Perfection! Whats That About

You know the thing, sometimes we’re lucky and sometimes we’re not. I’ve had a bit of both I can tell you. and so have you for that matter so I won’t go on about it.One of my bits of good luck is I have this great friend who is as different from me as chalk and cheese, but also identical. Hang on: I don’t seem to be making any sense. No change there then. Ah where was I.

Ah yes, this friend. Well, even though he is completely different from me. I’m a bit liberal and he’s more of a “hang em high” kind of man we both like physical challenges, a glass of beer or six and share a sense of the profoundly comic aspects of life. When we were students we used to discuss every aspect of existence with a manic urgency as if time was in short supply and no one had ever considered them before:  that’s youth for you. At least you get over it but only to discover middle age and that has its own problems.

One of my theories, which has failed to be adopted by any of the worlds major academic establishments, is this. There is life on other planets, quite a lot of other planets. The reason is that God didn’t get it completely right the first time so he kept on creating worlds until he came up with the perfect being in the perfect world. That planet exists somewhere but the one we live on is not it. We are one of the flawed masterpieces God created until he came up with the perfect model somewhere far away in another solar system we are not in touch with, or even aware of for that matter.

This brings us to one of the secrets of this planet. To put it crudely, it’s what the British call, ” a bit of a cock-up”. Looked at thoroughly it doesn’t make any sense and nor do you. This whole model is riddled with the imperfections he ironed out in a later solar system but being the person he is, he wanted to leave us with our imperfections and see if we could sort it out on our own.

Current progress reports may not breed optimism but in my favourite phrase, “Never mind all that”,  gets me by in most circumstances. Living with imperfections within myself makes me a bit more tolerant about existing within this flawed masterpiece. People keep looking for solutions and that is an excellent pastime.

I’m not complaining mind you. There is no saying earth was God’s first stab at perfection. It might have been his fifth or six for all I know. Imagine living on one of his very earliest efforts. Luckily it’s unimaginable. This one’s hard enough to get by on as it is. Whatever the merits or failings of living in this early prototype,  the fact is we are all in it together.

One thing I do know is that the presence of friends and loved ones shines a light on an experience which might otherwise be shrouded in darkness. Loyalty and affection for them is one of the bedrocks on which I live my life. Whatever the merits of the world we live in, we live in it together and are dependant on each other to make the best of it we can. Perhaps the discovery of personal qualities through adversity was the master plan all the time. God Knows

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28 Responses to Perfection! Whats That About

  1. Debbie says:

    Dependant we are, indeed, if we’re ever to move beyond myopia. By the way, C.S. Lewis, as you may know, also thought that there were other planets teeming with life. Possible he wouldn’t have said that God didn’t get it right as much as God didn’t get done. 😉


  2. A perfect piece of reasoning 🙂


  3. Larry Lilly says:


    I think your part way right. My extension of your theory, espoused by me for ages is that there ARE other worlds. But here is where your model and mine differ. The God that made our world isnt the only god. Nope, he is the son of several sons of the Big GOD. Big GOD had several sons and perhaps a couple of daughters and this is the test similar to those that heads of great historical families give their offspring before letting them take over the reins of their empire. A test of seeing who has it and who doesnt. So we got the sort of Bart Simpson, maybe that is lost on you brits, think Eric Idle of Monty Python) and our worlds was his attempt at the great masters. Not quite a Rubens, more like a Dalli. Mixed up, not quite ready for prime time and well, a five act play cut short in act three.


  4. Myra's voice. says:

    I like your thoughtprocess “)


  5. God only knows! I’m a definite flawed masterpiece and think someone over embellished a stroke and missed a stroke there…I think our imperfections are who we are and allow us to connect with others on a much more deeper level.


  6. says:

    I wish I could find the link but seriously I was surfing the web and apparently with the new telescopes that see even further there are many more earth like planets than we were earlier aware of with water and atmosphere that could sustain life. This was not a random link, it was something like NASA. Oh well. I say why not?!



  7. Texasjune says:

    I forgot what year it was when I became brave enough to share my belief that God is a space traveler. Yep, people looked at me really funny! Hmm … a few still do!


  8. nelle says:

    True enough. I wonder if there is one model for perfection, like how standing on one of the Earth’s poles leaves only one direction for the first step. And if it is, does perfection mean one is trapped in a singularity? If so, imperfection would seem the place to be.


  9. redheadmouth says:

    “We are one of the flawed masterpieces God created until he came up with the perfect model somewhere far away in another solar system we are not in touch with, or even aware of for that matter.” I love this theory. Do you ever watch Discovery Channel’s Conspiracy Theory shows? Blows your mind. There are some conspiracies that aliens dropped us off here and are watching our evolution under a microscope. Interesting. I could talk about this all day.


    • Texasjune says:

      I could too … well, not all day – too many other interesting people I have to check on every day! We are people that find too many interests in twenty-four hours! Not to say, we can’t concentrate on one focus – we certainly do. Some writers I’ve bumped into lately have incredible insight! Yep, that’s valuable – and a mix of knowledge, emotions, insight, and still trying to enjoy every day is a continuing challenge. Ducky is one!


  10. Caroline says:

    Love your reasoning – my Dad would have agreed with you too!


  11. renxkyoko says:

    The probability that there are other living things other rhan us in this vast universe is almost beyond comprehension. I truly believe there are living things other than us. . It’s mathemarically impossible that we are the only ones here.


  12. tree girl says:

    I know there are other life forms out there because I have seen UFO’s.

    My dad and I spent a lot of nights sitting on the back verandah looking at the sky. And one night we saw them.

    Not many people believe me if I mention it, so I don’t often. But seeing how you are open to the idea, I did. My dad died over twenty years ago, so he’s not a reliable witness.

    Love your description of manic discussion. Priceless.


  13. When I accepted my imperfect human nature, I became so much happier. That was a big step for a life-long perfectionist! Witty and enjoyable piece of writing, Peter! 🙂


  14. Judith says:

    If we turn the telescopes around we may see that life on those planets mirrors ours here. Just a thought for Friday.


  15. —Ducky,
    there is beauty in imperfection.
    God got it right the first time….We are the one’s that screwed it up, man.
    Love your words of wisdom, Sir. X


  16. backonmyown says:

    Ahhh, Ducks. You give us such great food for thought. I’ve thought for years that there are other planets in other solar systems but it never occurred to me that it was because God was trying to get it right. I love this conversation. BTW, have you read a book called “The Sparrow” by Mary Doria Russell? Based on this post, I think you would like it.


  17. Shonnie says:

    Just wanted you to know that I am checkin’ on ya. will be back to actually comment on your post on soon.


  18. Aurora says:

    Much to ponder, thanks to your lovely piece. Yes, interdependence… such a lovely community of people even online here… fortunate we are to be among you. Thanks for the read. Again! 🙂


  19. swells says:

    Loved this post!!


  20. Big Al says:

    Do you mean there might be another Big Al somewhere who could actually be more perfect than me?


  21. ElizOF says:

    We live in an imperfect world that is inherently perfect. Like you, I believe in other worlds and planets… and might claim to have visited a few but I prefer to protect my sanity and being known as sane… 😉


  22. Jeanna says:

    I always love reading your posts ducks! This one was great!!!


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