Bert, Fred, Jeff and Arnold

God, I love those guys. They’ve seen me through a through  a few scrapes and out the other side. I mean myself Fred and Arnold went down to Italy once, and Fred and I fell into the sea. It was a riot.

Oh, sorry. Don’t get the wrong idea. Bert, Fred and the rest are Sweaters but they’ve been around forever and I now number them among my closest friends. Don’t get me started about Stan, my loyal trainers. They just sticks by me through thick and thin.

Mind you, her indoors is not as keen on them as I am. She says things like “They are worn out”, No one’s wearing that stuff anymore” and the like but what price loyalty eh. A sweater with character is not that easy to find. Ok, I’ll be the first to admit that those clean threaded items in the clothes shop look a bit smart, and I’m sure they like to show off in a few swanky cafe’s. But what have they done. No swim in the Italian sea in their memory banks. I mean they just ponce around showing off.

I’m delighted that there seems to be years of wear in my clothes and I stand before you, metaphorically speaking, equipped for all temperature’s  and weather conditions found in this island, and a number of other countries and continents. Strangely, my partner and a number of other people don’t share this view and refer to me as, “Unkempt”, Scruffy”, “Not on this Planet” and so on, but lets face it. Have they fallen into the sea with me off the Italian coast. No.  What price memory eh. You’ll never find that in a clothes shop.

Mind you, I don’t stroll naked into the halls of high society. What me. You must be joking. Doug, a quiet little two piece suite that normally lives at the back of the wardrobe slides off its hangers and says. “Stick with me son: I’ll get you through the evening” and he does you know. Some people even say I look smart. Wonders never cease. Mind you, that day I dropped a burger in a motorway service station and got sauce all over the trousers. What a riot. Doug has never let me forget about that. That’s friends for you: they know you but they still love you.


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16 Responses to Bert, Fred, Jeff and Arnold

  1. Caroline says:

    I share your sentiments. Don’t let your friends down – they’ve been through so much with you!!


  2. Abby says:

    It’s only when we show the “ugly” parts that we can be sure who we want through the “beautfiul” parts, so to speak. We all need a Bert, Fred, Jeff and Arnold, and our own sense of style, metaphorically speaking. You’re lucky you found yours.


  3. nelle says:

    Good clothing is not something to discard if you have a fondness for wearing it. If you don’t, then it’s off to a charity. I’m with you, hold tight those loyal.


  4. This just made me smile so much. I love it. I’m particularly stuck by Doug he sounds like a bit of a classy guy. 😉 Great post.


  5. –Ducky,
    I love when you get naked in front of your readers. Metaphorically speaking, Of course. xx


  6. Debbie says:

    Great fun on a number of levels (some of which I have undoubtedly made up and weren’t a part of your intent at all)! 😀
    You have a fascinating dress code!


  7. I have a fondness for a few pieces of clothes, but have never named any of them. Interesting and enjoyable post, as always!


  8. Al says:

    I won’t say how long my favorite sweater has been around, but it does have it’s own blog.


  9. It’s amazing that you can remember what particular items of clothing you wore at certain points in your life. I guess favorite belongings really do hold memories!


  10. babs50nfab says:

    This is such a guy thing Peter. Made me laugh though! Go on… carry on with your buddies.


  11. Excellent personification of your wardrobe! This can be enjoyed on many levels.


  12. renxkyoko says:

    I still wear my Mickey Mouse T-shirt with quite a few holes in it.,,, I can’t throw it away. ,,, it’s like my security blanket.


  13. eof737 says:

    Well said… this is a new voice in your writing stye… I am fascinated. 🙂


  14. Julie says:

    Wonderful. Adorable. Always lovely to hear about faithful relationships.


  15. Ina says:

    And socks, do you name them too? 🙂


  16. catterel says:

    I love the idea of giving names to your pet garments – how could you possibly discard them when they have names? I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award – which you may already have, but if so consider this as VBA with bar – and you can pick it up from my blog post Unexpected Honour (Parts I and II). Keep on writing! Cat


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