Blogging Etiquette

I have managed to do a bit more Blogging these days which I have enjoyed. I am probably delusional in the matter but there are some people on here for whom I have developed an affection and keeping up with them is great. My main resource in this is my Blogroll. I move down it periodically and see what is going on in my corner of the blogosphere.

Over time, one or  two people stopped posting, and then some Blogs actually disappear. There seemed to be as many gaps in the roll as there are Blogs now, and it makes me sad. This being the platform it is. it is like a never-ending party at which people come and go without notice. You form an attachment to some and then they vanish on a whim. Either way you have no control over it. I am as guilty of this as anyone else so I’m not preaching.

Like everyone I get loads of spam for anything from Payday Loans to some kind of search engine wizardry, all of which depart to the spam dustbin in a neat and orderly manner at the press of a button.

Another weird development is the “Like” button. I always comment on the Blogs I visit, and normally “Like” the post, which is why I commented in the first place. Now I seem to get more “Likes” than comments and I can’t get my head round it,

Does it mean that they “Like” the post but not enough to say anything about it. I always  thought it was the comment which came first , and if they were especially moved or impressed they might also “Like” it. I am wondering if it is the product of some new marketing ploy whereby you zoom through all the new posts you can find and “Like” them in a micro second, so they will return to your Blog and get sucked into your followers.

Either way I have found it a bit irritating. I loved being” liked” or starred or anything else, but only if you have actually read the post you are liking. Am I being too cynical. Is it stand in the corner time for Mr Ducks and live for a day on a diet of dry crackers.

Answers please to an address of your choice,  or at the bottom  of this post. “Likes” are appreciated by strictly optional.

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38 Responses to Blogging Etiquette

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    I know what you mean. It IS bit of a curiosity. I honestly think some people go around liking pages, with the hope of getting a hit back to their page. I think they don’t read the post, but just hit like, & wait for the traffic to come back their way. I do think so.

    When you get freshly pressed, there’s often 100+ likes, but also 100+ comments, which makes sense. But if only 2 people commented, you’d think… Did anyone actually read what I wrote? I don’t know… that’s just me!


    • Thankyou for your comment. It is a curiosity. I actually read you Blog which is why its nice to see you here. Amusingly the only “Like” I’ve had on this post is from a guy I’ve never heard of who probably didn’t read the post. I can see this is going to be a walk down Chuckle Alley for yours truely


  2. Caroline says:

    I always like your posts! They may me think and ponder. Sometimes I find I can’t add to your wisdom which maybe why I don’t comment!!!

    For me I found I got equally low when people commented but didn’t ‘like’. Huh! I would think so you didn’t like it enough to click the Like button!!!

    Anyway yours truly is still alive and kicking and got the keys to her new house yesterday. Decorating is the order of the day as I don’t actually move in until Tuesday!

    Hugs to you

    And if you fancy a trip out to another part of the UK feel free to join the group with their paint brushes!!


  3. Abby says:

    Agreed. I think there have only been one or two time when I’ve only “liked” a post instead of commenting, and that was simply because I DID like the post but felt my comment would be trite in comparison to the depth of their perspective, if that makes sense. Leaving, “I really have nothing great to comment because I loved this post and you nailed it” might be better, I suppose, but sometimes I wonder. Anyway, I’m not too keen on the sole “like” myself, but it’s better than a “dislike” of sorts 😉 Maybe some people are shy?

    But I do have a couple people that literally “like” a post seconds after I publish it, which leads me to wonder if they have some sort of automatic “like” program or something. I’ve never had a comment from them and figure it’s just self-promotion. At any rate, I am glad you’re blogging a bit more. I only subscribe to a handful of blogs, and you are one of them, for what it’s worth. I “like” just about all you write 😉


    • To be honest, and given my personality it may not be a blessing, you are one of those I consider to be becoming a friend so all your comments are welcome and enjoyed. If you wobble back to my post you will see there is a “like” there from some guy who I’ve never heard of or seen on any blog I follow. That he “Liked” the post which is talking about what he is doing, quite probably without realising it, brings a good chuckle and smile to one who can be a bit mischievious, namely me.


