The Beacon Home

Some come by to read a line or  two, see nothing here and soon move on their way.That I understand . Life is full of glances. But to you, who read  beyond an opening phrase I say this:

Online we meet.. inside.. out:  emotions first, and dreams of course.  Some anecdotes: piecemeal at best. Brief glimpses of a passing life,  written in faltering intimacy.

Reader meet the writer of these words.

Let us imagine , you and I,  standing in some forest glade, or on a sidewalk in some busy town. Feel a  wind rise up, magic in its properties, and watch the scenery round us fall away .Lift the objects gently, one by one, till buildings, trees,and  all but ground are  gone.   Nothing to see now, just you and I: alone in words with stillness in our hearts.

What would  we see: alien or lover. Confused of spirit or finally at peace. Naked, uneasy or living harmony. Would you see danger, and cautionary tales, or some  stranger on the road, hold out his hand to bring you safely home .

Life soon passes, my skin attests to that. Those nimble limbs that ran as if a breath are now at rest on  this,  an average day. And you; where are you in this?  Still out for love, or running from the cost. Dreaming of spires with bells that chime your name, or dragging  your history down some deserted path. The tragedy that caught you, or the blessing of a charm are present now and written on your face. Mine too is full of complex history

But in this moment, nearly at an end . Let me hope that you who caught my words, and held them briefly  in your thoughts, find the peace to quench your doubts and walk with me towards your chosen path.

About Peter Wells aka Countingducks

Trying to remember what my future is
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23 Responses to The Beacon Home

  1. Al says:

    Although this is written in expressive style, it reads like poetry. I continue to be amazed at how you invariably to do this with such fluency.


  2. Thankyou Al, I was beginning to think I was ill or being haunted in some way because, after my last post the score was reading “Likes” 9 Comments 0 and I thought I had become invisible to all who I care about. I wrote it while listening to the female solist ( Clare Torry I think she’s called on Dark side of the Moon by Pink Floyd. If you enter Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon Clare it comes up. I read it while the music played and the whole thing came alive. Anyway, enough babbling for now but thankyou for popping by. It was rather cheering.


  3. Al took my comment, Darn you, Al! I just kept thinking that if you had arranged this differently, you would have a free form poem. Nevertheless, this was an amazing read. And, it bears repeating: darn you, Al (but you know I love ya, Pal)! 🙂


  4. babs50nfab says:

    It’s so true, isn’t it? Without having met we know more about each other than many of our close friends who we see all the time. Great perspective Peter.


  5. cyberiann says:

    True. Your beacon shines out in the darkness of human night, giving further hope to those who already possess it and reminding those don’t of what they have not grasped. The deserted path was blank of purpose when I traced it last – just this morning, in fact 🙂 .


  6. nelle says:

    Such an introspective look at life. If still possessed of what I’ve read here, friend. Stripped of knowledge, fear gains sway.

    In my own life, I’m not interested in a new relationship, I was married for 24 years, in the relationship for 27.5. I’m focused forward, on the rebuild of a shattered life, with much of my focus on the novel I know edit. Into it I pour my heart and my spirit.

    Walk your path in peace, CD. There are words in you.


  7. Shonnie says:

    Always love reading your words. Glad we met–even if it was via the net


  8. Debbie says:

    I quit running a while back. I’d be most content to sit by a pond and share some Saltines with you.:D


  9. Caroline says:

    Beautifully put and resonates with me. Maybe we’ll sit in some cafe one day and eat cake and drink coffee and ponder…!!


  10. chirri says:

    You write beautifully Peter….I didn’t know


  11. Past tragedy and still out for love on this end. Big hugs to you, CD.


  12. backonmyown says:

    You’re a true wordsmith, Ducks, with the soul of a poet.


  13. renxkyoko says:

    You’re one of my favorite bloggers… you’ve been on my blogroll since day one… so yeah, I’m reading. If I don’t comment, it’s because there’s nothing I can add anymore to a wonderful piece. So I just click LIKE to let you know I was here and read you.


  14. Dear Ducky,
    every time I read your words, I fall in love all over again. X


  15. eof737 says:

    This is so lyrical and beautiful Peter…. I love the music in it… forget the house. 😆


  16. solarexpert says:

    Astounding! Always realised you were clever Mr W but didn’t know you were this clever. Evocative words from my purple friend … I’m still running but always ready rest from seeking that so far illusive fortune and have tea with you old bean


  17. Jane Thorne says:

    Peter, to reach beyond the ordinary and pluck the strings of magic is a gift indeed…keep flowing and give us delights like this to read 😀


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