An Unexpected Feast

Slicing its way through the treacley blue sea the cruise liner casts a lone shadow on the water beneath it. No other sight but the waves moving slowly toward an horizen seen only as a thin blur in the fading light. In the dining room   crowds gather,  dressed for dinner as a band plays soothing music, setting the mood for an evening of varied enjoyments. Waiters move between the tables carrying drinks and taking orders for the meal. Anticipation lives in every gaze

Where you able to spy in on the boat as it slides through the water , you would hear the band play  some trilling melody, assuring the pampered guests that all was as it should be, and that nature was for viewing and not experiencing: thus we comfort ourselves.

Small crisis cause small ripples through this world, someone has lost their purse and a wave of panic moves out from her table. The bread rolls are slightly over-warmed and might now be too dry to  enjoy. But whose to care, as this closed world glides slowly on its way. The captain bestows his time on the thicker wallets and some man who graced the stage some years before.

Outside the chilling air is indifferent to their moods. Events like these have no register. Only the movement of the waves marks  passing time.

Below decks the steerage passengers enjoy their adventure. What could be worse than what they’ve left, so enjoy the evening and prepare for the morrow. This capsule, protecting what we call life and social norms proceeds at steady pace across the darkening ocean towards the unsuspected iceberg  far ahead. For now there are more pressing matters to attend. Decorum and a sense of social worth must be protected in this crowded place, so no infection can cross the class divide.

As we know, folly and misfortune can combine, as in this case, to bring our stylish progress to a halt. The uninvited sea enters the gash caused by hubris and some negligence

Beneath the surface of the ocean there is no music and no laughter that we can understand. The urgency is of another kind, as species never seen by those above hurry to their unexpected feast. Celebrating their own manna  from heaven ,unmindful of the tears which flow above . A  world unknown to them now rocked by grief. Thus it is, that somewhere out of mind an alien instinct mocks our frailties. That we who scuttle round in man-made craft, assume control of this place  where we live.


About Peter Wells aka Countingducks

Trying to remember what my future is
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15 Responses to An Unexpected Feast

  1. babs50nfab says:

    Fascinating take on this Peter. I’ve missed your posts. Hope you’re back to your old self.


  2. Thanks Barbara. Heads much better now thanks.


  3. nelle says:

    Able to span oceans and even some of space, we shall never escape how we are part of it all, subject to the turn of a wheel greater than ourselves.


  4. **Only the movement of the waves marks passing time.**

    You. Always. Move. Me. Xx


  5. I kept thinking of the Titanic as I read through this. Mini dramas aboard seem so big, when lurking outside the craft is something that could change everything forever.

    Hope you’ve been well. I’ve missed you.


  6. Al says:

    You have somehow managed to turn a tragedy into an ethereal event. Amazing take on this, Ducks! Well done.


  7. I felt like you were writing about the Titanic as well….which then made my mind flit to Leonardo DiCaprio, whom I like very much. I can be easily distracted at times, particularly when faced with the uncomfortable truth that we are all mere motes of dust!


  8. Writerlious says:

    Hope all’s going well! Love the writing. 🙂


  9. A beautiful post, thank you.


  10. Lovely post! Welcome back!


  11. eof737 says:

    Glad you’re writing again! 🙂


  12. Liked this earlier, but didn’t comment. Wanted to return to say what a wonderful piece that takes us down with the Titantic and brings us up to the air we might yet breathe for the awareness we might have when we recognize our smallness in the scheme of things. I really enjoy your writing!


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