Everyday I open up a couple of sites on my laptop. Obviously the dashboard is one but BBC News is the other. I check my dashboard to see if anyone apart from my ramshackle collection of friends, the loyal Albanian and a few other bloggers have popped over to see if I’ve done anymore posts. Then I check the BBC website to see if anything of note has happened in the world.

I’ve done the news thing ever since I could remember. Even as a small boy I used to wade through one of the weightier newspapers to get abreast of the news and read articles on what people were thinking about from anything like the shortage of oil, political goings on and new ideas for cooking with eggs. I’m not sure why I do this as it has little real impact on the way I lead my life or organise my day.

This morning,for instance I read that India is seeking to limit the amount of text messages one phone can send to another to one hundred texts a day. Lets face it, it is not a hard limit. If I learnt that I was only allowed to consume one million calories a day  it would probably not impact on my meal decisions or curb my lamentable addiction to cheese.

Whatever next I say to myself. Do I send off a brisk letter to the authorities in India suggesting that, whatever the motive, a limit, however generous, may indicate the first signs of censorship, or applaud them for controlling people so they don’t waste so much time telling their friends they have had a gr8t day LOL. BTW I’m not a great fan of text speak but that’s another matter. Do I write and offer them my skills as a curber of enjoyment and free speech. No. I do nothing but read another article.

A large accounting firm is being sued for seven billion dollars by the American government for some auditing failing to do with the housing crash. I mutter a bit and think about how good can any audit  be on a very large concern but once again I don’t actually do anything. I could write to the American authorities telling them that I have some experience as an auditor and would be willing to share my views with them on a gratis basis but a positive response is unlikely.

In short keeping abreast of current affairs has never allowed me to do anything but either mutter in private or bore someone with my opinion till they tell me to shut up but I can’t stop myself doing it.

Sometimes I am attacked by one of those Yoga style programmes on TV which my partner likes to watch. Perhaps you know the kind of thing: an almost offensively fit man or women balances on one finger amidst the mountain scenery while birds twitter nearby and you can hear the whispered commentary of some guru over a gentle soundtrack. I get the feeling that if I blundered into this scene with my urgent news about the possible Indian text famine I might be invited to leave. There’s no pleasing some people. I understand that but I can’t seem to find anyone else who is interested in this information. sometimes I wish I had a cat. They always listen to you

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34 Responses to Newsflash

  1. Debbie says:

    All so true, except maybe for the cat part. I think they’re often inclined to fain listening. Dogs, on the other hand, will often listen with rapt attention. 😉


  2. afroblush says:

    LOL yup I know what you mean! ha, I also saw the India text message thing…(no comment!)


  3. Cats only listen when they’re planning on getting you in trouble…. 🙂


  4. Caroline says:

    I used to have great conversations with my chickens!


  5. jeanna says:

    LOL we listen 🙂


  6. says:

    Ducky. You are funny. A sheep farmer in Albania! You certainly got over your writer’s block FAST. I can relate to the yoga thing. We seem to ALWAYS see the same lady looking all perfect and poised. I often can’t summon the energy necessary to push the button to switch the channel.

    Learning? hmmm.


  7. I bought a yoga mat in a burst of telly tubby guilt. Never used it and now the cat sleeps on it. I am sure he has calm thoughts and nice thoughts whilst akip.

    love the site

    Best wishes


  8. Bee Bee says:

    Seems a blog is an alternative for a cat 😉


  9. nelle says:

    Har, yes. Which is why blogging good, it gives one a place of output for such thoughts. Tone can stop by and participate as one wishes.

    Not that a good puddytat or bowserino should be excluded from consideration.


  10. backonmyown says:

    You’re right–keeping up with current events does little for my well-being. Although, I must say I do enjoy having someone to talk to. Yes, I talk to the TV. I guess I will freak if it ever answers.

    I appreciate your humor.


  11. ElizOF says:

    😆 This is so funny Peter; especially the yogi balanced on one finger visual… Sometimes, I wonder what the point in news overload is all for… the constant repetition of facts from a multitude of sources… the 100+ text messages we send out. We stay abreast of the news, yes, and then we turn back to our lives and move on… Perhaps there is something to be said about the comfort we find in rituals… We do them anyway, regardless of results.
    I love this post… and I’m still ROTFLOL! 😉


  12. Barbara says:

    Very funny! Yoga puts me to sleep, but that visual will stick in my head.


  13. Very entertaining. I read it to Scrappy and he gives you a 4-paws up (that means he on his back and wants a belly rub he’s so happy)! 🙂


  14. Judith says:

    Lotte liked your post but thinks that you should get a dog. They are so much more intelligent (according to her) than cats. She hasn’t quite mastered all of the English language yet but she’s working on it. 🙂


  15. enermazing says:

    You can’t even rely on animals these days: My cat is a chatterbox (I’m the one forced to listen), and my dog talks back at me, always wanting to have the last word…


    • You haved my sympathy. I have some of that experience of that. I had a chicken who used to walk into the house and cluck at the state of everything. Some of these animals can be qite snooty. Even more worrying, some of them appear to know more about the news than I do. I had a dog that yawned when the weather forcaste came on. He knew it was rubbish even before i started muttering


  16. Larry Lilly says:

    I dont have a cat and my wife’s eyes will glaze over once I get past the third thought of my War and Peace rant on why this politco is so stupid. But I have two dogs, and while one is german and frankly doesnt give a rats ass, the other being a mutt, listens with rapt attention. Good dog!


  17. Big Al says:

    Only 100 texts a day? That’s discriminating against teenagers isn’t it?


  18. Shonnie says:

    DUCKY!!! Can I say that I have missed you? Well, I’m going to say it. Cuz I have missed you. The whole being on drugs, then being out of town on drugs, then copious doctor visits and more drugs have made coherent comments a challenge. You should know that I can read your posts even when I cannot comment. Here’s hoping this comment posts. 🙂


  19. Beth says:

    I have a theory–granted it’s a bit tongue-in-cheek, but it’s a theory nonetheless–that text speak may yet be the downfall of mankind. I’m convinced the median I.Q. is plummeting as people digress in their ability to type coherently, create complete sentences, and use fully realized words. I know a great many people who struggle to spell some rather rudimentary words (don’t aske them to spell “rudimentary”) since the evolution of texting. I do text… sparingly (basically, I try to avoid it at all costs–just dial the telephone and *talk* to me, novel concept). But when I do, I use complete sentences and my full vocabulary with *proper* punctuation and grammar as often as possible. And if it means I’ve written a paragraph, so be it!

    Enjoyed your post, as usual. And I hope the Albanian did as well!


  20. redheadmouth says:

    1. Not a fan of text speech either. It dumbs down society more than we already are.
    2. You should send a letter. Why not? I always want to send sketch material for television shows but have not had the time.
    3. Cats are wonderful.


  21. “There’s no pleasing some people”.. you got that right.. I completely agree


  22. Only a 100 texts a day what is the world coming too! I’m guilty of being one of those yoga gazers…


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