One Hundred Posts

Hard to believe I know. One of the high points is seeing how WordPress celebrate each post with words like “Wild”, “awesome” and the like. Unfortunately I forgot to note what it said for my hundredth post but it was probably something like, “Stop writing so much” or “Hard boiled eggs are harder to digest”. I’ll never find out now unless someone else tells me.

Blogging has been a bit like sitting in a railway station. It’s always full of people, and gradually seems to get more crowded but the actual people in it keep changing. People Blog for a reason and when that reason vanishes so do they. My number of subscribers has gradually gone up, but a number of them no longer have Blogs so that’s a bit odd. Being a man who is controlled by routine among other things I regularly visit the Blogs of my subscribers, and those on my Blogroll . I almost always leave a comment. In fact if I visit a Blog, it is very rare for me not to leave a comment, unless it turns out that the Blog in question is outside my area of interest: in the main my tastes are pretty eclectic.

For my part I have found that the number of visitors is  larger than the comments I get. Maybe it’s the “Read two lines and I’m off” crowd: who can say. I have developed an affection for some on my Blogroll but I  have learnt that people come and go regardless of the opinion you have of them. Some of these have also come and gone without comment or explanation underlining the curiously ephemeral nature of the blogosphere.

I have enjoyed myself in this fast changing world, and hope to be around and see a few more changes before I vanish without explanation through some event possibly beyond my control. At the moment I can think of no other reason for vanishing. My thanks to all who visit me and have helped make blogging so rewarding for me. Your comments and support are appreciated more than you know.

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26 Responses to One Hundred Posts

  1. Caroline says:

    How bizarre! I’ve just spent most of the morning visiting my subscribers and leaving comments. I haven’t done this for a while so felt I’d been neglecting them. After all if they’re interested in my ramblings then the least I can do is go and see what they’re getting up to!

    Some haven’t posted for ages – over a year in some cases. Clearly abandoned their blogs lurk in the ether unloved and untouched!

    Others, like yours, gallop along holding my interest each day. I may not always comment but I always read.

    Well done on your century. And a lovely century not out! I look forward to reading you as you double this number!


  2. Debbie says:

    Oh Peter – don’t go vanishing on us. As you know, I write two quite ordinary blogs. One is read by only 40 or 50 people, but gets the most comments – then it’s only 10-20%. The other blog, which averages 200 + readers a day, usually gets about 5 comments. People seem to like to read without remarking.
    Often, I get comments by email, which given the very non-controversial topics of my blog, I find to be a bit odd. I think people are afraid of other’s reactions to their comments – or of sounding trite. More so with your blog since you are such a fine writer. Possibly folks are just a little intimidated? Congratulations on your 100th post! I have a great deal of back reading to do!


  3. Larry Lilly says:

    I read lots of blogs, and comment on ones that hit a chord, but through it all I commend at some for having the idea train that keeps pulling out of the station each and every day. I write so infrequently on my onw, but those are really posts that only mean something to me, all 14 of them in what, 5 years. To hit your milestone, 100, at that rate, I will still be sending some from that forever place we all wind up when we pass on. And that wont be until Halleys coment makes a return trip.


  4. The railway station is such an apt analogy. Cyberspace is a mystery, as you say, but your blog is always a pleasure to visit – well worth hanging around on the platform for!


  5. Well done on 100 posts and keep blogging!!


  6. Texasjune says:

    I just found you, and feel comfortable already! Could it be that reading blogs is the modern version of reading faces?


  7. barbara says:

    You certainly got to 100 in quicker time than I did. I am lucky to get out a post a week. I, too, appreciate each and everyone of the people who read my blog and have a special place in my heart for those who comment. I realize it is maybe only 10% who do and I’m happy you’re in that 10% Peter.
    Carry on!


  8. I find it interesting that bloggers take note of landmarks: certain number of subscribers, time blogging, number of visitors, number of posts. For creative types, our obsession with numbers is fascinating. I’m right there with all of you, so I’m not pointing any finger that I’m not already pointing in my own eye! I just find it interesting.

    I guess it serves as proof that we are productive and everyone needs to feel productive–especially when people who don’t blog roll their eyes when we want to talk about our blogging life.

    Anyhoo, congratulations on your 100th awesome blog post and I’m one of those every-word reader followers. 😉


  9. redheadmouth says:

    Always love to read your blog!


  10. Deana says:

    Congrats on reaching 100 posts, that is great. I enjoy your blog even though I don’t always comment. What I like about it is the fact that you are just writing about life and not using your platform as a sounding board for political rants about this or that. That keeps me coming back. I hope you keep writing.


  11. backonmyown says:

    Keep writing Ducks. I look forward to reading your thoughtful and philosophical posts. Congratulations on your 100!


