The Emergence Of A Notable New Literary Critic


It appears an ever younger readership is attracted to my new book, “The Man Who Missed the Boat” as exhibited by the thorough and unrelenting inspection of syntax and grammar being undertaken by a five month old literary critic otherwise known as my grandson, recently photographed engaging with the novel.

No doubt, as his mother battled with pressing household tasks, our young hero sought escape from boredom and selected a random novel to help pass the time. As yet his extended review is not available, although some notable comments in the form of gurgling and hand waving are with the baby translation services awaiting scripting into comments more intelligible to older and more tired minds .

That being said, some of his initial responses have been made available and read as follows. “This book does not taste nice.” and  “The picture on the cover looks nothing like my granddad: he needs to be quite a lot fatter.” are two of the strikingly accurate observations  leaked by translators to a bewildered public and we look forward to the full rendition of his freshly minted opinions on this, one of the first books which has come to his attention.

We hope that he will not be alone in expressing an interest in the book and that, unlike my grandson, many of you find the book does taste good, or at least is to your taste. That is my hope.

If you read it and review it, be assured waves of gratitude will flow towards you from myself and all the curious characters who find voice in that exotic place otherwise known as my imagination.

A link to the book is situated on the right side of this Blog and a simple click will transport you to Amazonia were a wealth of reading awaits those who seek entertainment.

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17 Responses to The Emergence Of A Notable New Literary Critic

  1. Fabulous photo Peter and a great promotion too! 😊 Your book is very tasty indeed, I am thoroughly engaged with all characters. So far I seem to feel sorry for Simon and feel the need to give him a motherly hug 😊 and Im very pleased he has stood up to his father who sounds pretty Victorian 😄

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  2. catterel says:

    Looks like a promising young man!


  3. gotham girl says:

    Adorable and I love the marketing twist! Super!


  4. ksbeth says:

    ‘ooh, and look at the pretty colors on the cover!!! i don’t know the words for them yet, but they sure look good. this must be a fabulous book! obviously a 5 star winner!’


  5. Al says:

    So this is the critic you were speaking about. Aside from his very incisive observations about which I will not comment further, I think I detect a smile of great satisfaction beneath those dogeared pages. This bodes well, my friend.

    On another note, very shortly after downloading your book on our Samsung tablet, my dear wife absconded with the tablet to go visit our granddaughters. I assure you when she returns, I will delve into it to unravel the story behind this mysterious title.

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  6. He’s a very discerning critic. Usually he just spits up after he reads most novels. I would take this as a very good sign!

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  7. I’m sure he will enjoy the book as much as I did. Although, I must say, I did not nibble at its edges… 🙂


  8. Carrie Rubin says:

    Well, children are known for their honesty, so if he’s holding it, you know he must like it! Cute picture. Good luck with your book!


  9. Delightfully funny, Peter. Excellent promotion.


  10. One of the better exhortations by a writer for reviewers for his/her work!


  11. Too bad he’s too young for an Amazon account. Though, I see your ranking is quite nice–a five-star average and not bad at all in the rankings. Congrats for a great start!


  12. Awww Peter, just when I was wondering who this cutie belonged to, I find out he’s your grandson. Aww he is just the cutest. You definitely put a smile on my face when I visited your blog. He definitely should be your marketing manager 🙂


  13. Paula says:

    Hehehehe .. this is great, Peter 🙂


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