I Have Friends

Allow me to show you a picture of one of my dearest friends. Whether in rain or shine, he will smile at me with the merest click of the keyboard  🙂 . He is a small round yellow  head of few words. To be honest I’ve never heard as much as a squeak from him but someone clever has already told us “silence is golden”  and that might be the secret behind his radiant complexion and pitiless optimism.

The grounds for his unfailing good cheer are not specified, nor is his planet of origin, but no news of any kind seems to dampen his good humour. He has some friends himself, who I have found on the Skype platform. He seems to be friendly, positive and lacking in self-importance: all key qualities in my opinion.

It may be naïve to say but generally, talking of self- importance, I have found that those with the most cause to boast, do so least, and those with the most to be proud of are often  unaware of it. Whatever your background or attitude to life, these little chaps, with their innocent take on everything, radiate a level of calmness and serenity which few of us can aspire to. No one is suggesting, sadly, that life’s whimsical progression may not push anyone one life towards a landscape unvisited by hope  but, in general I realised some time ago, that, to a degree, optimism and good cheer are  muscles rather than a direct response to your circumstances. The emotionally tough look for grounds for hope in the bleakest landscape while their less fit cousins slide off to a bar somewhere near Pessimism Alley.  Regardless of your temperament, life, in some ways, seems to be divided between those who regard it as a voyage charted towards self discovery and acceptance,  and those who see it as a battle for social standing and the latest in Wi-Fi equipment. Whatever your view, my non-judgemental friend will beam at you with uncommon warmth.

My Wi- Fi equipment is quite modern and runs off electricity so no problems on that score he said glowing quietly with the mixture of self satisfaction and false modesty which are ‘a la mode’ at my model railway club, but that stain on my shirt, the testament to a recent battle of unlimited ferocity with a rhubarb crumble remains a blemish on my character and  image. Still, whenever my morale falters, or my self image is dented my little friend and a few other wise and reflective chums keep me in good spirits.

About Peter Wells aka Countingducks

Trying to remember what my future is
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37 Responses to I Have Friends

  1. Yeah but sometimes he’s in a bad mood. Or is that one of his brethren?


  2. Caroline says:

    Lovely isn’t he :0

    And I love your take on life xxx



  3. Caroline says:

    Sadly he refuses to show himself on comments !!!!!


  4. I didn’t know that. He’s not normally shy 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Jane says:

    Adorable and filled with truths. wonderful 😉


  6. catterel says:

    optimism and good cheer are muscles – I do like that! Sweet!


  7. What talent! To find a moment of reflection in the proliferation of modern frippery! These things are becoming a standard of instant communication, and yet you found a moment of contemplation.


  8. desertrose7 says:

    🙂 I’m keeping tabs on how many of your posts include some mere mention of food.
    I will forever imagine the grunting and wheezing.


  9. Dear, Peter, you are unique, unusual, & beautiful 🙂 🙂 😉 Xxxxxxxx


  10. You may have a point about food. I’m not greedy, honest guv, but I love flavour, and eating is the only way I’ve found to enjoy it !


  11. Thank you Smiley 😊

    Don’t try Vanish on that stain; it’s crap 😊

    Thank you Peter, for another engaging few minutes which I wanted to stretch…


  12. Peter, I think you might appreciate this little known fact about your friends heritage. They are actually loosely related to the canine family, although over the generations their appearance has evolved to the point where they look nothing like a dog their personalities remain very similar; loyal, always there to cheer you up and put a smile on your face, always happy to see you even if you only slipped out for 5 minutes they are just as happy to see you as if you were gone days, they will listen intently if you need a friend to listen.
    Fortunately the smiley faces don’t lick your face or hump your leg like dogs have been known to do.
    I happen to have gotten this info straight from the dog’s mouth.
    Thanks for the uplifting post this morning! Great way to start the day.


  13. gotham girl says:

    This post just tickled me this morning! Love! “my non-judgemental friend will beam at you with uncommon warmth!”


  14. I hope you won the battle with the rhubarb crumble. Or rather, I hope you left its defenses crumbling, ho ho!


  15. mysending says:

    He’s a lucky duck to be your friend;)!


  16. Chris Edgar says:

    Whether the friends consist of happy faces or people, reminding myself that “I have friends” does seem like it would be useful once in a while — particularly when a lengthy, isolated writing session causes me to momentarily forget the truth of that statement.


  17. This is so true. Even with dogs; those with the loudest bark are the least likely to bite. Everyone would be a lucky duck to have a friend like yours


  18. ‘Optimism and good cheer are muscles’–so well said. And I agree, they’re habits we get used to rather than the opposite. They do make life go better, don’t they?


  19. brucethomasw says:

    A never could have imagined such a wonderful treatise on the happy face, but here we have it. A smile, and all it contains, in a nutshell.


  20. nelle says:

    I’ll drink (water) to your dear friend! With him in spirit, all the way.


  21. 1WriteWay says:

    Delightful post 🙂


  22. This friend of yours, he gets around a lot, you know. I think he must come from a very large family… 😉


  23. You always touch … well, sometimes … hit the truth on the head! Enjoyed and smiling still. 🙂


  24. Michael Lane says:

    Love your perspective and your writing.


  25. To funny and your momentary blemish due to rhubarb consumption is forgiven 🙂


  26. ampbreia says:

    “The emotionally tough look for grounds for hope in the bleakest landscape while their less fit cousins slide off to a bar somewhere near Pessimism Alley.” A total truism. Well said. And smiley guy can find hope anywhere. Good morning!


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