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Alright, I’m loath to mention it, but that book I keep going on about, the book pictured  on the right side of this post is a constant source of worry to me. In the olden days, I understand, some fella or fellarine had a book published, and then there was a short interlude while they examined the boat timetables, and soon after that they were on the banks of the River Seine drinking cocktails and swapping edgy observations with those who, it would be discovered, were among the great artistic figures of their age. Now things are slightly different.

Your book is published and, sure enough, as if you had dropped a brick into a hen-coop, there is some squawking and fluttering of wings but very soon, if you are not careful, a deathly silence can settle over your world once more, and those extra copies you ordered by mistake remain the largest living testament to your outpouring. There is an antidote to this malaise, and it is called ‘Marketing’: just getting out there and spreading the word,  which can be harder than you think. Still, I saw on other Blogs that nifty folk had put a link to their book up on the side of their Blog and I said to myself, “Could I do that?”  and of course the answer was “No”.

Up pops one Julie Angelos Lama, whose Blog I have been following since shortly after the birth of the typewriter or certainly very early in Blogging History. She has been a steady and encouraging friend, who firstly pushed and prompted me to write a book and then, when I was bleating somewhere about not being able to work with ‘Links:/ linky  sent me a very patient email with simple  1- 2- 3 steps to get the whole thing working and , “Hey Presto” there it is.  As well as her, other Blogging chums have produced very positive and helpful reviews, all of which can be seen on Amazon, or via that FB button which I got up there through Julie’s help some months ago.

Disregarding the book or any precise event, the help that people can give you, and the way they might reach out and support you when you are in difficulties, or doing something new is both inspiring and amazing. Anyone who thinks the friends you make via Blogging are not part of your living and supportive community should see my face when I see evidence of good wishes and how helpful people can be. In a modern and complex world it reinforces the simple power of community.


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28 Responses to Bloggers Being Helpful

  1. Caroline says:

    Have you thought of sending a copy to the Radio 2 book club which Simon Mayo does on a Monday evening?? Just an idea xxx


  2. I started following your blog via a blog friend called Lorna. She had done an interview with you.
    YES … bloggers can be helpful and perhaps, eventually, friends.
    Good Luck and keep on keeping on ….
    p.s. I still can’t do links either. I believe one day I will wake in the middle of the night screaming – I’ve got it. XD


  3. renxkyoko says:

    I clicked on the image, But I couldn’t order, YET. I forgot my password, and forgot the password of my other email address . I’ll solve this first. It’s 2 AM here . I have to call AOL. aaargh.


  4. araneus1 says:

    You wrote a book?????? why wasn’t i told??????


  5. Peter, I will add the link to your book to some relevant blog posts. Also, why not promote it on Digg, as well. Um, and I shall review it on Amazon after I read it!

    XXXXXXX Kiss from MN.


  6. Wow! You have such a nice way of writing. I’m happy to help. No I understand why I got so many visitors today. Blogging! We still have to delete a tiny bit of left over code. Ha! Now I’m working on my book: Blog Love. It’s available here is the link:


  7. monkeelino says:

    I think your description of “the olden days” might be a bit different than many a writer experienced, but never forget that writing a book ,publishing it, and selling it are three very different enterprises. To excel at all three is a rare thing indeed. Wishing you much luck!


    • I quite agree. The post was written, in that regard, largely tongue in cheek, but I do agree with them being very different activities. The book I wrote, of course, the publisher discovered me through this blog ( very nice ) but the marketing is something of a mystery to me. The chances of a good writer also being a good marketer, or vice versa, is pretty remote I fear.


  8. Shonnie says:

    You are a doll Peter. I can’t wait to get my book when I get back home. I know it will be great!! Then, I shall write you up a smashing review!! Because you are one of those encouraging blog buddies for me. It is a joy to know you.


  9. Congrats on working out how to do links. When I get finished with revisions and formatting I’ll pick your brains about Amazon links!


  10. Dont talk to me about links!!!! I still follow some very childlike instructions given to me by my daughter on how to create a link and I guard them with my life because she said to me, , just like the characters in “Allo Allo” , “I shall say zis only vonce”! I will share your book again on my fb page; I think I can manage that -just! 😄


  11. I’m about half way through your book and I’m really enjoying it! You’re a very talented writer!


  12. 1WriteWay says:

    It’s so true … there are so many good people out there who will help without expecting anything in return, except perhaps a smile 🙂 Sometimes I’m glad I don’t have a book to peddle because the marketing part is so daunting. I hope you continue to get good reviews of your book. I have it on my to-read list 🙂


  13. I have found so much support in the blogging community! It’s truly a wonderful place. Thank you for your support of my blog.


  14. Cay says:

    Hello. I nominated you for the Sunshine Award that came my way some days ago. I got no idea how you feel about awards, but here it is:


  15. nelle says:

    I’ve made a lot of friends online, and met many of them. There is an inherent willingness to reach out and assist.


  16. “sdrawkcaB” has arrived, in a nondescript brown box. I need to finish a bit of research reading, but yours is next in the queue.


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