Twenty – Four Tea Bags.

Yes I’ve counted them. I’ve got 2 pizzas, quite a lot of rice and a pot of sweet and sour sauce which should make at least three meals. Lets face it I’m pretty much in clover here, and with the dish-washer humming placidly in the corner of the kitchen a continuous supply of clean plates is pretty much guaranteed. The only thing to watch out for is stains or marks on the carpet as these seem to draw a significant number of negative comments.

These days we are blessed with the power of Skype. Rather unwisely I said she could tour round our home via Skype and make sure everything was in order. She seemed to like the idea but, in hindsight I think I should curtail the tour as it might affect her holiday if things are not as tidy as she likes. She is a very tidy person, both in terms of dress and home cleaning. I am not untidy but have a more relaxed idea about wardrobe and cleaning so I will have to be a bit careful. The nice Judith who kindly visits my Blog on occasion had suggested having a bottle of wine in the fridge for her return. This is a good idea. I shall try not to sample it, “just to make sure it’s up to standard” as a half empty bottle may not carry the same emotional message.

She received an urgent text message from her daughter at 4.20 am this morning telling her not to forget to pack a cocktail dress, so you can make a guess at the kind of holiday it’s going to be. I really hope she has a lovely bonding time with a few pina colades chucked in: she loves those.

In the meantime I shall attempt to begin writing my masterpiece entitled “Living Your Life Backwards” , going for walks, seeing friends and looking out of the window. There is you lot, of course, and no doubt you will keep me company in some way.

I will miss her. You wouldn’t expect anything else but I am also really pleased she’s going to have some quality time with her daughter. It will be great for them. When you love someone you want them to be happy above all else. Lots of life becomes simple, and even quiet. It’s a nice place to be. Love can be simple. Not as simple as beans on toast but it runs that culinary masterpiece a close second

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16 Responses to Twenty – Four Tea Bags.

  1. Caroline says:

    Ah beans on toast – that’s what I’ll eat tonight!!

    Don’t forget to run the washing machine before she returns.

    Oh yes and if you can manage it – clean sheets on the bed always wins favours!!

    Enough – no more chores – enjoy your walks, don’t get lost in the maze (I didn’t) and control the Skype tour!


  2. Jeanna says:

    Ducks! I love it! Love the bit about the half bottle of wine… yes do not open it! lol. 😉 Leave Skype off and let her just do her thing. Do your best to have to house tidy when she gets home and enjoy the rest of this time being a bit relaxed and yourself. I love this post. It shows how genuine your feelings are for her, that’s a beautiful thing all in itself.


  3. You can’t go wrong with beans on toast! You’re so sweet!


  4. backonmyown says:

    “The dishwasher humming placidly…” Honestly, Ducks, you’re the only person I know who can make washing dishes sound like poetry. You amaze me. Enjoy your time alone!


  5. barbara says:

    Get two bottles of wine in case you want to sample some before she arrives home. Enjoy the quiet time. I truly believe a little distance does a relationship good.


  6. Lafemmeroar says:

    Awesome writing going on in this post. Would make a great first chapter of some novel.


  7. Ina says:

    Maybe you need to get a cat?


  8. Kirri White says:

    So cute…Cheers to an avid sense of adventure, love and freedom!


  9. Beautiful! She is very luck to have you! May I suggest keeping two bottles of wine in the fridge one for you and one to celebrate her return.


  10. As long as your happy thats the main thing, you have all the supplies in get the feet up, and enjoy the peace and quite while you can 🙂

    I always thought we were in each others blogroll, so i’m going to do it now if you would do the same, after your pizza and wine.


  11. nelle says:

    I’m certain you will manage just fine. Of course, you could play with Photoshop some and add some imaginary trashing, all for some long distance fun.


  12. Myra's voice. says:

    Aww…this made me smile. “) Ain’t love grand?!


  13. Big Al says:

    She trusts you alone with the house, now that’s true love. When my wife first started going off without me, I waited until the last day before her return to clean up. Onerous to say the least! Now I do a daily “pick up” which saves me time and much angst. It’s not like we’re Oscar and Felix, but she is a tad more fastidious than I.

    Again, I love the way you write. Backonmyown is right, only you could make housekeeping an adventure in prose. Looking forward to “Life Lived Backwards” someday.


  14. Texasjune says:

    My husband and I had to live apart for several years because of job demands – except for weekends. It was wonderful to pull into the driveway on Friday night and walk into a clean house, with the aroma of a hot dinner sitting on the stove! Ah, sweet memories – after supper, hearing the challenges of his week, going to bed early to enjoy two days together working on our favorite projects at that time. Regardless the season, the best weather was always late Sunday afternoon when I had to kiss goodbye for another week in the city. I hated leaving, and yearned for the day I didn’t have to. All this to say – enjoy your down time, and be happy when she gets home!


  15. ElizOF says:

    I think the Skype tour should be curtailed; too much angst attached. Enjoy your alone time and tell her to enjoy same with her daughter… The wine should help on her return. 😉


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