  4. I find it most curious when someone I’ve never come across before likes one of my posts, but hasn’t seemed to have visited my site, but perhaps they saw it on the reader and didn’t need to click on the page to read the rest?

    I often like posts I read without commenting though. Sometimes, I can’t think of what I want to write in this little box, or can’t add anything to the subject. I do read everything before I decide to like it and I don’t always like everything that I read.


  5. Harry says:

    I’m going to like your post but not comment like lots of others 🙂


  6. Deana says:

    Hi Peter: — You bring up a very interesting point. I’ve been guilty myself of liking a page but not commenting. Sometimes I withhold comments because several other people have said exactly what I was going to say anyway and I don’t want to repeat what they said. Or I cannot think of what to write or add to the conversation. — I agree though there are people who seem to like my posts before I believe they’ve actually read them. Not sure how they do that – it especially happens if I publish a poem which makes me wonder if there isn’t some kind of wordpress crawler that looks for a poetry tag and does an auto like or something. I’m happy to see you are writing again – I missed your perspective on things.


  7. Harry says:

    I thought i would leave two comments to make you feel better 🙂
    I was going to do a post the same, people are not commenting as much and i blame wordpress for this.
    Months ago they changed the ” notify tick ” if you commented you had no choice you got all replies and that stopped people commenting.
    And i to went through my blogroll and removed about six blogs.


  8. babs50nfab says:

    I’m not sure I have a ‘like’ button on my blog to be honest. I do love comments though. Especially from people who challenge or argue with me. Is that wrong?? 😉 I always love your comments Peter.


    • Your quite right Barbara. I have checked your Blog and you don’t have a “Like” button which means you cannot be part of my urgent and thorough investigation into the topic. Perhaps I would be better off without one


  9. Peter, thank you for bringing this issue up. I have been pondering this and other issues related to traffic on my blog but didn’t know how to do it.

    My rule is the Golden Rule: treat others as you would like them to treat you. So I try to keep my readers apprised of my shenanigans, I don’t post too frequently so as not to overload in boxes, I read the blog posts I subscribe to and comment nearly every time. Sometimes poetry stumps me and I don’t know what to say.

    Here’s what befuddles me. I seem to get a fair number of hits on my blog, but not that many likes and even fewer comments. Maybe it’s all those random search engine terms that lead unsuspecting people to my blog and they are gone the moment they realize they have been misdirected? But I also have about 260 followers. Other bloggers get tons of likes and comments while I don’t.

    Maybe my posts are too long. I know I am daunted by long posts and enjoy short, sweet ones, especially when I have 60+ posts to read every day. Your first comment suggested that people click like and don’t actually read. Maybe that’s true. Maybe they also scroll, see it’s a long post and move on… (Too many maybes in this paragraph!)

    Anyway, very interesting topic and one that I’m sure a lot of bloggers are wondering about.

    Sheesh! I can’t even write a short comment! 🙂


  10. Beth says:


    I’m more of a comment kind of gal, as you’ve no doubt noticed. If I like something enough to hit a button, I generally say something instead. And it’s nice to have you back in action, by the way. 🙂 I’d write more, but I’m using my iPad and it’s quite bothersome! Meh.



    • Always nice to see you Beth. The post was never about people like you and my regular Blogging pals. There’s some guy liked this post and I’ve no idea who he is. Its that kind of “Like” I’m talking about


      • Beth says:

        I’ve got some of those, too… my question is always, “Okay, so you “liked” my post–WHAT PART OF MY POST DID YOU LIKE?!” I’m always intensely curious about what prompted the knee-jerk reaction to hit the “Like” button. I blame Facebook. Everyone hits the button for anything and everything… no discrimination whatsoever between topics, concepts, or specifics. I have the urge to give them the same instruction I use with toddlers, “Use your words, please.” 😉


      • Just what I want to write too Beth. You think just like I do on the subject


  11. Well I am one of your affectionate admirers for sure! People are fickle and busy and sometimes if they see that a blog has a fair amount of comments, the like button is an easy option as its faster and they can see you already have some ‘comment love’. Also – you write really well and sometimes that can be intimidating – readers struggle to find something meaningful to add.


