:

    Ah, I loved this 😀


  19. Peter can I have your interview? for my blog I will love to share your published books in my wp and fb posts? my email id is sharmishthabasu@hotmail.com, and do mention in the title that it is you because I get dozens of spams there and often the first mails of my friends end up there!

    love and best wishes.


  20. olganm says:

    Great post. I recently read a story about a man who was going to marry himself. I think a dog is a much better idea. Fantastic!

    Liked by 1 person

  21. nelle says:

    roflmao! Thanks for the laugh!


  22. lynseywhite says:

    Ha, the chin thing! I thought that was just me 🙂


  23. ShimonZ says:

    marvelous story


  24. The prose is so rhythmical I can almost hear the accent.


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