Two Points of View

Currently I am on my own and in complete control of our home. Two things can happen. Freed from her appetite for making a bit of a mess wherever she goes I can move through the rooms like a frenzied dervish polishing and cleaning till any self-respecting germ would be ashamed to live there.

Alternatively, as her ladyship’s plane soars over the horizon to warmer climes I miss her of course, but soon settle down with a nice cup of tea , placing it on the table without reference to place mats and munching toast in an abandoned carefree manner. The bed is not made to its normal high standard, or come to think of it, made at all. But whose to care. No one is visiting today so no one else is going to see it.

So there you have two stories and you can choose which one to believe. Alright , you already believe the second one. Your right of course and I bow my head in shame at trying to fob the first one-off on you. Just to put your mind at rest I am taking care not to make too much mess and will be tidying up any mess and making the bed before she returns.

The absolute truth of any situation is normally lost in the  conjecture which surrounds it. The point is, when I watch the news I never really know what the absolute truth is, and it is often so complex that I have little chance to gain the facts even if I want to. I have met some people who have been on television in some “plucked from obscurity” role and they told me that the show you see  is quite different to the one they were in. It may be the same in part for news events. We hold the starring role in our lives but supporting roles in others. How they use their perception of us to fill out their play is not something we can control

I am a cause of despair to many and joy to some. Whatever I want to be I will never be anyone else but who I am. Living with that in the circumstances I find myself in is the best thing I can do. I just saw a flock of geese leave the water and wheeling away off above the trees, Why they moved when the did and took that direction is and always will be a mystery to me but I know this. It was a joy to behold. That is good enough for me

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Trying to remember what my future is
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19 Responses to Two Points of View

  1. Christine alcalay says:

    We hold the starring role in our lives but supporting roles in others.

    I love this line. Exquisite.


  2. Caroline says:

    Why they moved when the did and took that direction is and always will be a mystery to me but I know this. It was a joy to behold. That is good enough for me

    Applies to so much of life! Thank you for making me think today!


  3. Big Al says:

    Good stuff. Just plain good stuff, as always.


  4. barbara says:

    Always enjoy your thought process Peter.


  5. Ducky,
    I love how you used the ducks as symolbism for US.

    I continually enjoy your perspective on life.

    Have fun at home! ALONE.


  6. You have a way of writing that expresses everything I am thinking. Especially with this line “Whatever I want to be I will never be anyone else but who I am”. So true


  7. ElizOF says:

    I’m glad you are enjoying your time out… resist the temptation to do any heavy lifting or cleaning… Enjoy life as the rest can wait. 😉


  8. Debbie says:

    Somehow I find it a stretch to believe that you are a cause of despair for many – but it’s no stretch at all believing your bed is rumpled and the geese were enough. Thank you for yet another fine post, Peter.


  9. Gabby Angel says:

    Your writing is so thought provoking and a pleasure to read. I enjoyed reading this post, as well as some of your others very much. Thank you for sharing your words, you have quite the gift!


  10. Tipsy Lucy says:

    Enjoy the unmade bed and scattered toast crumbs. I always leave dishes in the sink until the day of hubby’s return.


  11. Peter, your post is a very good reminder that being true to ourselves and doing the best we know how is all there is. Your words, “I am a cause of despair to many and joy to some.” ring so true. And we may be a despair on one day and a joy on the next to the same person! I’ve stopped trying to please others (as best as I can) and focus on being kind to myself and others. If that’s not good enough for those others, then they have to deal with it, not me!

    Great post and happy cleaning some time in the near future! 😉


  12. renxkyoko says:

    Such beautiful post ! ! ! I really need to put you on my blogroll ! Thanks for sharing your thoughts ! !


  13. A large flock of geese just flew over my house… such a strange coincidence!

    I have just discovered the Portugese poet Pessoa, and a number of his poems express the same idea as you have here in your usual lovely and relaxed writing style. (You have the rare knack of saying something profound with a light touch and in a deceptively simple manner). Here’s an example from Pessoa that I particularly like; it chimes so well with your post:

    The sun’s reflection in a puddle of water / Is enough, if it pleases you. / Happy those who, placing their delight / In slight things, are never deprived / Of each day’s natural fortune!


  14. Lafemmeroar says:

    I love your outlook! Existing in our true selves is a good way to live.


  15. Shonnie says:

    Totally awesome post — as per your norm. yes, I am back, I hope for good. hehe! Life has been interesting of late. Hope you are enjoying your alone time. 😀


  16. backonmyown says:

    I love how you find your joy in the everyday happenstances. That really is all we have, isn’t it, and all we truly need. Thanks for another thoughtful and thought-provoking post.


  17. ly says:

    love the ambiance you created


  18. terryspear says:

    Ha! You had me going! I believed you! 🙂 I loved the two points of view. Lots of fun.


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