OK Lets Talk Paranormal and the writer J.D.Brown


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Ok usually, when I say I am going to talk about the paranormal, people think I am going to discuss my fitness regime but, sometimes, that is incorrect. In my movements around the Blogosphere I come across people of every persuasion, walk of life and outlook and something about their energy, willingness to fight for their dream and raw talent impresses me. Such a person is award winning author J.D. Brown who writes about those folk who enjoy night more than day, and have appetites which some of us might consider unusual.

She has just released her third in the series of Ema Marx novels, and Emma is an intriguing character. To quote the “Blurb” on the book available on her website,

” Ema Marx is in a race against time. Or rather, a race against Apollyon. A powerful weapon—the legendary philosopher’s stone—could tip the scale in favour of whoever gets their fangs on it first. For Ema, obtaining the stone is an uphill battle through love, alliance, heartbreak, and loyalty. Winning should mean the beginning of beautiful things, but the closer Ema gets to her destiny, the more uncertain her future becomes. Could it be this war was never meant for her? And why the heck doesn’t morning sickness adhere to rules of its own name?”

You get the picture. It is a rip-roaring tale, full of energy and adventure and an interesting take on the old battle between good and evil.  It got me thinking, What got JD writing in the first place, and so I contacted her and asked her some questions. Here they are

How early in your life did you decide you wanted to be a writer

Actually, I didn’t start writing fiction until after collage, and before that I was convinced all “writing” meant essays and term papers for school, which I loathed. I have always been an avid reader though. I was the odd child who got excited over the assigned reading, and actually read everything cover-to-cover instead of looking up the cliff notes. Suffice to say, my language arts teachers loved me. I used to doodle a lot as a child, too, and would make up tons of characters. I’d name them and give them backstories, and super powers. So I suppose now, looking back, I always had a bit of a calling for fiction writing, I just never actually got the guts to try it until I was well into adulthood. Once I did, though, I couldn’t stop. I love writing fiction and can’t imagine doing anything else with my life now.


What is it about the ‘Paranormal’ which draws you to it

I blame the very young and impressionable age at which I was introduced to Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, haha. Mom never bothered to censor what I read (which I love her for) and for whatever reason, I was always drawn to the dark anti-heroes and tragic romances. I like the larger-than-life magic, the fantasy, the love that transcends life and the physical realm. It’s fun to think there’s more out there than just the mundane.

What are the principle influences of your writing style

Me, myself, and I. While I admire many authors and am very inspired by their work, I try my best to stay true to my own voice. There is no point, in my opinion, of trying to imitate. The variety of fiction available today is so vast, the only way to stand out from the crowed is to be true to yourself.

Apart from me ( joke sorry ) What authors writing today do you most admire and why.

I suppose Anne Rice is a given. Also Orson Scott Card, Darynda Jones, Cassandra Clare, J.R. Ward, Julie Kagawa, and loads of others. Why? Because they have phenomenal characters and world building that inspires me to dream big. 🙂

What themes dominate your creative output.

I try to be epic in my writing without going overboard, haha. The Ema Marx series touches on a lot of central themes like family, love, loss, abandonment, trust, and inner strength. One thing that’s very important to me is to have strong, realistic female characters. I can’t stand the Bella Swans or Mary Sues of the world. My main character, Ema, makes her own choices and fights her own battles. That doesn’t mean she’s perfect. She makes mistakes and people get hurt as a result, but she does everything in her power to right her wrongs. I think the world needs more strong female characters in fiction.

Here is the cover of her engaging book

Dark Becoming 333x500(2)


Well apart from being impressed that I’ve got all these links and pictures in my post, and in the right places, have a look at her very professional website. More about her books is available over there, or do what I did and pop straight over to Amazon


where you can purchase your own copies and read the many reviews this astonishingly able and energetic young novelist has attracted with her writing skills.






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14 Responses to OK Lets Talk Paranormal and the writer J.D.Brown

  1. This sounds like a very good read…..Thank you:)


  2. Jen says:

    I am happy to talk about the paranormal with anyone. I remember being a little girl and trying to find out more about witchcraft at the library and the only book I could find was “The Witch of Blackbird Pond.” not anymore…


  3. Great interview! I may well put this book on my kindle list which is now longer than any scarf I have knit! 😊


  4. ksbeth says:

    i love her energy. thanks for sharing this with us )


  5. J.D. Brown says:

    Peter, thanks so much for having me today. My apologies if you all don’t see my replies until much later. I’m on U.S. time. 🙂


  6. Nice interview, Peter! And this series seems quite interesting, as does J.D. 🙂


  7. Peter,
    I love how you “GIVE BACK” to the blogging world. xxx


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