  12. Lafemmeroar says:

    I never thought that blogging could be so rewarding. It is because of the people you connect with. Some lurk, some comment and some like, but it expands my connection with the world. And those who don’t subscribed probably have you bookmarked 🙂


  13. says:

    100 Posts?! 100 POSTS! 100 P.O.S.T.S?! That’s fantastic. Congratulations. That’ truly a reason to celebrate. I’d say pull out the fine china for tea tomorrow and make a cake.

    Your blog is always a pleasure to read. It talks exactly about what I like to read about: people. I have no idea about comments and rates to readership. I have good days and bad days, perhaps much like life. There are times where I get tons and the opposite is true too. As far as how often? I blog now and again.

    Congrats again!


  14. Dawne Webber says:

    When you started did you ever imagine you’d end up here with all these followers and commenters? You’ve done a great job expanding my world through your words and I thank you for it.
    I hope the rest of your journey is this fulfilling!


  15. —Ducky,
    Please Do Not Vanish 🙂 If you did, it would feel like losing a bit of Joy. Xx


  16. nelle says:

    Congratulations on hitting post 100. I’m trying to think when I actually hit 100; back in 2006, or thereabouts (the current blog is a new endeavour for me; there is an archive there with most, but not all of my previous posts. That blog was on Typepad, but I hauled it into WP.)

    I turtle on occasion, just like to shell up. Now I’m into rolling turtleing, where I shut down one part and roll with the remainder. I like this!


  17. Woot! Woot! Break-out the champagne! Congrats on your hundredth post! Cheers! *clink*

    Also, you better not vanish without explanation! I will send a crew of Albanians on the lookout for you! That is if I knew any of the elusive Albanians. You are very important part of my blog routine and I’m type A that way…


  18. Kirri White says:

    Congrats – thats pretty big! Looking good for 100 🙂


  19. I having been blogging for 3 months I am on 56 posts – only just over half way to your number! I followed a comment of yours on Becoming herself’s blog (one of my absolute favourites) to arrive here. I think your reflection on people coming and going from the blogosphere are interesting – there certainly was a very specific reason that brought me here, and I have wondered how long I would continue to write, but even in these few months it has led me to wonderful connections and new pathways that have been most unexpected and delightful.

    I have also been surprised by the low number of comments in relation to number of hits, and how often people will later email or mention to me that they have been eagerly reading all my posts, yet I have seen no sign of them.

    Keep enjoying the experience!


  20. Judith says:

    Always interested to catch up and read what you are thinking Peter. The blogging world is so big and its members so different to each other. Keep writing – don’t think about leaving us for a long time.
    I follow many blogs and while I read them all (eventually) sometimes it takes while. Today I have over 400 waiting to be read so if I don’t comment on every post you make, please forgive me. I do comment when something touches a chord. 🙂


  21. ElizOF says:

    Congratulations on your big 100! Any day now, you’ll reach another milestone. Kudos! 🙂
    Still catching up… kids in town from fall college break. 🙂


  22. Beth says:

    I totally agree… I recently pilfered through my bookmarked blogs and deleted the ones where the blogger had essentially given up on blog life and left their blog to die a slow, lonely death. All of the blogs I read are bookmarked, but some I subscribe to (five, I think). And I’m fascinated by the fact that I have far more subscribers than commenters or likers. If I’m not interested enough in the material to comment here and there, I’m certainly not going to subscribe to it. And never you fear, Peter… I’m not ditching my blog anytime soon! 🙂 I’ve come to enjoy it and have developed relationships with a couple of people that I don’t care to lose! Who knew blogging could become so rewarding?


  23. Catherine says:

    Congrats on 100 posts! That’s quite an accomplishment…especially considering how so many people quit their blogs within just a few months of starting them. Keep on blogging! We’ll keep on reading (even if we don’t always comment) 🙂

    Sometimes, I like to read but I’m not feeling particularly chatty. Like if my phone rang, I wouldn’t answer it. It’s the same thing with commenting. Sometimes I just don’t have it in me. But then I have to force myself to comment so people know I’m here!


  24. Shonnie says:

    I have completely forgotten what all I was going to say, because of your statement about vanishing. YOU ARE NOT allowed to vanish without a word. It would break my heart. That would be a terrible thing.

    I have seen many come and go and things change, but you and a few others would terribly shocking if you just dissapeared without a word. I know the day could arise that would cause you to depart … I know life seasons change and we must adapt, but please at least if you must depart–say so long. 😦


  25. chrisine says:

    100 posts! Thanks for sharing your heart & wisdom & wonderings.

    I’m a moody girl and post randomly. I thought, in the Spring, about completely vanishing from the blogosphere but slowly came back. It’s so interesting how many do leave with no words, luckily I have a few emails of my favorites and have been known to track them down to see if all is okay. It is a time consuming hobby to weblog but I’m grateful for friends like you and all that comes from sharing in this space that is so strange and wonderful.


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