Writers Block

It’s not the flu and certainly not leprosy but it provides difficulties all its’ own. Here  am sitting in front of a blank page just typing because I seem to have nothing to write about that has the making of anything like a five hundred word post. Normally I have a few lightbulb moments in the day and I lurch towards my laptop and type out the heading and a few sentences or comments so the idea is ready to expand on at a later date.

Some people seem to have endless stuff to write, or write accounts of their day which makes it a bit easier, given that anything has happened mind you. I do have daughter Number two staying with me which is very nice. Now back from her ordeal in Holland she is enjoying living a normal life for a period, popping out to see friends and her elder sister who lives near by, but by and large I don’t write about that stuff so I have to look around And see if anything is occurring to me: it isn’t. This is annoying and frustrating so perhaps I could write about being annoyed and frustrated.

My circumstances are somewhere between reduced and desperate so events tend to involve a bit of walking,limp permitting, and sitting looking out of the window. This doesn’t usually matter as the imagination kicks in and provides me with enough thought and conversation to keep me, and occasionally you, entertained. Today nothing happens. I have tried talking to myself saying “Hello … HELLO ” but no one seems to be answering. Possibly my anxiety level has ridden up a couple of notches and this might account for the unusual blankness.

Nothing happening and no ideas is as far as you can get from serenity as is possible for your truely so it’s not an enjoyable place to be. Hopefully by tomorrow something will have happened or some drama or the news will have spiked off a debate with myself, which I will be able to include you in a later post, but for now it’s bye  folks and I hope your having a more productive day than I am


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19 Responses to Writers Block

  1. jeanna says:

    I have days like that. They are quite frustrating, especially for people who find peace in putting words on paper. Blogging daily is a struggle in that aspect, that is part of what drove me to tell a story of mine from days passed, it keeps me writing. So tell us a story Ducks, what’s your favorite childhood moment?


  2. I came to a stand still with my other blog, nothing to write about for over 2 months, it was awful.

    The blog was very successful, 70,000 hits, 150 everyday, but now its dead and gone, sad.

    If i’m out or working, i try to think things up, and it works, sitting trying to think doe’s not work i found.


  3. stardust310 says:

    I get this a lot. Especially since I write so much for college. I also had another blog that had a lot of subscribers that has passed away. So, starting out again, is difficult. Sometimes I just blog my babble much like I am doing right now! You are an amazing writer, don’t push, it will come to you 🙂


  4. Caroline says:

    I’d hit writer’s block today. But my the end of my journey home tonight has given me something to write about…….!!!


  5. backonmyown says:

    You’ve made me giggle. Hello, Hello. I guess no one’s home, huh? 🙂 I’m sorry for having fun on your dime. Forgive me?


  6. Kirri White says:

    Well its about time! You write so often and provide such great musings…it’s bound to happen. I write twice a week – once for my blog and as a freelancer and there are days when it is so tough that I want to give up or hit something!

    I can’t fathom how some people manage to write every day….
    If Im really stuck, I pick a sentence out of a book or just try to describe something like the quality of light coming through the window …it takes the pressure off and just gets you writing again.

    Looking forward to your next blog already 🙂


  7. Only you could create a well-written essay on writer’s block. You never cease to amaze me!


  8. ElizOF says:

    But… You Did it!!! You wrote a post about the struggle with some good news tossed in, daughter back from the cruela haus in Holland, and added a chat with yourself… Brilliant. Honestly, Peter there are days, especially lately, where nothing bleeps in my head for a topic and even the prompts look dull. Then I start typing anything and something evolves from it… TY! 🙂


  9. There are times when I have nothing to write about either but when I step away from the PC and come back to it. I end up having so much to say lol. I always enjoy your stories and I don’t think you will ever lose your voice for long 🙂


  10. scrambled7 says:

    Oh that happens to everyone, I’m pretty sure you’ll come up with something in no time 🙂


  11. Debbie says:

    Hello! As you know, I rarely let having nothing to write about stop me… sadly.
    You, on the other hand, even make not writing about nothing interesting. 😀


  12. Judith says:

    Hello hello. Is anybody there? How often do I ask myself that? Then I walk away; do something mundane and hey presto, something pops into my head. But today my head/mind is still empty.:)


  13. I have days like this. But you wrote through it. I hope tomorrow is brighter for you and you find some inspiration!


  14. Lady E says:

    Hey counting ducks, I get the feeling you’re a bit restless on the other end of whatever web connects us…If that’s the case, I hope whatever is bothering you goes away quickly, and that you can enjoy some of the glorious Indian Summer… x


  15. redheadmouth says:

    We all have days like this…


  16. I find I have days when I’m stressed and I can’t write a bloody thing. My energy just gets to restless…


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