  12. Haha, great post! I have to confess that as life has got more hectic and I am hardly ever at my home computer, I have not only slipped in posts, I am struggling to keep up with the few blogs I affectionately still follow (I haven’t started following anyone new in a very long time). I often read the posts in the email notifications rather than on blog pages directly, as they come through on my phone but I can’t always access the internet, so while I ponder over them as I read them, by the time I have a short space of time on the computer I seldom have the time for comments – so clicking ‘like’ is merely a way of saying ‘I hear you!’. And I do – I’m here, listening… and appreciating.


  13. Al says:

    I’m kind of in the opposite camp, ducks. I invariably comment on the blogs I follow but seem to forget about the like button. I figure a comment is an automatic like but would gladly hit the button too if I could remember. In any case, put me down for a resounding permanent like for all your future blogs!


    • Youare a Blogging friend of mine without question Al so you cna anything you want. “Like2, blow raspeberries or whatever but I know who you are. The people I am talking about visit once and I have never heard of them


  14. -People LIKE because they do not want to comment.
    Kind of like on Facebook, ya know.
    I ALWAYS comment cuz i’m a freak like that.

    Xxx Kiss


    • People like you who I consider my Blogging friends can do what they like. Anything is welcome here. Its people I dn’t know anything about, who visit the Blog once and “Like” it that I’m talking to. They are a different species


  15. nelle says:

    There’s a cottage industry centred around the like button and such. I limit my blogging reach, mainly because it isn’t my primary writing vehicle (noveling is) and I need time for that writing, for volunteering, school work, and life doings. There are those I like to read, and some who reciprocate on my space.


  16. winsomebella says:

    I am new to your party and must say it is delightful to be here. There are times when I use the like button because I enjoy the post but can’t think of anything witty or humorous or wise to add to the conversation. I find myself doing the same thing at dinner parties…..I am engaged in the conversation as a listener but there is nothing I can add at a particular time. I hit the like button instead, thinking the writer will know I appreciated the post and they will not have to write a personal reply to a comment.


    • Yes , its a difficult one. I know you and read your Blog too so my post doesn’t really refer to you. It is mostly adressed to those right outside your area of interest, who you’ve never heard of, who like a post onece only to never be seen again


  17. Shonnie says:

    I like comments too. These days commenting takes more brain power than I have. I like my buddies to know I have been there. I liked what they said and will be back commenting when my brain starts to work again


    • You are a friend, even if you “Like”, don’t comment or whatever, I know that so don’t you worry. Your sincerity is always powerful and treasured. far away from the professional “Marketers” with whom I suspect I’m dealing sometimes


  18. renxkyoko says:

    ha ha I clicked LIKE…. well, just to let you know I just read you,.More often than not, I get to read the post on my email folder, and if I really like it, I go to the site and click LIKE. Otherwise, I’ll just delete the email. =__=”


  19. eof737 says:

    I don’t know how I missed this post but I’m glad to find it… You’d asked me the same set of questions on my blog and the answers are quite simple. We don’t always have a comment for a post and when that happens, a Like confirms our visit and appreciation of the post. Over time, our following/subscriptions grow and it becomes difficult to comment on every post. Instead of ignoring a post completely, a Like shows our support.
    The Like button is not an award to be given sparingly to the chosen few. It is simply a tool to use to show support to our fellow bloggers. I have blog friends who only leave Likes and others who do both; it ‘s all good to me.
    By the way, each week when the photo challenge is offered, I use it as an opportunity to visit hundreds of other participants to enjoy their photos. I comment on several and Like all the ones I visit. I get to meet/visit new bloggers/blogs and it’s my way of showing support to my fellow bloggers. Do all of them reciprocate? No! I do it anyway because I enjoy it and I do make some new blog friends/connections.
    When I started my blog in 2008, I didn’t venture out to meet/connect with other bloggers until I took a fantastic course in 2009. The instructor, a widely recognized blogger, advised us to grow our blogs and readership by reaching out to others through multiple channels including blog visits… It takes effort but it works, and I still reach out (not to the degree I did that first year) because I don’t see the point in being a secret blogger… Hope this helps. 🙂


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