Parallel Worlds

I remember  I was thinking, was it yesterday or twenty years ago, about the existence of parallel worlds. Of other places in distant galaxies where someone could drive his Ford Brillo, or whatever the name of it is, into a MacDonalds and order Death in a Bun and a side order of fries, only to discover that the girl behind the counter was the spitting image, in looks and attitude, to the one on Earth who told him to “get lost” and “take a short walk off a cliff” when he asked her out on a date.

After a time you realise that there are possibly no true examples of parallel worlds and that we are all unique creations of a work by Dr Error: at least that has always been my firm impression. Now I’m wobbling a bit, and it’s not just a case of being over-weight. No, the fact is that now, through the internet and blogging, we get to connect with a range and number of people who would have astonished our great grandparents, never mind our distant ancestors.

The wider we cast our net or phone bill, the more likely the chances are  that we will come across people whose life experiences, and their responses to them,  seem to mirror our own, It’s an eerie feeling. These people might well be removed from us by one or two continents, and even a generation but their lives can seem almost an echo of our own. Needless to say, they offer no solutions. That would be boring. Imagine sitting in a train struggling with a crossword puzzle and wondering what the answer to the clues for 4 across are when a voice pipes up, “Chello”, and continues to supply all the answers till the puzzle is finished. Not knowing the answers, or the ending, is half the fun he cried while asking a passing member of the Taliban if he knew a good recipe for Peach Melba.

Through rigorous self-training and the powers of concentration I have managed to retain the awkwardness of adolescence throughout the dwindling renewals of middle age. More than once, I have been dragged by  Norman ‘ Sidebar’ Curiosity off the path of common sense. Always wishing to explore the physical and psychological landscapes in which I find myself is not the motto of Mr Sensible: a gentleman with whom I’ve had few conversations.

I don’t respond , so much, to those who are ‘on board’, ‘on message’ or even on methane. It is the polite outsider who attracts my attention. For me at least, possibly as part of my oddness, it is the sensibility of the Blogger or writer which piques my interest rather than their age or sex. It is the  resonance I get from their responses or circumstances. It is a feeling that, yes out there, beyond the scope of normal conversation or interaction, lives a being who is almost my double or ambassador in a different set of circumstances. on a continent I am unlikely to visit. The feeling is strangely re-assuring.  It’s almost, if only for a moment, like being less odd.


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25 Responses to Parallel Worlds

  1. Beautifully written, and you sum up what I look for when wandering around the world – both online and in reality: a sense of connection and, indeed, feeling like our experiences and thoughts aren’t so strange after all.


  2. catterel says:

    So true – now and then you link up with what appears to be a kindred spirit, Plato’s “sister soul”, and then bang! they let you down by the sudden discovery of an irreconcilable opposite view or taste – an intolerance of garlic for instance – and the disappointment is intense. Yet no reason to call off the search or the meaningless meanderings through the universe in which we find ourselves …


  3. Journeyinto says:

    Brilliantly written yet again Peter.

    And I look for the same things as you too. In fact I was only thinking the other day, and it actually was the other day, that I feel more connection with many of my virtual friends than I do my “real” ones; strange but true 🙂


  4. When I came to blogging, I did it for once reason: to create a social networking presence for the eventual release of my book (and at that time “eventual” was “iffy”). I was dubious about privacy issues and if it was a good idea. My stereotype of the blogger was that they blathered on about minutia about which I would care little (as in cocktail party banter) and I would now be among them. Heaven help me!

    Imagine my surprise when I discovered the world of intelligent, talented, funny, like-minded, kind souls in this place I thought so superficial and sterile? Further, imagine my surprise when I found myself enjoying blogging more than writing my “eventual” book!

    I, too, have found that I am not alone, parallel universe or not!


  5. Barbara says:

    It is kindred spirits, like you, that keep me blogging. People who don’t blog, don’t understand. I’m ok with that, really. If you want to experience it, jump in. I adore my blog friends.


  6. nelle says:

    I pray to the universe no one else walks in my shoes! Some quantum theories suggest that every possible/imaginable outcomes of our lives exists somewhere in an infinite number of alternate universes. There are some intriguing possibilities; there are some horrific ones.

    Repeating your order, you want a chipburger with a side of ham?


