When I Get an Idea

Behind the chatty face, and natural warmth with which I greet the world I am a private man, who still cherishes his treats and those he loves, and all my small routines, and old shirts, and . Well you know  what I mean.

Sometimes I get an idea. It will come to my mind like a small treat, or a  little pebble, a meaty bone or some strange shiny thing and I will look at it in wonder. Pick it up and grasp it with my teeth, Is it hard enough ?. Tap the table top and  listen for the sound. Roll it on the floor and see how far it will go. Explore its every facet with my mind, and revel in each new insight thus revealed.  Then I will talk of it, normally to my partner, till her eyes glaze over and I see that the end of the tether is now some distance from her person.

“Why do you go on about it” she might say.” I’ve already understood you” I tend to smile and return it to my thoughts but now silently, I will pick it up again. Roll it around and listen for the sound it makes . My  curiosity about it can know no bounds and I will ruminate on, investigate and ponder over it until every morsel of nourishment has vanished from its centre. Never discarded mind. These treasured thoughts are carefully packed away to claim my imagination when time allows

Solitary people, with solitary pasts do this all the time, talking with themselves  and creating private pleasures out of dust. As  long as we don’t make a fuss we can imagine  peace. But is that what writers do? Do they ruminate in  private on a page,: thoughts later discovered in a printed form, Perhaps the world comes knocking at their door and they. startled and mentally ill at ease will talk at length about what made them write. Some more polished marketeers will smoothly move before a camera’s eye and reel off some well rehearsed ad-libs, but many are not so prepared.

I am not a writer in any professional sense. At the last audit of CountingDucks (Uk) PLC the revenue under the heading ” creative work” was. Hang on a sec, I can’t quite see what it says here.  Oh yes,  nothing or zero if you want to be technical, . but there you go. I love writing. It is a key pleasure of my world. But how could I, who get my pleasure from  these little whimsies stored up  in my head, actually turn them into something that others might enjoy apart from the Albanian of course, and you my loyal fellow Blogadiers. That is something that baffles my small brain.

Recently I have started reading a book given to me by a cousin which is crammed with contacts and good ideas. Nothing ventured and nothing gained etc. In some senses I feel like a hungry man who strays into a vast hall where a mob is baying for  nourishment, jostling and shoving to get near the dishes, so my humble request for a sausage sandwich , uttered from far back in the room, might not be heard.

I am saying nothing about my talent or lack of it . One thing I can say with absolute certainty. That I have come across Bloggers online who, when talking of their passion or events close to their lives can speak with a raw lyricism and use of words which stands comparison with many a famous name.  More than ever, in modern times, the ability to market a talent is almost more important than to possess it, and this is where many people fail: I am in good company,

Never the less. I am determined to give the enterprise some attention. Is thinking too much,  worse than not thinking at all I wonder. Oh no. Here I go again.

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Trying to remember what my future is
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23 Responses to When I Get an Idea

  1. Abby says:

    Good for you! While I write for employment, it is strictly in a business sense and has nothing to do with my natural inclination for creativity and enjoyment with the craft. It’s going through the motions and completely void of joy in a sense. That’s why I blog–for enjoyment and connection–and I harbor no disillusions of every getting “discovered” or paid for that hobby. I can’t market myself, but more importantly, I feel like a tiny little peon in a sea of overwhelming talent from those who can market themselves 😉

    But I have too many ideas. They swim around and combined with OCD, they fail to leave me alone yet only leave fragments to work with. Because of that, I get writer’s angst and simply push them to the back, waiting for one to make itself clear and easily expanded upon. Right now I’m blocked and I’m cranky, but I have to believe that one will show itself again.

    Yikes. Sorry for the ramble. Long story short, good luck! 🙂


    • You are one of my favourite cranky bonkers people in the Blogosphere, because those terms could so easily apply to myself. Just knowing there are people you out there with whom I can share my world makes blogging more stimulating for me than the idea of Space Travel. I don’t know why I started Space with a capitl “S”. Probably because there is so much of it !


