To Write or not to Write

I have received a few very touching comments asking when I am going to write something. Of course that is what I do several times a week but I think people mean write something which would get paid for and published. As far as I know there are over 400,000 blogs on WordPress, never mind any other platform and a significant proportion of bloggers, possibly over half, would also like to be writers. Sadly, there are rather less publishers and they all want to make money. Publishing something is very expensive and whether you are published or not seems to depend, in part, on your self-marketing skills. At least that is my impression.

Being me presents me with certain problems. I have failings which, though never threatening hopefully, can be exasperating. One of them is I am not entirely self-aware and this makes me a very poor marketer.  Perhaps it is the same for everyone. What I want personally is not something I often consider. I don’t know why. I can become dissatisfied with things which I think are inefficient or unfair but as to actually wanting anything. My mind is a bit of a blank there.

As a young man I worked for a time in the music industry. On an almost daily basis a sack of tapes used to turn up from song writers and “would be” recording artists hoping someone would give them a break. Given the numbers we received only a randon few were even listened to at all , and that only for a bar or two. If the song or band did not stand out significantly it was the trash can for them: the process was brutal. On occasion, you would hear something which made you listen some more and then say yes “I like this stuff: it’s really good”.

Later you would have to take it to your boss and say I think you should listen to this. He was a hard-headed man in love with money and self-importance and  would only back something which would give him a cash return. He was not  a romantic when it came to anything but his own looks and ability with the ladies. The numbers of people who got through that process was very small. and we are talking single figures.  He wasn’t looking for excellence, or the new direction and his preference was for girl bands playing middle of the road stuff that an audience would not find too challenging. I learnt from that being the best and getting a recording contract where not necessarily the same thing. There was a large amount of luck and personal bias in the process.

We all have dreams and things we would like to express.Others just want to escape from where they are and be able to breathe freely without fear: there are many of those too. On this site you “meet” with people recovering from a horrid marriage break up, or trying to lose weight, or meet someone who will complete them, or just to amuse or intrigue their fellow bloggers. I wish we could all make our dreams real and that one person’s dream did not get in the way of another achieving theirs, but life is erratic and unfair. We have to deal with that.

Some of you have made me think about mine,and that is very touching.It is a daunting and possibly nerve-wracking challenge, but given your comments I am seriously thinking about ” giving it a go”. Thankyou.

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19 Responses to To Write or not to Write

  1. nelle says:

    In any media centred endeavour, there is the funnel element, lots going in, a trickle going out. Unfortunately, the funnel has a filter built in, and only a select few make it on through.

    As an aspiring writer, I’ll drop into the filter; I figure I’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain from creating and honing my work, most especially the satisfaction of having something exist that is of me.

    I’m with you on the marketing. The process is daunting, a skill in and of itself, skill I do not possess, and weirdly, do not wish to possess. This is inhibiting, because selling yourself is necessary in life, most especially in convincing a prospective employer to hire. I can run the basics well enough, the story synopsis, the intended market for my work…what inspires fear for me lies beyond the initial acceptance or rejection to actual day after day interaction, promoting.

    That said, I recommend you create what burns in you for an outlet. What follows is a choice – you will always have what you create no matter what path you choose thereafter, even if it is nothing at all.


  2. Kirri White says:

    You’re right.
    You could write a book and it may never be published….or it might? There are other avenues such as self-publishing, which is expensive or you could start with an e-book for which I can guarantee you already have an eager buying audience waiting 🙂

    There are so many possibilities. Dreams…..they’re just desires waiting for an action plan!

    If this is something you really want to pursue, you have a team of people right here with so many different skills and a common link of enjoying your work and wanting to support you.

    Ok…thats as bossy as I get. I need to go and do a little *happy dance* now.


  3. Caroline says:

    You have an amazing talent of finding the right words and then putting them in the right order. (Which always helps!) Publishing on the internet would seem a great first step.

    Go for it – as the saying goes. After all unless you do you will never know………!!!

    Joins in the *happy dance*!


