A Moving Testament

A sense of destiny, of course, is sprinkled liberally amongst the young, but I, middle aged and drifting towards obscurity, know that character will out, and make its disappointments and possible justifications known to those who drift beyond the innocence of youth. We who talk of hope, publicly of course, breathing and dying within this frame we call an era; this brief view of life, know there is a bit more to it than that,

I caste the brochure of strategy aside some time ago, along with thoughts that each man might discover his destiny and accepted that, lost in a mass of beings, I would live a muddled life, much like yours , and struggle haphazardly along until death snatched the glass from my grasp, and forced me into a box labelled common history.

Grasp it while you can is my simple observation:, that single moment: that view of creatures unmoved by circumstance, or seasons evolving blind to your significance and the sense they offer of a lifespan beyond our own. I offer you no prospect of personal redemption, but this I know: you and I, striving to be significant, seek our moment of  importance, working to justify ourselves individually and drive ourselves to protect our limited understanding, grasping the presence of evolving life within our own: growing an awareness which fuels and inspires the footsteps of this, the driven army, till we, who think our own dreams touch the immortal, understand, at last, that the immortal touches  those more surely, who live unwary of themselves, lost as they are in the mysteries of life around them.


About Peter Wells aka Countingducks

Trying to remember what my future is
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13 Responses to A Moving Testament

  1. Bruce Goodman says:

    That deserves a non-facile WOW: WOW!


  2. A definite WOW from me too – as well as gratitude for your wisdom and insight. Thank you x


  3. Catnip says:

    I only wanted one thing in my life and it looks like that is not even going to happen. I fear I have lost my inspiration, my love, there is no purpose for living should this be my last breath before dying.


  4. Janni Styles says:

    Oh! Just when I thought nothing could move me again. I swear by the suns of stars, you wrote this just to me and my teary eye. Great read. Even greater write. Thanks, Peter, for sharing your gold so willingly. 🙂


  5. CCKoepp says:

    I wonder how many more people would achieve greatness in their lives by following such simple, and yet such difficult, advice.


  6. Deep, meaningful and very powerful Peter. Thank you for this thought provoking piece of writing 😊


  7. Al says:

    Once again, you’ve illustrated how much we have in common (with the exception that you so ably express these things with such style). I’ve always ascribed to the “eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die” school of living.


  8. In the act of shared experience comradery is born. The world becomes less lonely, The spirit rises to the challenge.

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  9. A marvellous piece, Peter, accurate and poignant in equal measure. We are all individually the same; our thoughts and actions both unique and yet resonant only of others. And what do we ever leave behind us, for a legacy can only truly be understood by its originator.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  10. nelle says:

    Yes… just be true to you. Whether or not the world notices is a function of place, time, and chance.


  11. Powerful … and …. thought provoking.


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