A Siren Offers Drinks In Hell

You would love her if she wished, but not for an eternity. Anger was her closest friend, and nothing bored her more, she cried, than “Weak kneed praise from slack jawed men.” Unstable at the best of times, she could act a thousand roles as long as, she always said, “The curtain falls before I’m bored.”

Love in all its travesties riled her to breaking point; cursed with more than average looks, and that allure which chaos brings, she chose to mock at ordered lives, and “Try and spice things up a bit.”  Swept through events with spendthrift haste, guzzling at experience. “Bills are not my thing” she said, ” But you can pay them if you wish. ”

She understood stability, and the fantasies of sober men, and teased them with coquettish skill; tugged their hearts with reckless angst. Eased them from their marriage beds, then laughed at their stupidity. Your attention was all she sought but only as a passing whim.  “Loyalty is the gift of fools” her glib remark to some poor man, finessed by her perceptive guile into paying for a holiday, “Unaccompanied if you please. Talent needs its solitude” and so the poor chump slid away, muttering about “The greater good,” only to find, when she returned that some new guy with polished teeth, who had the keys to Hollywood, was taking her beyond his reach, but kindly in her awkward way, she did not leave without a thought, but sent back a signed photograph, “Taken by a man of note.”

You may love her if you wish, but do not make a point of it. Already bored in infancy, she sought for nothing you could give. Diversion was her sanctuary and leaving you her one true gift.


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21 Responses to A Siren Offers Drinks In Hell

  1. Quite poetic – and an icon of many an author. There are those who seem untouched by the humanity around them, but draw us in none the less.


  2. I love this character; she needs to charge her way through a future novel I think? I can see her accessorised with a feather boa! 😊


  3. catterel says:

    I agree with journeyintopoetry – this femme fatale needs a nice fictional world to wreck :-D.


  4. “She’s Always A Woman To Me”…your blog conjured that song.


  5. She is of the tribe, I suppose, that cannot bear to look at a mirror for too long. We’re all a member of that tribe, I suppose; needing continuous diversion to be the motor of life.


  6. A character, I feel, fuelled as much by fear as any other emotion. One wonders whether see will ever reach that point where the realisation of pointlessness kicks in, or whether she simply feels nothing. Excellently written, Peter.


  7. Ina says:

    A very good discription of a personality. She sounds like an empty shell, maybe that is good for a life as filmactress 🙂 I’m glad I don’t have to know her! lol


  8. Her character definitely shines through in this story. She does sound a bit into herself but I would love to see her movies to see if there’s more that we’re not seeing.


  9. Al says:

    Wait a minute….I dated this woman in college!!


  10. ksbeth says:

    she is in perpetual motion, lest she stop for a moment and see who she really is. i love this sad tale –


  11. My emotion for her starts with an H rather than L


  12. Stop writing about me!!! 🙂 xxx


  13. renxkyoko says:

    Oh, heartbreaker.

    Karma is a b*tch, Miss. Just wait.


  14. Love that last line 🙂


  15. gwpj says:

    I see this as a movie scene, the character striding through it leaving wreckage in her wake. Wonderfully done. When is the story appearing in print? 🙂


  16. Jaclyn Rae says:

    I love your style.


  17. Another one of you “only you can do it” characters–superficial yet complex. How do you do it? 😉


  18. Sounds like a rather exhausting existence – and ultimately unfulfilling. But I’d love to have a drink with her!


  19. gotham girl says:

    Well isn’t she an interesting one! Great to get caught up on your postings!!


  20. Janni Styles says:

    Your ability to capture character and bring to life a woman of many facets is astonishing, truly. You are a gem of a writer and I adore your finesse, when I grow up, I want to write just like you, lol. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, Peter, thank you for all the great reading and for your always kind heart. ❤ ❤ ❤


  21. mreuther says:

    Dude. You gotta keep writing this stuff. You are certainly on to something. A book?


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