  4. Beth says:

    Why not? The worst that happens is that the publishers say no and you’re still not published in book form. It doesn’t mean your blog won’t live and thrive. But… if a publisher says yes? Oh my gosh! How cool would that be for you…

    And I could say I knew Ducky back when he was *just* a blogger. 🙂 Not that you’ve ever been *just* anything. Methinks you quite the extraordinary man who lives a very humble life.

    P.S. Be sure to give a dedication to the Albanian goatherder. Shepherd? Can’t remember which he is…


  5. It is really hard to get something published but if you find joy in writing you should give it a go regardless because you may find you love it and then you can say I tried. Yeah you’ll get rejections but you may also get one yes and that’s all you need. Good luck if you do go for it and welcome to the wannabe published author club 🙂


  6. Barbara says:

    The publishing world is in complete upheaval at the moment. No one has huge money to grant an advance to even a known entity. No matter the size of the publishing house they still expect YOU to promote your book. The support system is minimal anymore.

    On the flip side, self-publishing is getting stronger everyday. Now you can publish directly to Kindle or Nook! (I’m looking into that). Even agents are promoting various forms of self-publishing.

    I published my children’s book, The Duffy Chronicles, Duffy Finds His Family, with a POD publishing house. I have to tell you the only reason it hasn’t sold more than it has is because I haven’t actively promoted it in 2 years! I’ve been working on the 2nd in the series but aside from that I have the blog, a blogging network and numerous other things going on.

    I spent many years as an agent for models and actors. I know how the business works, and yet I find it painfully difficult to promote my own work. Silly. What I’ve gained from blogging is a supportive community of readers who encourage me to go further, just as you have. It makes it easier to ‘sell yourself’ when you can honestly say, “Thousands of people read my work and enjoy it.”

    Go for it Peter!



  7. Dawne Webber says:

    If writing for you is about the money and you focus on self-marketing, you’re setting yourself up for lots of misery.

    But I know that’s not the case with you. You have an obvious love for writing and and you have a gift for observing the human condition in a compelling way

    When Stephen King was asked if he did it for the money, he said: “No, don’t now, never did. Yes, I’ve made money, but I never set a single word down on paper with the thought of being paid for it. I have written because it fulfilled me…I did it for the buzz…I did it for the pure joy of the thing. And if you can do it for joy, you can do it forever.”

    I believe that’s the secret. Enjoy the endeavor!


  8. The T says:

    Ducks…let’s just say, if I wanted to write, I’d push with hell and highwater fury to get my stuff published…I would bring them to the island, get them “schnockered” and then i’d blackmail them into publishing it with a massive book tour that would include a small trip to some balinese resort… oh no worries….you’re there with me…and we’ll work on our next editions while in the arms of luxury…. or amazing chicks…you take your pick…



  9. redheadmouth says:

    “Others just want to escape from where they are and be able to breathe freely without fear.” Wonderful quote!


  10. ElizOF says:

    Give it go and enjoy the process… I like the story you share about your music days. I believe that whatever our destiny is, it will meet us somewhere, someday… that keeps me going. 🙂


  11. ‘I am not entirely self-aware’ ~ to say this makes your pretty self-aware, at least aware of your short comings / blind spots that others can help you navigate 🙂

    I too struggle with the marketing / business side of sharing my gifts and lately I’m finding ways to get beyond this part of the path that keeps me small. Lately when I’m in the process of creating from my heart if little doors crack open … I swing them open to see if it feels like a good place to go for now 🙂

    I’m excited to see where this journey takes you. Thanks for sharing it with us ♥


  12. backonmyown says:

    Do what you’re passionate about.


  13. I think you should go for it! I will be the first in line to buy your book 🙂


  14. enermazing says:

    As long as you are content with what you’ve got and do, there’s no reason to change – but neither will you grow. “Where there is a will there is a way” sounds like a platitude, but it’s actually the truth. Focus on the results you want, refine them – and let go of the “how”. You’ll be surprised how much guidance, how many sign-posts you’ll find once you made the decision to move 🙂


  15. Catherine says:

    I think it is always good to think about our dreams, and hopes/goals never hurt anyone. Just don’t put any undue pressure on yourself if you realize this isn’t really your dream. I do dream of writing a book someday, but I think the reason I’m hesitating is because I’m just not ready. That’s okay too.


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