Inner Chick and the Fight Against Domestic Violence

I have mentioned this lady before, the one who actually survived meeting me under the clock at Waterloo Station in London, and chatting with me while her amazingly patient husband watched the sight of two bloggers realising the other one was a real person.

Her sister was murdered by her own husband in May 2010, and on the 31st May this year she is holding a walk to help raise funds needed to keep awareness for this issue near the front of our minds. Read her Blog at and you will soon get a sense of what kind of admirable person she is, and more about the issues she deals with.

Domestic violence and bullying of all kinds is often done under the cover of privacy while the bully maintains a charming and smiling exterior for the world at large. That place of unprotected terror in which the victim dwells is terrible to contemplate which is why I am putting out this short post to publicize her excellent work and also draw attention to the page  on which contributions can be made.

You are an example to us all Kim, and you deserve every support, even from such a man as me who dresses with no sense of fashion and who, according to recent results, supports the wrong football team.

On a technical point, it is a matter of some sadness that the link to the donation page has not come out in a pleasing pinky kind of colour to show it is a link, but I have copy and pasted said link into the appropriate space and it does take you to the right page. As always, I apologise for my technical limitations and hope they do not prevent you supporting this most important cause.

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16 Responses to Inner Chick and the Fight Against Domestic Violence

  1. Thank you Peter. I will check out both Kim’s blog and the link. Im no good at “technical” either. But you said what you needed to say here so thank you. I cant imagine the horror of such violence within families.


  2. Thank you, Peter. Kim’s blog is great. I will find my way to the contribution page. The technical stuff stymies me too from time to time.


  3. Have I told you lately that you freaking ROCK LIKE GAGA?!!!!

    I thank you, Peter, for you VOICE, Passion, Kindness, & Kick Ass Attitude.

    & Kay thanks you, too. xxxxx


  4. renxkyoko says:

    It’s more lethal here in the US. Guns are everywhere.


  5. Al says:

    Great post, Ducks. It’s epidemic here in the states and so frustrating that so many suffer in silence. Look forward to reading another blog….any blogger friend of yours is a friend of mine.


  6. Toby says:

    Reblogged this on Speaker's Corner.


  7. eric keys says:

    Tumbled, Tweeted and Facebooked. Now, off to make a donation!


  8. araneus1 says:

    a gentleman ………. and a scholar


  9. “That place of unprotected terror in which the victim dwells is terrible to contemplate …” – describes very powerfully the effect of being bullied or threatened, which happens too often in this world, whether it be by individuals or groups or governments; perhaps the ‘larger’ perpetrators giving the go-ahead for the ‘smaller’. Thank you for sharing Kim’s story, Peter, and this valuable cause.


  10. writenote1 says:

    Very important that we take a zero tolerance approach to Family and Domestic Violence. Glad to see you sharing the message, Peter.


  11. nelle says:

    Oh my. *tears*


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