Films I l Like

I’ve always enjoyed films and, like many, sort of develop a rolling top ten or five depending  on your level of interest in the medium. Here’s a selection of mine: “The Last Samurai”, “Schindler’s List” and “The Shawshank Redemption.” They all concern men of honour or men who become honourable and their struggles with a compromising world. Some end up on a beach in Mexico mucking about with boats, which doesn’t sound a bad fate to me and others die, but normally with a peaceful expression, integrity intact, and some sense of value and understanding firmly in their mind.

I am not saying I am or am not a man of honour but I am saying I would like to be and therefore films with these themes are  soothing to me. My partner, who can be very lucid, especially when irritated, was talking about a work issue and in response to a comment of mine she replied, “They are running businesses they don’t own”. I nodded sagely. It was a good point. The more I thought about it the gooder it got: let me explain. Oh you’ve stopped reading. Never mind I’ll just keep ranting, frothing and venting into hyper-space: my new best friend.

If you run your own small to medium-sized business whatever happens in the business is directly related to the bottom line. An idea or strategy may be good or bad but the motivation for it is unambiguous. In the corporate world things are rather different, The “boss” or ultimate owner may be millions of private shareholders, some pension funds, hedge funds and the like. In fact most people in the organisation have no idea who they  ultimately work for.

Even those at the top may have their gaze focused on some objective such as selling the business and cashing in their share options. In these circumstances the operational efficiency and integrity of the organisation is not necessarily their first concern. This can leave those in middle management with a lack of common focus which encourages game playing, posturing and uncertainty.

It is a long way away from the world of the Samurai who knows his duty and his responsibilities without any doubt or ambiguity. Who supports his friends with a loyalty and constancy beyond question.  It is some distance from the overriding humanity of Schindler who gave all he had to protect those in his employ. No one looks another in the eye and turns after a moment of shared respect to be consumed by their duty and sense of honour. Of course I’ve never been in such a situation or faced such a clear choice between the good and bad. Lets face it, if Tom Cruise, or Nathan Algren as he is more commonly known,dressed in the uniform of the man he had stabbed in a previous battle,  entered the office and said I have come to mend the photocopier  or die in the attempt, and I will not be stopped I would begin to worry.

Things being what they are, I have to wobble on through this poorly focused, obscurely valued world of compromise, and make the best of it that I can with the limited gifts and moral qualities destiny has granted me.

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26 Responses to Films I l Like

  1. Oops. I pressed publish by mistake but there you go. It will have to manage as it is 😦


  2. Caroline says:

    Even those at the top may have their gaze focused on some objective such as selling the business and cashing in their share options.

    Tell me about it!! Fortunately we now have new Directors with a bit more integrity where I work.

    As to pressing Publish before you meant to – you can always Update!! I do frequently (usually typos…!!) 🙂


  3. barbara says:

    My favorite movie is One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest… what does that tell you??


  4. Ducky,
    I adore your posts…
    I have a top 20 list: Spartacus, Out of Africa, Terms of Endearment, Klute, African Queen, Guess Who’s Coming, & One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, (to name a few)

    I loved Shawshank!!!


  5. This is very thought-provoking. It reminded me of a recent visit to Anne Frank’s house in Amsterdam; a small group of people agreed, without hesitation, to help those hiding in the house by bringing food and supplying other necessities, as well as sourcing educational materials. Such a huge risk to their own lives; the question is always there: would I have done the same?


    • It is always so heart wrenching that she was captured so near the end of the war after surviving for so long. The courage and loyalty of those who helped her is a lasting testimony to how some people can act when cuaght up in such a dilemma


  6. renxkyoko says:

    Hello, Counting ducks!

    I just nominated you for Versatile Blogger Award. Pls. check it out .


  7. Some of the most compelling movies of human courage are the ones I can’t watch because they evoke too much angst in me. Schindler’s List is a great example. I couldn’t get past the scene of the Nazi randomly shooting a prisoner from his balcony for sport. I turned the movie off, crying. Saving Private Ryan–too bloody. I could go on, but you get my point. I guess I’m just too much of a Highly Sensitive Person to watch these types of movies…

    Am I missing out on some moral lesson. I don’t think so. I get those lessons about morality and courage in other ways. At least I’d like to think so.


    • I couldn’t face Saving Private Ryan for the same reasons so your not alone on that one


    • Jeanna says:

      concur, these movies leave me balling. I have watched them, but I watch them because I feel like these kinds of things are actually happening out there, and by evoking the emotion in me, I know that the things I worry about on a day to day basis are trivial to say the least. Ya know what I mean?


  8. Shonnie says:

    Love those movies too Ducky. It would be quite interesting if a man showed up in full Samuri costume to fix the copier, even before he made such a bold statement. I would be tempted to run or call the authorites to come fetch him.

    Lorna — I could NOT watch Saving Private Ryan–hurt me all over!


  9. Big Al says:

    Doing the right thing. The moral thing. Isn’t that always the question? We are faced with that every day in some fashion or other. If we don’t make the right moral choice on the small issues, it will be cumulative and we shall fail the test on the life-changing issues.

    Thomas Paine once said: “Character is more easily kept than recovered.”


  10. Lafemmeroar says:

    Tis the season so, my fav is “A Christmas Story” …

    Honor among men … now that is a rarity in today’s world … here’s hoping for more honor next year.


  11. Even though you hit publish, this is still an amazing post as always :). You always have amazing post. The only film I haven’t seen out of these 3 is Schindler’s List.


  12. ElizOF says:

    I loved those movies too… I like movies with a solid, plausible storyline… the acting was brilliant too. 🙂 TY for your patience as I have been adjusting to a changed schedule in my life … Glad to comment again. 🙂


  13. Larry Lilly says:

    We like movies like those, I love The Shawshank Redemption, but I think the reason is that we like starting points, end points and a clear path between the two. Life isnt like that. In my work, its the things that should be slam dunks that always rear their heads up and present a clear but confusing muddle of anxiety. Tar balls that get stuck and double in number and size with each attempt to clear then from your life. So they become lessons for us. But while great books start after the roman numeral pages end, and the end is where the little swirly gig type stares back at you life isnt so discernable.


  14. Jeanna says:

    I loved this post Ducks, I can seriously relate to this. Where I work, it has the ability to lose… the real… answers to questions like, WHY AM I HERE. It doesn’t matter if my job gets done today… not in the big scheme of the world. I hate that. I hate that I am not impacting something, like a Samari would… or any of your other great examples. I need a real job. Think Tom Cruise is hiring? 😛


  15. Shonnie says:

    MIA again … don’t you know I will soon be leaving for alaska and I won’t have much time to keep up with you??


  16. says:

    Sheep Farmer in Albania checking in.


  17. A beautiful list of movies – if I could add a few it would be The Last of the Mohicians, The Last King of Scotland, and Little Miss Sunshine. The Last of the Mohicians to this day touches my heart with it’s beauty and sadness.

    The corporate world is a place that I do not thrive well in and I think it takes alot of stamina to figure out the maze of management. It seems to be place where doors are always opening and closing – everyone trying to figure out where are they going.


  18. nelle says:

    Insightful and astute observation!


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