Natalie Irvine. A Local Artist With A Growing Reputation

Some of you may remember my post about the paintings of Emma Cattell, who is a local artist of merit and a growing following I am proud to know. Another individual in the same category is Natalie Irvine whose husband Myles runs the gym where I have been known to gasp and wheeze in my search for personal fitness.

I don’t have to say too much in my opinion, because to look at these pieces is to marvel at the combinations of colour and texture within them, and to reflect on the way the change in background light can make them an almost living piece of art within your house.

I have always been a lover of stained glass, and have wondered at the skill and sensibility evident in the work of medieval artists as seen in churches throughout the UK and Europe.

Taka a look at the photograph below:-


It’s a corker isn’t it. Just imagine that on the window ledge, with the changing light of the day behind it. There is such luminosity and use of colour within it that it conveys an almost organic sense of immediacy to me which I do not get from every art form

Based near Kingston on Thames in the UK, Natalie Irvine is now making her mark nationally, and looking at the piece above, you can understand why that is.

As a further “taster” have a look at this one


Or visit her website at, ( drumroll because I’m rather proud of all this high-tec link stuff ) and see more of her work.

I am a person who loves people who approach life both sensitively and creatively, and Natalie Irvine exhibits both qualities in abundance, in my opinion. I’m sure you will enjoy her work as much as I do




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9 Responses to Natalie Irvine. A Local Artist With A Growing Reputation

  1. Sue Vincent says:

    Really beautiful work. Thank you!


  2. gotham girl says:

    Her work is stunning! Thanks for sharing! And I so love the quote she has on her site…“Colour is a power which directly influences the soul.”


  3. Beautiful stuff. So nice of you to share.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Dawne Webber says:

    I love stained glass as well and this is incredibly lovely and unique. Wish I could see the real thing.


  5. Gorgeous, stunning work. WOW.


  6. Those are gorgeous. I spent months looking for an artisan to do stain glass for me about twenty years ago so I can tell you from experience someone this talented is difficult to find.


  7. You know I love great art and I love this post. I got to check out more of her work. Thanks for posting this my friend


  8. r e douville says:

    Nice pieces… my sis is quite accomplished working with glass.


  9. No doubt, Peter- beautiful work! Thanks for sharing and supported fellow artists. 🙂


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