Landmark Moments

Standing round the bed watching a new baby take its first breaths is a moving and affirming moment in any life and family. A new beginning, a new breath and a new hope. Unstained by history and surrounded by love, you watch them struggle with the light and a fountain of new sensations. Each moment you have  carries some of these hallmarks, but in time they are lost or cloaked in the memory or thought about all the other moments you’ve had before.

One thing a new baby never says is, “How do I get out of this one”, at least you hope not,  but as life proceeds it is a thought which is common to us all. As a young man, full of thoughts and analysis about the world around me I was shocked by something one of my family did. At that age all I had was the “Cartoon Book of Wisdom” and it painted the options of life in very broad strokes.

In time, of course, error piles up on mistake, and almost as an act of self-preservation I was forced to become more tolerant of the follies of others

Finding something new to experience can refresh and inform that which has gone before. I am always reminded that, after a time, in the grimmest and most desolate landscape, ravaged by fire and churned beyond recognition, a small new shoot can be seen pushing through the wreckage to affirm a new beginning.It has no knowledge of or interest in the carnage which preceded it and continues undaunted towards the light it seeks. It is driven by instinct and unmarked by the  surrounding signs of disaster.

In the race of life most of us are not apparent winners and pant and gasp onwards as some track genius strides forwards towards the finishing line and loud applause, or at least we think so. Possibly he is running away from something else and it is only our own fears which make us think he is in the same race as ourselves. Comparing ourselves with some other man, as in some  race, can often make us lose the sense of our own identity, and even falter as we pause in wonder or horror at his progress. Perhaps like a new baby, we should just reach for the light without hiding the beam behind comparison  or knowledge of our own failures.

There is no shame in being who you are. Wether I see a man strutting forward full of self-confidence, or huddled in a doorway begging for bread I always think we are all bunglers in our own way. It’s just that some of us are better at hiding it than others. Remembering that can make us less judgemental, but then we are a lot more than that.

Whatever age you are, those who meet you for the first can open up a chest of possibilities when they look in your eyes.  That new promise, like the baby whose birth you celebrated, needs nurturing, whatever  environment it finds itself in. If you think you are alone, you are not: hope is never alone. Be fearless and doors will open to opportunities you always felt where beyond such a person as you. I don’t care were you’ve been, or what you’ve done.   I look forward to meeting you at the top of the mountain and sharing the view it affords us all.


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13 Responses to Landmark Moments

  1. Big Al says:

    Remarkable. Your insights into the “human condition” are a primer on how to live life. The best part is, you express it without being condescending. Quite a talent, indeed.


  2. backonmyown says:

    Beautiful post as always, ducks. I had to smile when I read the first sentence in your second paragraph. I was thinking that just as the baby finds himself in the birth canal, the first thing he says is: “How do I get out of this one?” 🙂 This is, of course, the perspective of one who has given birth three times. And the mother is saying, “How do I get this one out?”

    I look forward to your thoughtful and thought-provoking posts. Keep writing.


  3. If only more people thought like you did–with more openness about each other and the possibilities that lie within each of us…

    Nicely done.


  4. Caroline says:

    See you at the mountain top CD I’m looking forward to discussing the view!


  5. Barbara says:

    I just love how you view the world and those of us muddling through it… together.
    Great post!


  6. A moving post 🙂 I look at my baby granddaughter so innocent and happy! I want to protect her from the cruel world outside the protection of the walls of love which surround her.


  7. nelle says:

    So true! The things we believe block us, the things we fear, the things we experience and do, the places where we stumble… we all have them in some measure. Whatever our combination, moving forward is essential, getting up and dusting off a must. Good post!


  8. ElizOF says:

    I love that image of the new born… open and curious…We all could use some of that to keep the sense of wonder alive. I love the points you make… 😉


  9. —You are wise & remarkable. When I get done reading your blogs I Ponder, Reflect….


  10. Your words always inspire me on days when I’m feeling down.. thanks for this amazing story. My favorite line: Be fearless and doors will open to opportunities you always felt where beyond such a person as you. I’ve been fearless and I hope it will work out.


  11. Damn You Duckie! You made me all misty-eyed! Great Post! The only way we can truly enjoy our lives is to live it without the worries of others or their thoughts! Carpe Diem! Cheers! *clink*


  12. Great post! Let us enjoy our life even though it isn’t enjoyable anymore .


  13. Lady E says:

    Very interesting as usual, and I have suffered from the thinking-I’m-in-a-race-with-others syndrome. Now I look forward to a more leisurely stroll, working out what I want, who I am and enjoying the journey to the top of the mountain, I look forward to the views in good company ;), and how about a picnic too?


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