Just Beyond the Curtains

Outside our window flocks of geese set off on their autumn journey. It is a wonder to see these beautiful birds fly low across the water and then wheel off and away above the trees. Those same trees are now turning golden brown and settling down for their winter sleep. Nature, unmindful of our fears and needs goes through its timeless cycle as we watch it through our double-glazing.  Adjusting the heating controls to maintain the unnatural constant in our  walled up lives.The early morning nip in the air heralds the cooling temperatures and clearing out of summer equipment as we move back in doors and await the shortening days.

By nature, I think,man is a nomadic species, moving where the earth can give us food, and travelling as the temperatures change throughout the year, following the animals we hunt and the search for grazing for our flocks. Now, apart from a very few, most of us stay put regardless of the weather through circumstances ,as much as choice. Or do we ? In spirit we can remain nomadic, both looking for change and fearing it at the same time.

I am often restless, and sometimes this has taken me to disastrous terrain. “Whats round the corner”, “Is my tent pitched in the right place” can leave you worse off than before. Starting afresh or settling for stagnation. We dither between the  two temptations thinking there must be somewhere or someone better than this: it’s a hard choice not often made in cold blood. Sometimes we move almost without knowing it, in the mind, wishing we were somewhere else, detaching ourselves from the present in increasingly urgent daydreams. The gradual rhythmic change of scene and location according to the season has taken on a new unsettled perspective where cities are made of people not born there. Too often it is desire for escape which fuels the journey and not discovery.

So we move, restlessly searching for peace, grasping at the hope for perfection until, we may finally discover, living with imperfection can provide a peace and reconciliation all its own. Perhaps on closer inspection amidst the muddle created by our own confused visions:  accepting the  fallibility within us may help us discover  that paradise may already be  under our feet


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Trying to remember what my future is
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15 Responses to Just Beyond the Curtains

  1. You’ve encapsulated beautifully a universal conundrum here, I think. Your conclusion reminded me of a quote that I read a while back and just tracked down again (from the Irish writer George Moore): “A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.”

    On the other hand, there must be some truth in the old proverb “Travel broadens the mind”…


  2. I know a great many people who love to travel, but I’m a homebody. I’m content to stay where I am. It’s not because I’m not curious or too tied to my routines; it’s because I find all that I could possibly want, as you say “under my [my] feet.” A barely explored world of wonderment resided inside me–it’s vast, complex, and both scary and beautiful. It deserves my full attention and it’s hardly ever easy. It’s what writers do.

    While moving around from place to place can be exciting and interesting, it can also be a way to avoid what is inside. Focus on the external and you can ignore the internal. I had a husband like that. He didn’t understand my self-awareness, or maybe he was intimidated by it. He wanted to stimulate his senses and travel the world; I wanted to calm my sense and intimately know my life. We were meant to walk different paths…

    Great essay. Look that the reflection you provoked in me!


  3. says:

    Just to let you know I’ve added you to my blog roll under favorite blogs. 🙂



  4. Caroline says:

    I wish Alex (my ex) could read this as you described exactly what I believe he is in search of.

    Your post brought tears to my eyes but also a feeling of hope not for him and me together but for him. Thank you.


  5. Big Al says:

    Like Lorna, I’m a preferred homebody, but have done my share of travel. I guess, upon reflection, we come by the “wanderlust” as we like to call it, honestly. After all, aren’t our very bodies taking a journey of sorts. From infant, to toddler, to teen and on and on until old age. Pretty hard to “settle” in one place with all that going on inside us.

    With luck, we will find our inner selves, while our outer selves are busy “rounding that corner”. It would certainly be nice to have both.


  6. jeanna says:

    Ducks, I love this post. My souls been very drifted lately. Searching and hungry… But that’s not always a good thing as you say. Ah sometimes I wish I wad content with same same same.


  7. backonmyown says:

    Oh, Ducks, you’re so wise.


  8. nelle says:

    This seems a common theme, albeit expressed quite differently, in the posts I’ve read tonight. each perspective is interesting, each gives outlook that captures a snippet of human existence. Well done, as always.


  9. Another “Reflective” moment…..x


  10. Miss Emm says:

    I call it the Storms of Change. I am so glad you wrote this entry. Because I always thought I was the only one who experienced it. I imagined there was something greatly wrong with me, and if I addressed it too much people would think I was weird.


  11. Paradise is beneath our feet but sometimes I still get that wander lust yearning….


  12. I believe you have to know when to go around that corner and when not too. Sometimes, you are meant to move forward and other times you have to know when you’ve found what you were meant to have.


  13. ElizOF says:

    Beautiful imagery… We are slowly changing seasons here… I love the fall and look forward to what it brings. 🙂


  14. Lady E says:

    This is interesting. I guess it made me realise that I’m often restless, thinking better times are ahead, in different places, with different people. The world is so vast, I guess it’s tempting to want to try it out, to believe you’d missing out on something if you didn’t, instead of just appreciating what you have.


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