A Brief Conversation

We talked about the holiday, and how special it had been. “Travel is the only cure I’ve found for pettiness” she said, “Away from people I can love them once again. You are the only exception to that rule” “Away from you” I said, “Life is without sunlight, and surely that must be impossible” “You are impossible” she countered, lightening the mood and I replied, “And you are merely difficult”. “Of course” she said, “Excellence will always be a prima donna”

“And the mirror in which it studies its image will always be reflective” I replied. Again we laughed, because we had this banter all the time. Two people lost in some bubble, free to explore the whimsies of life in a place secret to ourselves and free of daily anxiety: shielded from life’s enquiry by our own unworldly conspiracy.

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8 Responses to A Brief Conversation

  1. elainecanham says:

    What would we do without banter? It just adds that little bit of sparkle to the day.


  2. eric keys says:

    “shielded from life’s enquiry by our own unworldly conspiracy” – I love that line. It has a nice rhythm and the imagery of a conspiratorial shield… Good stuff!


  3. In many ways the whole of life is like this, I feel, as we drift from one bubble of existence to another, each relationship mutually exclusive and existing only in our own consciousness.
    Great writing!


  4. Excellent. It is true–the banter between mates can’t be understood by others. Listening to us at times, you’d think we get along as well as North and South Korea.


  5. todessakane2013 says:

    Love a bit of banter, it’s what makes the world go round 🙂


  6. I ove this. It’s kind of “flirty” and I like “flirty”!! Ive done a fair bit of it! 😊


  7. “Away from people I can love them once again.” Fantastic line. Travel does this for me.


  8. You share such great insights about the human condition in your writing. The line “Away from people I can love them once again.” really spoke to this introvert as well 🙂


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