Waking Thoughts

Something wakes you in the dead of night. Might be the cat, a bolt of lightening or a bout of anxiety. Never mind. Welcome to one of those few moments when, in our crowded life and planet, we can think as freely as we wish without having to smile at or engage with others.

The first question is what woke me. Briefly if I’m woken suddenly on one night I tend to wake up at the same time the next night for no apparent reason. The previous night my partner put on her light  to scrabble for some paracetemol for her toothache. Pills eaten she fell asleep leaving me startled and alone with my thoughts. No one troubled me, rang me or asked me to do anything. To have this time alone with yourself is an enourmous pleasure and privilage. Like a goose feather on a soft breeze my mind drifted around until it settled on one idea. “It’s what you’ve done that you treasure in the long run rather than what you have”. Possessions matter. A house keeps you warm and dry obviously, as well as indicating your background and social status and artefacts can be like little diary entries: reminding you where you were and how you felt when you bought them. Ultimately thought it’s what you’ve done, who you’ve known and how you acted when there was no compass or someone to judge your actions that measure how your using your brief time on this planet. Conclusion. Don’t waste time worrying about buying the new sofa. No one’s that interested. Just connect with whats around you and people who matter with you.

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12 Responses to Waking Thoughts

  1. eof737 says:

    TY darling and a perfect post for me to read this wee hour of the morning…. “Just connect with whats around you and people who matter with you.” Wasting time with those that don’t is like inhaling poison and pretending it’s perfume. Life is short and we all have good, solid people who really care about us… If we focus less on those that don’t and more on those that do… we are richer for our experiences.
    TY! Have a blessed day Peter! 🙂


  2. It’s funny! I have awoken to the early sounds of the house and waiting for the sun to come up. It’s true there is no point worrying about tomorrow we should embrace the day and the connections we make with others.


  3. I hate waking up in the night and then the thoughts start attacking and you can’t sleep again! But you came up with a great thought!


  4. Caroline says:

    As one who is known to be pacing about at 4.00am I shall think of this post and treasure the idea. As usual you are right! I might also think of coffee and cherry cake!


  5. nelle says:

    Night wakes tend to be one of contemplation, at least for me. In the middle of the night I’ve found answers to vexing problems at work, or resolve to seek a new path in life. In the early 2000s, one of personal meltdown into dysfunction, it was dream that saved me from an inescapable abyss, so different middle night methodology with different outcomes.

    The order of our world tends to bend and blur in these overnight windows. I’ve found some things emerge that don’t stand to next day scrutiny, but I’ve also found a clear path where before I only saw obstacle.

    A note on the waking…somewhere around 3 AM, a Newfie jumping on the bed, the wooden bed frame breaking, its occupants dropping… one occupant gets up, props up a corner with books until the bed is level, back to bed, Newfie return, other side breaks, Newfie takes off, thoroughly spooked. Ah, our overnight journeys.


  6. Big Al says:

    Ah, lives touched, memories made. As the man said (rather inarticulately), “it just don’t get no better than this.”


  7. “Like a goose feather on a soft breeze my mind drifted around…” Nice analogy.
    You know, my entire perspective about life has changed after my sister’s murder. When everything is peeled away, at the very core is…… FAMILY, friends, God. And mostly, LOVE. love. love. This remains Forever.


  8. backonmyown says:

    Fortunately I go right back to sleep if I awaken during the night. My problem since D left is going to sleep when I go to bed. I’m getting better but not quite where I was before. I think focusing on breathing helps me more than any thing.


  9. This line will keep me motivated for quite some time.. “Don’t waste time worrying about buying the new sofa. No one’s that interested. Just connect with whats around you and people who matter with you.”. Love this blog


  10. Lady E says:

    Funnily enough, I was recently reflecting on why I do seem to get attached to things and homes, not, I hasten to add, at the expense of connecting to people, but rather in the same way I get attached to people. I think in my case, things and homes tend to be important because they feed my need to feel attached, to alleviate insecurities. Sounds weird doesn’t it? But I reckon, that’s what it is…


  11. Shonnie says:

    Okay Ducky my dear,

    So where is your book? I love reading what you write and this isn’t some frivolous comment I am making to puff you up. I really like what you write. When I read your posts I began to scratch around for a good book to read, or want to sit and take a LONG time to ponder and write something that gives my heart joy. Where is your book my friend? I want to read it.


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