Parting Words

You know that expression, “Live one day at a time”. Well there comes a day. for some of us, when we are living “One breath at a time”. That’s where Molly was at this moment. Not all bad mind you. The bed was very nicely made, and the sheets had been ironed shortly before use. Appearances matter, even in the most extreme of situations. Anyway, never mind all that. The point is that Molly was sucking in God’s good clean air with some difficulty and praying that she lived long enough to say goodbye to her daughter, from whom she had been estranged, and  who was now on her way from the airport to say a poignant farewell.

At last, and after a difficult and exhausting morning struggling for breath and gripping the sheets as waves of nausea and pain travelled across her stomach, her daughter’s face, not seen by her for thirty years, appeared above her. Greyer, more lined, but clearly her daughter.

She leaned over Molly’s face and in a clear voice, which was heard by the attending nurse ,said, “You’re a Slut and a Liar”. With that she turned on her heel and exited our story leaving Molly in a wave of confusion shortly overtaken by death.

For those of you not acquainted with the procedure, there is a short period after death, when you can look around you, and gaze fondly at the flowers left for you by saddened relatives. In Molly’s case none. After a suitable pause you appear at a sort of crossroads where an attendant angel, complete with clipboard, sends you to the appropriate gate earned by your life history.

She arrived at said gate after a short walk and there was St Peter, sitting in quite a comfortable chair and eating a nice plateful of cheese and crackers: his favourite between meal snack. “Ah Molly” he said. “How are we?”. “Oh yes,  dead. Still, never mind that. No doubt you’re a bit unsettled by your daughter’s parting words”. Molly nodded silently.

“Lets face it “said St Peter. Surprisingly cheery despite the nature of the conversation, and possibly as  a result of the excellent cheese. ( For those of you with any anxiety on the matter, all food in paradise is of the finest quality). “Sleeping with your son-in-law while your daughter was out at her job is viewed by some  as straying outside the bounds of good family relations”. “I have no wish to be judgemental, but it’s my job”  he said through a mouthful of cracker. ” On the bright side, serving soup to the homeless for thirty years in penance has now earned you the right to step through these gates and settle on the third cloud from the left. Well done you”

“Will I ever be forgiven” asks Molly, still at a loss from the bruising encounter. “No” said St Peter, “But you will very soon be forgotten, and that is not a bad result for someone with your character.”

Molly was to learn that, for some, they had done enough to enter Paradise, but not enough to prevent other’s  from commenting on their conduct. Suddenly being forgotten sounded like Heaven indeed.

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26 Responses to Parting Words

  1. Ina says:

    LOL I love this story. 🙂


  2. cyberian says:

    If Molly’s daughter eventually joins her in heaven, there could be further trouble. Best keep them several clouds apart


  3. Kelly says:

    Nice little vignette – the beginning really drew me in.


  4. babs50nfab says:

    I know someone very much like Molly. This seems more than fair.


  5. Big smile!!
    I so enjoyed the visual image this gave me.
    We often hear “forgiven but not forgotten”. Bad luck for Molly it was the other way round.
    I wonder what cheese St Peter was eating – though Im not wondering hard enough to want to know! 🙂


  6. gotham girl says:

    Such a great read! I hope there’s excellent wine to go with that cheese! 🙂


    • I expect there is but, given the location, it might have to be served in a teapot


      • solarexpert says:

        That depends on what name we worship the ‘big yin’ how funny one god but different beverage requirements and this does help the popularity of Christianity. Alcoholic beverages appear in biblical literature, from Noah planting a vineyard and becoming inebriated in the Hebrew Bible, to Jesus in the New Testament miraculously making copious amounts of wine at the marriage at Cana and later incorporating wine as part of the Eucharist.

        Wine is the most common alcoholic beverage mentioned in biblical literature, where it is a source of symbolism, and was an important part of daily life.

        Additionally, the inhabitants of ancient Israel drank beer, and wines made from fruits other than grapes, and references to these appear in scripture.

        To be devoid of alcohol would be against human rights!!


  7. mothermi6 says:

    Very good. Both moving & funny at the same time.


  8. Purely.. Kay says:

    You should have seen my face when I read “You’re a slut and a liar”. Boy did I get into this story then LOL. I loved it.


  9. Sometimes it is good to be forgotten at least she got to walk past the pearly white gates.


  10. timethief says:

    Bravo! You are a superb storyteller and I’m enjoying your blog immensely.


  11. catterel says:

    I know a woman called Molly who did exactly this – it gave me a shock to read your version!!


  12. nelle says:

    There may not be beer in heaven, but I guess there is gossip. 😉


  13. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Love this! It’s great! Love “leaving Molly in a wave of confusion shortly overtaken by death.” So well said!

    How imaginative, just fantastic. Forgotten does sound like heaven, yes!


  14. You have the BEST one liners 😀
    My favourite-
    ”I have no wish to be judgemental, but it’s my job” he said through a mouthful of cracker.


  15. solarexpert says:

    Marvellous story and great to know being forgotten has so much merit… I do look forward to the next story about Heaven (College)


  16. susielindau says:

    This is most excellent! At first I felt so sorry for Molly, but man, you served up a great twist!


  17. Bless you Sir Peter for writing of Saint Peter in a way that leaves me feeling very glad indeed. Redemption on even a corner of a cloud is redemption, loving it and the way your brain rolls out in words 🙂


  18. Blomming heck P I’ve been catching up on all your blog posts – at this rate I’m going to be up all night!


  19. “The bed was very nicely made, and the sheets had been ironed shortly before use.” I love this line. Even in the most extreme situations, sometimes the little things matter.


  20. The informal St. Peter is just too delicious an image! You are a creative genius. Don’t underestimate your talent, Peter!


  21. wilsonkhoo says:

    Wow nice, leaves the reader wanting more.


  22. renxkyoko says:

    Sleeping with the son-in-law…. I assume the daughter’s husband? Unforgivable.


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