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  8. Nyx Willow says:

    It felt a bit Douglas Adams-esk, I loved it.


  9. renxkyoko says:

    I was surprised too that I wasn’t alone in my thoughts.


  10. Aren’t we all just 6 acquaintances apart from knowing one another? I think that theory was allegedly disproved but I’m holding on to the idea. It’s comforting 🙂


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  12. judithhb says:

    I like the idea of a parallel universe. Of the same things that happen to me happening to another person in a different time or place/space. I particularly like the idea of the parallel universe of time. I am sure that I have lived as a flapper because I really love reading about that era and the going on of people then. I also love that I live now in this time and place. The place may change as it has done for me several times, but the time is now.
    I enjoy reading your musings Peter and like to think that we are friends in this wonderful world of blogging. A world where I have met so many interesting, like minded people and a few who have diametrically opposite views to the views I hold of many things, but are interesting nevertheless. Keep up connecting us all please Peter.


  13. I too like the idea of a parallel universe, where my other self can indulge in things that I never dared or had the opportunity to do so! Yes the virtual world of the internet and blogging does open up similar opportunities, where we can explore ideas and listen to opinions from others that we would not normally experience in our own day to day world. It can be both gratifying and challenging to our views of our own world. Thank you for another thought provoking piece.


  14. Lovely. Insightful.
    Peter, I’ve come to the conclusion that NO MATTER where we are from, we basically want/desire the same things: Validation, Encouragement, & Love Love Love.
    Sending you Lots of love from a parallel universe: Duluth, MN!.


  15. I cannot envisage a universe entirely like ours. One that is similar as regards development and maybe institutions but one in which I have a double performing and thinking as I do? NO. Now within time and space, can it be there are worlds where souls of the earthly dead go to lead a different life? YES.That I do think possible. But most likely other inhabited worlds would go through processes similar to humans, but, hopefully, have a more humane history than this world. .


  16. WilderSoul says:

    Imagine that crossword!! Aaarghghgh!! Although it is difficult, mind-bending, sometimes frustrating to the point of brain-fry, it is so worthwhile and adds such purpose to go seeking our own answers, and to make them our own. To seek understanding and to chew things over until they are properly digested and absorbed into our own selves brings such satisfaction when the nourishment within lights up our souls. Such pleasure can be found in such work. Mr. Norman SB Curiosity is an insistent knock on my door, not sure whether friend or foe, and I always check to see if the cat is still meowing in the kitchen when Mr. Norman leaves satiated. 😉 Loved your post!


  17. Writerlious says:

    Brilliant, as always. 🙂


  18. 1WriteWay says:

    Yes, I’ve had that same eerie experience since returning to the blogosphere a few months ago. I’ve been amazed at how many people have responded to my About page with “we are so much alike!” It’s wonderful knowing that I’m not an outlier 🙂


  19. joelseath says:

    Nothing wrong with oddness: there’s a quantum oddness, perhaps . . .


  20. Beautiful post. I love that blogging has opened so many doors to connect with so many interesting people that I would never have met in my daily existence. It provides a beacon of light when lost in the storm because it is the reminder that you never are really alone.


  21. elmethra says:

    thank you!

    i know this: ” More than once, I have been dragged by Norman ‘ Sidebar’ Curiosity off the path of common sense.”

    hahaha…….. *uh uhm* Nice.


  22. The thing about the virtual world is that we can keep lots of our less endearing characteristics quietly shoved out of sight. In fact, we can even engineer characteristics we admire. In my blog world my house can be clean and well ordered, like my children. I can listen to opera every evening over a glass of wine, watching the sun setting over the ocean through the palm trees on my veranda. I am generous and talented, young and beautiful, rich and well-travelled. As long as none of my virtual friends meets me, no one will ever know the awful truth.


  23. Beth says:

    And this, Ducky, is the primary reason I continue blogging when I swore off journals and diaries as a very young lady. Every once in a while, someone puts in their two cents and responds to what I’ve wondered about, complained over, struggled with, or celebrated. It’s that little bit that says, “Hey, I think you matter. And I think what you said has value.” Journals and diaries never talk back, offer advice, chew you out, or cheer you on. No thanks, I’d rather have my own little part of cyberspace where you and a select few let me know that I matter and what I say has value. And that is one of the reasons I do think you’re absolutely lovely! 🙂


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