Not Quite the Big Bang Theory

I had a group of friends at University with whom I shared the first steps away from home,  discovered earnest conversation, bad cookery and  odd low-level eccentricities, the latest novels and beer. This mutual curiosity bound us to each other and we shared the banter and camaraderie of all young men starting out in life. There was “Smudger” Connell, named after a famous incident with his shirt involving soup. “Wide Boy” Smith who sold an expired football ticket for half price to a man with partial blindness ( shameful I know ), and a few balanced and well-adjusted folk like yours truly.

I remember some of the  odd habits. A guy who always bought the smallest tins of coffee because he thought it made each cup cheaper. Another guy with inflatable clothes hangers  irritating everybody when he left them hanging in the kitchen.  We went through university, sharing our adventures,  gradually maturing as we moved into our final year. Differences of approach slowly emerged as some people seemed more driven by their studies than others, and the more strategic ones were already planning the next move in their careers. Until the finals rushed towards us we would convene for regular drinks, banter and putting the world to rights.

I moved on my way, half way between explorer and voyeur, loving all the sights and adventures but sadly lacking in a “strategic sense of career development” or the other stuff with which we prime the outlook of the young.  I’m not complaining. On lots of levels I’ve had a blast, and enough adventures to start on  my new masterpiece “A  Coward’s View of Everest” . Anyway, never mind that.  I can already hear the music starting for the next dance in my career, or is that a truck reversing

I am cheerful, full of life and no respecter of uniforms or social status, which is fine for most people except those who have spent a life time obtaining it or them , depending on your level of pedantry . I can be unfortunate. I never seek to discomfort or be rude but sometimes the most casually placed remark can unwittingly cause  offense.

The reason I mention this is that life moved on,  Pre facepack days and before a mobile phone lived in every pocket or bag it was hard to keep in touch. In the main, laziness , time  and other priorities ate at the bonds of  friendship. We  spread  throughout the globe and different professions just as matter gradually separates in space. Move on a few decades and I’m still careering round doing this and that, some times better than others but enjoying myself, or whimpering in an alley depending on the current circumstances.  Don’t ask me why, but I joined LinkedIn in a laughable  attempt to climb the corporate ladder.

After a short time I got someone trying to “friend” or “link” with me. It was a  Sir Thomas Franklyn Connell of soup spillage fame and now someone very senior in the Treasury apparently.   Still, whats past is past. No need to  dwell on it. “Hey Smudger, me old china”,  I wrote. “Hope you haven’t disgraced yourself on the pavement recently Ho Ho Ho”. Anyway. Lets face it I  got it all wrong. You cannot bring yesterdays familiarities into todays’ conversations.  Sometimes, when an embarrassing memory rises from the past,  silence is the best reply. It was a tactic he used on this occasion.

Brief note. All names have been changes to protect my reputation.

About Peter Wells aka Countingducks

Trying to remember what my future is
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26 Responses to Not Quite the Big Bang Theory

  1. Great post. I loved your last line – it made me laugh out loud (which I needed today – thank you).


  2. What’s the old saying, “You can never go back home again?” That’s what you’re saying here. Times change. People change. But memories linger. Where do we put those precious memories when the people with whom we most want to relive them (even for a moment) are unwilling to do so? I guess we share stories and change their names to protect whoever needs protection the most! 🙂


  3. backonmyown says:

    You’ve made me laugh, Ducks. I love your straightforward, unvarnished approach. You don’t take yourself too seriously. Sir Thomas could learn from you.


  4. Christine says:

    I so needed to laugh today and your words have shifted me into a happier space ~ thank YOU. I’m so glad we have facepack etc today or else I would not have met you 🙂


  5. babs50nfab says:

    Can’t imagine why he wouldn’t respond. How rude! =0


  6. Al says:

    Sir Thomas (I take myself way too seriously) Connell will just have to miss out on one of the most down-to-earth but precise examiners of the human psyche he could ever hope to encounter. His loss.

    Though we are an ocean apart, I always marvel at our kindred spirits.


    • There was even a certain air or presence with which he wore the soup stain. I think he might have found my teasing less amusing than I did. Hang on. I must write to him again and ask him if that was true.


  7. Aurora HSP says:

    So true. No going back. Now is already the past… 🙂


  8. nelle says:

    rofl, that would brighten a face a tad. 😉 I sure hope folks don’t dredge up my horrifics. Wait, I dredge ’em up. 😉


  9. John says:

    I can’t believe I’m actually commenting on a blog (first time), but I needed to let you know that your “gift” of blending truth with humor is a breath of fresh air . I found myself reading several of your previous posts and each one awakened brain cells that I thought had long ago died..Thanks…


  10. Ducky,
    I ADORE your stories and cool writing style.
    Who are you? What do you do? You ROCKkkk. X


    • AS soon as I find out what I’m meant to be doing I’ll let you know immediately. One thing I always do is read your Blog because you say what needs to be said in a direct and powerful way, and I love that.


  11. I’m with John (above commenter) – Your blend of truth and humour is incredibly refreshing. I think you just made it into my top 5 amongst people I would like to invite to dinner someday 🙂


  12. renxkyoko says:

    I’m still in school and not old enough to have had friends who are now big shots and VIPs, thank goodness, or I’d be feeling a bit envious. lol Just kidding. I’d be happy for them and be proud that I was once a part of their lives, y’know, like reflected glory , ha ha. My parents had friends and classmates who are now top officials in the government in the Philippines ( not here in the US… ) and top CEOs, who used to borrow snack money , or score a stick of cigarette from everyone who smoked, or a guy classmate who liked my Mom, ( but Mom never gave him the time of day ) and then later that guy became the most famous composer and conductor in the Philippines , lol.


  13. Ina says:

    Hi Peter, maybe it is so that your old mates and you have spread over the globe and the past is always more colourful than the present was, but it would be nice to see each other one more time and not in silence perhaps. 🙂 This was a good very read, as always on your blog! x


  14. eof737 says:

    Terribly rude … but it does happen. Glad you are moving on… 😉


  15. I love the way you can always make me laugh – from the heart. Another great read 🙂


  16. Lady E says:

    Real friendships endure the test of time and ladder climbing. Sir Thomas doesn’t know what he’s missing out on !
    Wishing you luck on your super-strategic future career moves.


  17. You have captured the dilemna of how life connects and separates with a sense of acceptance that made me smile … and think. Something you have such a talent ‘or! I couldn’t help but love the following especiaaly:
    ‘I can already hear the music starting for the next dance in my career, or is that a truck reversing …


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