It’s a simple word that can be read without trouble or effort but in a few people, myself included. even seeing the word can produce a powerful emotional reaction.  We went for a lovely walk along the river. Following my recent head banging adventure I am not able to travel as far as I like so after a period we set off towards home again.

My partner mentioned the new Lebanese restaurant which has opened up in our local area and sure enough, as if dragged by magnets, we found ourselves outside its door looking at the menu: it all looked pretty good to me.

It often seems to be the case, in some modern restaurants, that the tables are placed very close together: no doubt in order to increase the possible number of covers. The downside of this is that privacy is limited and you can easily hear what the next table is discussing and notice what they are eating.

We began our meal in isolation and were soon munching happily on various little titbits: nothing could be better. There then began a long wait for our main course, ( about forty minutes), during which the table beside ours was occupied by two middle-aged ladies who started chatting about something to which I paid no attention.

Time drifted on and their starters arrived. humus, some yogurty thing, little plates of this and that and nearest to me, a small plate with about ten miniature sausages. My eye swiveled towards them. “Sausages” I said to my partner. “Yes, I know” she said. Her manner seemed to stiffen slightly and she bought the conversation back to the merits of various dry cleaning shops in the area. A good try but not a hope in hell I’m afraid. “Sausages” I said again, “I wonder what they’re like. ? Perhaps I’ll ask them”. “No ” said my partner, “Leave them alone”. You can’t fault her motives or her manners but sitting so near that small plateful of little darlings I felt all sense of decorum and restraint leave me.

Sure enough, As my knowing partner winced in anticipation, I leaned over and said, as you do, “Excuse me, I was just wondering what those sausages are like”. For reasons undisclosed the lady did not seem to be too pleased to be interrupted but one look at my face revealed that I was prompted by a sincere desire to learn. “They’re a bit spicy and hot” she said. “Not perfect then” I replied. “No” she said. In her place I would have offered me one so I could come to my own conclusions but sadly this didn’t occur to her. That plate of ten was now a mere three, then one then a small pang of grief overcame me as our area became a sausage free zone.

Its a weakness I know: I have a few and you can only admire my partner for putting up with them but how do we resist an ovewhelming temptation.


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23 Responses to Sausages

  1. Abby says:

    Well, being a vegetarian I can’t relate to your love of tube meat, but I can still relate to the story. All I can say is that you endear me to you each and every post. This is not exception, and if we were ever to have our crazy paths cross, I would buy you your own plate of sausages.

    Also, the fact that you said “Not perfect then” and still want to order them up is something I could read extraneous meaning into but won’t. Let’s just leave it at “perfection is much overrated.”


    • The thought of someone actually buying me a plate of sausages, especially when they don’t worship them themselves is very touching. I have thought myself, that we are both crazy enough tpo get on well in real life. Now where is my rowing boat


  2. –How can you make the topic of “SAUSAGES” so very Delicious!

    I love love love your writing, Ducky. X


    • You must remember that when you read my words on sausages, you are entering the world of a fanatic. I’ve spent an unhealthy portion of my life salivating over them, poor little suckers


  3. babs50nfab says:

    So good to see you again Peter! I hope by now you’ve had your fill of sausages for a while. How’s the head coming along? Hope all is well.


  4. backonmyown says:

    I’m happy to read your charming writing again. Of all the things I might consider writing about, I think sausages would be really low on my list, yet you took me right into the Lebanese restaurant with you and captured my imagination. To borrow Chickie’s phrase from above–you made it “so very delicious.”


    • So near and yet so far. Tha pain of seeing them within my grasp and not just reaching over and plucking one off the plate under the startled gaze of their owner was hard to bear


  5. Caroline says:

    Ah those great moments when sitting in a restaurant with the tables too close together. I always want to try you what’s on the table next to me!!

    Mark you I think the other day the couple next to me and my Mr X were completely glued to our conversation!! Ist dates are compelling to listen to!!


  6. Kirri White says:

    Sometimes it really is about the small things isn’t it? I would have been drawn more by the nearby conversation, but have to admit that you have me left me feeling curious about those wee sausages myself! Stay well ok x


    • I am sure the conversation was riviting, but faced with the competition from the sausages it became inaudable. A sausage unforked is a sausage lost forever. That was all I could think of


  7. nelle says:

    I hope by now you’ve tried one. Be brave, and write a sausage thorough sausage review.


  8. Al says:

    When you curtailed your writing due to your accident, I said take your time you’re worth waiting for. This is what I meant. Great anecdote, told as only you can.

    I think everyone reading this could almost see, smell and taste those sausages.


  9. Writerlious says:

    What a lump. Can’t believe she didn’t offer you one!


  10. Julie Buhite says:

    Your sausages are my coffee. I wouldn’t have come even close to holding out like you did. You are valiant man.


  11. eof737 says:

    I do hope you went back for yours… We only live once and those sausages sounded… well, tempting. Do update us when you do. I’m counting on you. 😉


  12. You can never have too spicy of a sausage! If it was me sitting at the table I would have offered you one to sample 🙂


    • I know you would. One should never rebuff honest interest in this area. Perhaps I should have forked one anyway and said “I see what you mean” while chewing at my stolen morsel, but I would have got a glare from her and a kick from my partner, plus a stiff lecture on the way home so that might have dimmed the experience


  13. renxkyoko says:

    Funny, but I just cooked a can of Vienna sausage ( Libby’s ), and omelette. My lunch, at 3 PM,. I was eating the teeny sausages while reading your post. Weird.


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