A Brief Update On My Fitness Goals

Ok, I don’t really have any, but that doesn’t stop me measuring so I can see how every thing is going wrong over a bottle or two of Malbec or Pino Grigio if the weather is too warm.

As recently as two years ago I acquired one of those quietly flashy IPhone things which just shows those who pass me in the Mall that I might look moth-eaten, and badly dressed to boot, but yet I am  clearly still “In the groove”

Now, with the aid of my Ambassador to all things Technical, I’ve put a sort of diet and fitness thing on my phone and laptop and connected it to something clever which counts the number of steps you take, cakes you eat and then says something at the end of the day like, “If you continue to guzzle anything you can get your greedy hands on like you have today you will be 800 lbs by the end of the week.”

As a snarky aside, I heard it mention that “Gettting out of bed, and stopping pretending that every vintage film you notice in the TV schedule is a “Must See” is a major advantage to those seeking beach fitness.

I am not seeking beach fitness, but I wouldn’t mind looking a bit dapper while I eat an afternoon tea, the recognised reward for anyone who spurned that third sausage at breakfast and refused ice cream with his sticky toffee pudding. Will power is everything is it not ?


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26 Responses to A Brief Update On My Fitness Goals

  1. catterel says:

    You have pinpointed exactly my problem there – a cream tea as a reward for having been careful with the calories!


  2. Another big smile reading this one Peter! 😄

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  3. Oh the horrors of having to curb oneself! I have missed your writings and am imagining your walking 10.000 steps a day and avoiding all watering holes in the process…..
    Never mind….the cream tea will be delicious. Janet:)


  4. cotswoldsgirl says:

    It is indeed! I threw my diet to the wind for my birthday and scoffed everything I wanted. Back on the wagon today… I don’t fancy “beach” fitness either. “Canal” is a more suitable waterway, I feel.


  5. Then again, I hate the thought of lying beneath the wheels of a bus with my dying words being,’ I wish I’d had that second vanilla slice earlier’!


  6. Elissaveta says:

    Now I want cake… 😀


  7. gotham girl says:

    Love my LAUGH OUT LOUD Peter fixes first thing in the morning. One day…several margaritas!


  8. Carrie Rubin says:

    Any step toward action is a step in the right direction. Good for you! Loved the bit about the ‘Must See’ TV. 🙂


  9. My morning smile. And yes, our rewards systems tend to get a bit ahead of our goals now and then.


  10. I thought will power was all about making sure you only had one portion of hot,chocolate fudge cake with double cream rather than two after lunch No use in spoiling your tea.


  11. Ah, yes. My daughter gave me a Fitbit for Mother’s Day. A suggestions? I’m embarrassed to see how little I exercise every day. Maybe that’s the point.


  12. olganm says:

    I am weird. I actually enjoy exercising although not all kinds of exercise. Since I left the gym I’ve taken to You Tube fitness videos, and apart from anything else, they have a good entertainment value too…But some days I just follow Jane Fonda videos. She’s still going! Mind you, she talks about her hip replacement and her knee prosthesis so…


  13. Ina says:

    Keep up the good work 🙂 without food as reward!


  14. Helpful diet tip: turn down the volume on the iPhone thingy so it doesn’t shout at you. Shouting causes stress and stress eating is a HUGE problem to anyone trying to pretend to get fit. 😉


  15. Lucid Gypsy says:

    You sound rather like me, I’ve consumed enough cream tea and cake in the last few days to sink a battleship, and my i phone thingy just sneers at me!


  16. Throw out the TV and get a dog. You’ll be sylph-like in no time. It helps if you don’t have a sweet tooth too 🙂


  17. Scarlet says:

    *slips out of comment box to continue with step-aerobics*


  18. And where there’s a will, there’s a way…that’s what they say anyhow…


  19. Marc Kuhn says:

    I have decided after many years of consumption and associated research that we all mistakenly define ice cream’s role in our lives. Ice cream is not the enemy. It is, indeed, quite the opposite–it is a necessity of life as much as water is. Think about it…we are completely fulfilled, comforted and content when we are having ice cream. Other than sex, when else do we have such feelings. Take it away and the environment turns hostile and unwanting. No, we must not stop ice cream. We much compensate but stopping something else, something much more worthy of giving up…and a lot less difficult.


  20. Damyanti says:

    Yay to will power :). I’m hoping my morning swims keep me in beach-fit shape!


  21. catterel says:

    I have just nominated you for the 5-Day Challenge – a photo and a story a day for 5 consecutive days. You don’t have to accept it – but please let me know if you decline so i can find another victim.


  22. I want ice cream with his sticky toffee pudding!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxx


  23. I am actually curbing myself lately and I feel like I’m slightly punishing myself lol. Oh how I wish I could eat anything I wanted lol. Great post Peter.


  24. johnisige says:

    I love this its incredible and to the point


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