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Such is Life

By the time I met him Jack was not a young man. He lived a quiet life by the sea with a cottage which faced onto the harbour. It was his pleasure to sit by the window watching the boats … Continue reading

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Drifting Toward Controversy

In the main I consider myself an affable bloke. Not given to deep political opinions and largely distrustful of politicians or people who think they have the secret of curing the earth’s woes: physical or human. Occasionally an individual pops up … Continue reading

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Violence with Few Answers

Looking around me at the world I inhabit with eyes and mind informed by the news of the day I am once more reduced to shaking my head. In London, near where I live  a series of looting and riots … Continue reading

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An Incompetent Learns to Blush

At last I am becoming what could almost be described as a Veteran of Blogging. Lurching unsteadily into my fourth month. Well it would have been my fifth but I deleted my first Blog by mistake so we’ll say fourth. … Continue reading

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Pie for Tea

“We’ll have the pie for dinner she yells across the flat. Her husband is in the kitchen making tea. He does that every day, and helps her dress, discussing the days fresh problems and her approach. Today he will be … Continue reading

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Down Among the Reeds a Plastic Bag

Down among the reeds a plastic bag and polystyrene cup float, bobbing on the wake of some passing cruiser. A gentle motion, almost apologetic. A baby duck nibbles at the cup but finds no flavor there and soon moves on. … Continue reading

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Changing Views

As I write it is the start of a beautiful summers day. Me and my partner have much to be thankful for, including many shared attitudes and memories. In our childhoods we both enjoyed a series of books called “Just … Continue reading

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