Re Read this and thought I’d give it another turn through the daylight. Hope you like it


“We’ll have the pie for dinner she yells across the flat. Her husband is in the kitchen making tea. He does that every day, and helps her dress, discussing the days fresh problems and her approach. Today he will be at home while she goes off to work.

So he has for more years than she can count, quietly tendered to her daily needs. Not given to boasting but soothing in his way. Driving towards her office she changes gear. Not in her car but somewhere in her head. Focussing on the busy day ahead.

Soon at work the business grips her mind. The unforgiving pressure must be faced, and battles fought for what she must get done. So here she is, sitting at a desk. Explaining this and that. The spread sheets make her case and all agree she should implement the changes she sees fit. Exhausted but relieved…

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  1. eof737 says:

    What a lucky lady… 🙂


  2. Very poignant … puts it all in perspective – how our lives can be upturned in a moment … and how a little thing like pie can represent so much.


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