  2. What a fantastic revelation! You are a beautiful writer with poignant views. Go for it!


  3. I really, really enjoy reading your posts and, reading between the lines so to speak, I think that your writing is unique and personal to you and I appreciate that you are willing to share that. I like that you share your thoughts and aspect of your life and how they fit within it. I don’t write professionally (and actually wouldn’t even know how to start) but I do know that I enjoy writing. Actually even more than that I need to write – even if it’s just for me. It is always lovely though when find avenues, like blogging, that gives others the opportunity to engage with our writing. Good luck on whatever path you choose to follow with this one. Whatever way you go do keep writing though. 😉


  4. barbara says:

    I’m so happy to hear you are taking writing (almost) seriously because I LOVE your writing. When we start to examine the ‘numbers’ for our blog and go back and read some of the comments it’s quite eye opening. Now it’s the marketing I’m more concerned about than the writing, but it will all work out. Great post Peter!


  5. Caroline says:

    Great post and one I totally empathise with! You’ve left me thinking and reminding me I need to jolt myself into action if I’m ever going to really meet my goal head on. Marketing me is proving difficult!

    So go for it. How about creating an e-book of your thoughts from your duckpond……….


  6. Beth says:

    First, there is no such thing as thinking too much.

    Second, I have incredibly brilliant dialogues with myself–inside my head–and as far as I’m concerned, it’s *completely* normal. 🙂

    Third, I too enjoy the writing process… sometimes goofy, sometimes serious. Always me. That’s what I, and the Albanian, enjoy about your blog. Sometimes whimsy, sometimes confessional, but always you. And trust me, no one was more surprised than I to learn that I enjoy it. I still struggle with how much to reveal about my inner workings… enough to be authentic, but not so much as to feel exposed unduly. Does that make sense? It’s a terrible balance for an introvert.

    Keep writing, Peter. We’ll keep reading.


  7. Chirri says:

    “till man has found some cause to wake…to leave his sheets and clean his room….when sleep is a necessity….” do you remember that one?


    • “Till Man has found a cause to wake,
      To leave his sheets and clean his room
      He’s nothing buta thing wasted thing
      A husk, a whim , a dirt Plate
      The sum of all the waste therin”

      Oh yes I remember it well. Been a long time coming


  8. When your partner tires of listening to you expound on one of those ideas you can’t release, bring it here. You have a rapt audience, Peter, i assure you.

    And this line, “More than ever, in modern times, the ability to market an ability is almost more important than to possess it, …” touches very close to home for me. My book is in the editing phase. Next phase? Deciding how to release it to the public: traditional publishing or self-publishing. My strength is not in self-promotion or marketing, but is my writing good enough for someone to take a chance on publishing? Each phase of creating a book is harder than the next….


    • Yes it is Lorna, believe me. I love your Blog, and apart from the humour and insight I’m always in awe of the professionalism. You are in a different class to me on that one. I know you are a perfectionist of the highest order and you will polish the script till its beyond perfect. I’m reading a book called “The Artists an Writers Year Book which is UK based I suspect but is crammed with tips about internet, self puublishing, and traditional publishong. Very good stuff although some of it is a bit over my head at the moment


  9. Al says:

    Intuitive post as always, Ducks.

    I’m still waiting for my first truly inspirational idea. In the meantime, I blow my mundane thoughts up out of all proportion and pass them off as entertaining blogs. When enough people have seen through my vapid writings and desert me, I’ll be forced into creative writing like you and so many others. That’s where the rubber meets the road.


    • Your comment is so BONKERS that I’m literally chuckling. No one reads your Blog without warming to the man behind it. In the circumstances “vapid writing” doesn’t really cover it. Yours is one of the internet friendships I most value I can assure you


  10. Lady E says:

    Go Duck, your writing is enchanting, and definitely a class above the average blogs I’ve come across (not meaning to offend anyone here, they can be very interesting, but in terms of literary quality, they don’t quite cut it to your level). So go after your idea, make it run ! … And come tell us about it. 🙂 x


  11. Jane Thorne says:

    Peter, something magic happens when we let our ideas float … they come back to us as all sorts of opportunities. You already know how to do this, so you are a step ahead of the game…I may be busy on other things but I’ll stay in touch…my email is ‘janeannethorne@gmail.com’ if you’d rather stay in touch that way…hang in there and stay creating, for you are magic – J x


  12. eof737 says:

    “More than ever, in modern times, the ability to market a talent is almost more important than to possess it,” Keen observation my friend and growing. If we don’t promote our work and share our thoughts with others then we are not sharing our gifts fully. We don’t have to do a full scale Ad campaign if we are not so inclined, but we do need to reach and connect with others… 😉


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