Where Knowledge Grows

I’ve read the words of men, or listened to their thoughts expressed as music. The men who walked where knowledge grows. Who’ve passed beneath the tree of wisdom and had it’s shadow grant them peace: briefly it might be. Look in their eyes and  you will find an element of eternity. You may discover in their company that the present is infinite, and events the actors which provide a change of scenery. In life there are many theories but few real explanations. With time I understood that we will know more than we can say, and understand beyond our powers of expression.

Sometimes on a crowded street or in a café, half hid from view, I might a man or women see, and tell myself, “They’ve been there, at the borders between eternity and the commonplace. Compassion is their constancy, wrapped in the scarf of hard experience. Hopeless though the venture is, they watch the pageant of our passing lives and see it stained by human greed,  recognising, all the while, that knowledge of the timeless kind is often touched by melancholy.”

About Peter Wells aka Countingducks

Trying to remember what my future is
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17 Responses to Where Knowledge Grows

  1. What comes to mind is a serene sense of melancholy and a deep appreciation of the gratuitous strife in the world. It consumes too much of what makes us human.


  2. catterel says:

    That’s a poem, Ducks – beautiful.


  3. Ina says:

    Poetry, and wise words, as compassion is probably the state of mind we should all aim for. Wonderful.


  4. A different voice for you, perhaps. Beautifully stated.


  5. Yes, funny how some people just seem to have a higher knowledge.


  6. To see, to truly see, with wise eyes is to recognize both the joys and sorrows of life. Without darkness, how would we recognize light?


  7. gotham girl says:

    I didn’t realize you were a great poet too! Such a melody to this piece of writing! Beautiful!


  8. Your words often inspire me to think about the things we understand that are “beyond our powers of expression.” You seem to capture these things in written form so eloquently.


  9. elainecanham says:

    I like it Peter! Positively Wordsworthian!


  10. If this is not pure Buddhism, it comes extremely close to it. I see what you are seeking with the disposition of your words, and only once or a couple times do I feel they interrupt, rather than enhance the flow.


  11. Raven Whyte says:

    Sometimes I see something, and somehow suddenly see it differently. It can be the way the light hits someone’s hair, the way the snow under my feet reflects the light from the streetlamp, or haring a sound and having to figure out what in the world made it. At that moment I glimpse a reality different from the one I am in, and if I am fast enough, I get it on paper in words.


  12. Peter,
    your insight and depth into the human spirit blows me away, dear. xxxx


  13. mzrubyred says:

    Beautiful … Wipes away a single tear!


  14. It’s lyrical in tone…


  15. Very poetic Peter and a half step away from your familiar writing. It left me with feelings and emotions to ponder on, thank you.


  16. Excellently put, Peter, with a touch of poetic prose. The sentence ‘With time I understood that we will know more than we can say, and understand beyond our powers of expression.’ just about sums things up perfectly.


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