After Life

I thought I’d let this post see the light of day as it has been one of my more popular efforts and possibly not seen by my newer follower !

As you can see, its gone a bit wrong, and its re-posted it as though it came from another blog altogether.

This is the kind of technical fumbling and incompetence it has taken four years to develop and its good to provide a new example of that attribute here.


Was that her, it seemed so long ago? Another life lived in another age. A young girl dressed  in white, beside the man she’d known since her birth. The son of her dad’s best friend, who played with her in his childhood, watching her back whilst they grew up in school.Her  wedding ring, unmarked, on  wrinkled hand, sends  memories rising from another time. His face, so warm and young . The sense of being home when he was there. The new born baby nestling in her arms. Him working the shop whilst she stood by his side. An ordinary life from any point of view , free of trophies or the cheering crowds, but,  full of meaning and rich in  small events.

This was her world. Now only  memories . A  glance across a table top. His finger tapping on the dinner plate. The children squabbling over the last chips while he, exhausted, smiled at their…

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8 Responses to After Life

  1. Oh, but the technical attempts are so very endearingl


  2. Hehe–that’s funny. ‘technical fumbling it took four years to develop’. I so understand that.


  3. araneus1 says:

    Beautiful story big guy. It is not easy to write a story like that [in my opinion]. So often writers go for the heartstrings in an obvious way. As usual, you bring us her character and let us decide where our heartstrings are.


  4. A moving tale from your back-catalogue, Peter. A sad and touching piece.


  5. gotham girl says:

    So touching…glad you shared this oldie but goodie!!


  6. Scarlet says:

    I just cut and paste the old into a new post when I do a repost… I came across a similar technical difficulty when I first tried!
    This story reminds me of something. I will say no more 🙂


  7. Jane Thorne says:

    There is much joy in simplicity…x


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