300 Posts and Counting

Three hundred Blog posts seems an astonishing number would have seemed a fanciful number to me when I began Blogging over three years ago  and in many ways my life, outlook and the readership of my Blog have changed beyond recognition in that time. In short, around 180,000 words have spilled out of my strangely tuned imagination and littered the lives of a number of people, some of whom are lurching dangerously towards that small circle where  my friends are treasured.

One of the things which gives me pause for thought,  as I often write little stories, vignettes or whatever else you might call them is how, like dragon-flies, these whimsical productions buzz around brightly for a short while and then vanish into that un-light world we call ” Forgotten Posts”  along with yesterday’s newspapers, come fish and chip wrappers, fire-work displays and other examples of ephemeral wonder.

To those forgotten tales I say, thank you for being a step in the path which has got me to where I am, and helped me to learn the craft of writing, and in the process meet some fine people.

Let us therefore raise our coffee cups, sandwiches or biscuits and make a toast to forgotten postings. “You help us find out who we are.”


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Trying to remember what my future is
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25 Responses to 300 Posts and Counting

  1. And yay! Im the first to comment on this milestone post! Here’s to you and to me and to them Peter!. Im raising a glass of green vegetable juice (dont ask!) and an oatmeal biscuit to you. Heres to many more. I was thinking about this the other day, how posts, writings, books, buts and pieces have their moments and then they wisp away somewhere. But as you so rightly say, they all help us along the path to finding out who we are. A great big well done! 😊☕️


  2. That should say “bits” of course! Too impatient to be first! 😊


  3. catterel says:

    Fully agree – my coffee mug raised in salute. It is surprising sometimes, when you dig back among the earlier long-forgtten posts, to see what you turn up ,and think in amazement, Did I write that? No recollection whatsoever. Or maybe that’s just me descending into senility. And yes, those old bits and pieces are the stepping stones to … wherever we are going to end up, so worth treasuring warts and all.


  4. Hurrah! Why don’t you re-blog some of the earlier stories to give them new life? Have a marvellous weekend!


  5. I shall raise a cup to “them” and to the more lasting venture you have now embarked upon.


  6. Caroline says:

    I salute you and all our forgotten postings. Indeed they were steps along the way xxx


  7. Judy Amy says:

    Congratulations! I recently hit 100 posts, which was a milestone for me in the year since I started my blogging endeavour. You were one of the first to comment on one of my early posts and I began following your blog, but am only now moving into the next realm of blogging–moving out of my shell and communicating with others! Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Norma says:

    Congratulations Peter. I’m a recent admirer of your work and don’t know how I exactly came here, but I’m so happy to enjoy all the reads ever since I have joined a band of your followers. So, raising a toast to celebrate your success.


  9. My WP.ORG site has a wonderful little plug-in that RTs those forgotten posts. Most of them (like your stories) are timeless. Those that aren’t, I can disclude from the RT list. Very cool.


  10. Congrats, Peter.
    Never Ever forgotten. Those thousands of wonderful words brought you to where are now.
    Love & Kisses from Minnesota. xxxx
    Ps. Yesterday’s newspapers, by the way, should be savored & remembered.


  11. ksbeth says:

    here’s to the 300 and to finding who we are, i’ve enjoyed traveling along on your journey with you, even if i did get on the trail a bit late. best, beth


  12. Harry says:

    Congrats Peter, a cup of tea to your next hundred, i’m near the 500 target 🙂


  13. Roohani Naik says:

    Congratulations first of all! I read your blog regularly though I do not comment because I use a reader. But this one definitely call for one. 🙂 I am a fairly new writer and I am trying to write regularly. I hope I can reach at this level too.


  14. My Book Self says:

    I have just nominated you for an award:
    Thank you for the inspiration.


  15. Hey! I haven’t been on for a while, so I decided to stop on by. Congrats for your 300th post!


  16. Al says:

    Congratulations, ducks. And there’s not one of those 300 that wasn’t spellbinding in one fashion of another. I’ve passed 350 myself, even the best of which would measure poorly with your least inspiring. But it’s created a friendship and that has made it more than worthwhile. Blog on….there is much in that fertile mind to expel.


  17. r e douville says:

    Congratulations on your blogging milestone. While a post may seem forgotten, it isn’t so to the ‘net. I first blogged in 2005, and back then my posts were mostly of the personal or rant variety, no creative writing. In all, somewhere around 1200 posts have left my fingers for permanent encapsulation in etherea. If I venture back in time for some reason, there I’ll find dreams recorded I’d long forgotten. It’s a treasure and a bane, depending on time, perspective, and circumstance.

    Chin up and enjoy. Here’s to the next 300!


  18. Cheers! And congratulations 🙂 I cringe when I go back and read some of my very early posts, but they certainly helped shape my writing style.


  19. Congratulations on such a great accomplishment! True that those early posts help us become better writers for the more recent ones 🙂


  20. Scarlet says:

    Congratulations! I will raise a couple of bottles of lord knows what!
    I wish I had discovered you earlier.


  21. jmmcdowell says:

    Congratulations on the milestone! I’m looking forward to the next 300. 🙂


  22. CCKoepp says:

    Congratulations, Peter! … and may you have at least twice as many more.


  23. gotham girl says:

    Getting caught up with a glass of champagne in hand, how perfect! Congrats!!!


  24. lauraeflores says:

    I’m a little late to the party, but congratulations on the 300th post! And I look forward to going through the 299 other posts… well, perhaps not all of them 😉


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