Just a Creme Brulee !

As time passes, and we leave the sheltered anchorages of our youth, lurking behind the cover provided by a couple of exam certificates, and  assembled competences, a bungler sometimes lurks within us, wondering if its safe to come out . It only does so in the presence of loved ones and the more perceptive. Largely it remains a hidden presence covered by a neatly ironed jumper and a glowing career in the dried fruit industry.

Despite this, over the centuries, we have achieved moments of weightless brilliance. The wheel stands out as an invention which has gathered speed with passing time. What I mean by that is I am not quite sure what I mean, but hopefully you have caught the general drift. As soon as I understand my own sentence I will let you know what it means. That is the essence of wisdom. Regarding the wheel, every generation has used it, and we all enjoy the benefits.

Other landmark moments bear witness to our inventive brilliance. The “Creme Brulee springs to mind as an example of our ability to produce the finest food music from simple ingredients

Stuff the wheel. Who needs it now we have the internet. But the creme brulee. Please. Whats the matter with you. I don’t know when man first invented this simple unsung masterpiece but it is central to my enjoyment of life. My concern is that younger chefs and upstarts can’t leave it alone. Now, when  I read “Creme Brule with blueberries/summer fruits/fragments of the Berlin Wall and other variations on a theme by genius I start to mutter about gilding the lily, and  lament man’s desire to tinker with perfection. Sadly, even though I know it will involve a period of insanity, when I see one on the menu, and regardless of blasphemous variations, I cannot resist ordering one.

My family wince. No other meal, or experience can do this to me, with the possible exception of the sausage,  but the creme brule provides food for my bouts of madness. I take a mouthful, grimace and start to mutter. Gradually the sounds of my discontent become louder. Now there is no stopping me. At the end of the meal I smile at the waiter or waitress in my normal vacant, “we’ve all been born so we might as put up with it” kind of way, but then begin analysing the catastrophe I have just eaten.

” I mean why add the fruit. Its like drowning out a violin solo with a trombone” The waiters are normally very patient. My partner, already wishing I had ordered the rhubarb and cyanide pie, sits back in helpless resignation until the fit passes,  Finally I slump back and apologise to my unfortunate victim. ” I can get a bit carried away” I explain. I would write more but I have no wish to gild the lily.  Have I mentioned sausages..

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29 Responses to Just a Creme Brulee !

  1. Kirri White says:

    OOh – I’m not a purist when it comes to food, but even I know not to mess with a creme brulee! The very thought of adding fruit…ridiculous 😉


  2. Perry Mead says:

    Your brilliance never fails to surprise, despite the vertiginous expectations. Witty and profound as ever. Have you thought of a crime brûlée on wheels? And yes, you did mention sausages. Keep writing.


  3. Caroline says:

    Creme brûlée should NEVER (note the shouty capitals) be tampered with!!!
    🙂 ❤


  4. When it ain’t broke don’t fix it would be my motto here. I’m not a fan of deserts though but I do love sausages.


  5. Ina says:

    Crème brûlée, I love it. 🙂 And I love this ode to it.


  6. catterel says:

    Could we start a campaign along the lines of the one for clear English, to maintain the purity of the Crème brûlée unsullied by fruit or any other additional flavour? Count me in for a start!


  7. I know what you are saying here, Peter. People can, in moments of pure genius, can create the most magical things. Yet they can also mess up the most simple pleasures. Whether you’re talking about food or relationships or machines–we humans are creative adventurers, wonders and conundrums.


  8. Lafemmeroar says:

    So well written! From bungler and brûlée to gilding the lily… who else can pull off such a transition in theme but you. You have such a fine and wise writing voice. I totally love it. You wrote such a deep and introspective piece; this is the kind of writing that soothes my soul. Thank you. Tweeting this now 🙂


  9. babs50nfab says:

    I totally agree! I get very excited when I see creme brulee on the menu and will order the less fattening entree just to insure I have room to savor it. If they have ‘messed’ with it I ask for it plain. The only thing that should be added to the creme brulee experience is a good dessert wine.


    • Heavens Barbara. If they served the Creme Brulee plain, and chucked in a glass of dessert wine I would almost certainly be whimpering with delight, which might be even more embarrasing come to think of it


  10. You have made me smile on a day when I needed just that.

    I have a friend from Northern Ireland who bemoans the addition of raisins to bread and butter pudding! 😊


  11. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Love what you say about the wheel gathering speed in time – very visual. And yes, lurking behind what cover was (apparently) provided by those exam certificates.

    Ha ha – you drew me in there. I often read until I come upon something commentworthy, comment, & continue reading. And you end up with stuff the wheel!! 🙂

    I love creme brûlée!! LOVE it. But rhubarb & CYANIDE pie? Never heard of it!


  12. renxkyoko says:

    You should taste my leche flan…. melt in your mouth deliciousness, all made from pure egg yolk and condensed milk.


  13. Shonnie says:

    Hahahaha … I love creme brulee. Ren … that sounds good. Sadly, my friend, I am one of those who loves to complicate the yummy dish with fruit. 😉


  14. Ducky,
    the first time I had Creme Brule was w/ Kay. I remember we were oooing & ahhhing & going a bit wild…. & I told Kay, “My God, we are going to be kicked out of here for having a creme brule orgasm at the table!”

    True Story. Xxxx


  15. nelle says:

    Okay, this is great. You had me laughing out loud. And since I’m sort of lollygagging on the blog posting in deference to the novel, think I’ll reblog your post over my way. Bwahaha, I might have to give it another go tomorrow.


  16. nelle says:

    Reblogged this on nellewrites and commented:
    Countingducks always gives a good accounting with his storytelling, but this one had me laughing.


  17. backonmyown says:

    LOL. Up until now I would have thought sausage was your favorite epicurean delight. Now I’m not so sure. I’m with you on the Creme Brule. It’s my favorite dessert ever and I prefer it without bits of the Berlin Wall. Why mess up a perfect concoction?


    • Of course you are probabl right about the sausage. Sausages can be great in several guises to its harder to identify the perfect sausage. The creme brulee can only be served on one way, in my unusually inflexible opinion, so miscreant attempts to make it are easier to spot


  18. My favourite part of this post was the lightness of it. So fun. Thank you. I especially enjoyed reading the second paragraph stream of consciousness. But, I think the part I liked best is when you wrote, “Stuff the wheel.” ha ha! Thanks for truly getting our lives in perspective for the better.


  19. eof737 says:

    Why o why did they add stuff to it? I love creme brulee without fruit too! 🙂


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