Gurus and Messiah’s

Many years ago I was floundering around towards the end of my university career wondering what to do with the rest of my life. Some one suggested I get a career, as it helped to fill out the day and also put food on your plate, which many people find a useful and enjoyable side effect. This seemed excellent advice but still left me pondering over my specific future. Some Uncle pitched in with the phrase, “You’ll never be any good at something unless you enjoy it”. This rang true to me as well and still does. It gave me the clue about what not to do, but not really the courage or belief to do that which I should have/ of .( I’m not sure which is the correct word here HA HA ).

I recognise the presence of Messiah’s. We all do. Some people’s faith is larger than other people’s, and some people have no faith at all. This is their loss or advantage depending on your point of view. I don’t question that prophets are holy men, and reading them is inspirational.

Other modern examples of this breed have been mentioned by me in previous posts, but for the record two of the people of recent memory whom I  admire are Mother Theresa and Nelson Mandela. In both the sense of life and their awareness of it seem extraordinary to my human gaze, and any praise heaped on them may well fall short of the mark. I am not saying I would go to them for tips on servicing my car or any other specific problem but their grasp of what is important in life is  almost beyond question.

Some people are wiser than others we can presume, and the wisest one’s often have an air of not knowing it. It’s when people tell you they are wise that you start to doubt them as it doesn’t seem to be a very wise thing to say.

That being said there are a multitude of “Gurus”, “Coaches” and other worthies who earn their living from telling you what life is about and providing the solution to any problem you may have. I am not talking about “experts”. They come in the good and bad too, but they only claim to know about a certain area of operation such as tax planning or interior decoration. It is the Life experts I have difficulty dealing with. This may well be a weakness in me, to add to the many other weaknesses I keep polished in myself through daily exercise, but it is a fact.

I don’t like being told what to do. I love learning but I’m not as good at being taught. I like to be encouraged and believed in, supported and nourished but the six simple steps to perfect happiness approach always gets my hackles rising: I don’t know why.

I met some man the other day who had a stall in a health food shop. I went in there to ask if they had an emergency supply of chocolate chip cookies. Anyway this man was an “Anthrax mediator” or some such thing and looked at me with blue eyes brimming with self knowledge and road to happiness. I immediately thought he was a bit cracked, so at least we had that in common, but whether I was going to learn anything from him was another matter altogether.For all I know he really did have the secret of life and it was my own weaknesses which prevented me from listening. More normally I get my secrets from listening to or reading about the sincere experiences of others and how they faced particular problems, but that’s just me I suppose.

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23 Responses to Gurus and Messiah’s

  1. Barbara says:

    I agree Peter. It’s becoming a cottage industry… life coaching. I’m not that receptive to being told how to live a better life. What may seem like a great life to you could be awful for me. There is no one size fits all of anything.
    But as long as there are sheep out there… well you get my drift.


    • Caroline says:

      As one who has been through a year of Life Coaching I am fascinated by your view!!! I don’t think my LC has ever told me how to live my life. He has suggested and described ways that I might find to make my life better and has challenged me on the way I was managing to destroy any chance of a happy future for myself. And he has helped me understand me so much better!!

      So whereas I totally accept and respect your view on Life Coaching is totally different from mine – my only comment would be – have you actually tried it!!!



      • I am really pleased you have got so much benefit from it and I mean that sincerely. I have’nt tried it to be honest. Whatever works for you is my motto so if you are better it thats what I mainly care about. If we all agreed about everything it would be a world full of very short conversations.


      • Caroline says:

        Sorry it was Barbara I was actually asking!!


  2. Jillsy Girl says:

    No one person can have the answer for someone else’s life….it’s the gathering of information along the way and finding your own niche that’s the answer. Now, some people might not be capable of that and therefore have to rely on other people to try and help them, but will they actually be helped. Probably not. Is that being pessimistic or realistic? 😉


  3. backonmyown says:

    I must keep my remarks short today because numerous grandchildren started school today and I’m helping with carpools.

    Suffice to say, ducks, that I agree with you totally today. Well said as usual.


  4. really enjoyed reading this. lots of food for thought


  5. Caroline says:

    I don’t like being told what to do. I love learning but I’m not as good at being taught. I like to be encouraged and believed in, supported and nourished but the six simple steps to perfect happiness approach always gets my hackles rising: I don’t know why.

    I totally agree with you on this point!! I think the great thing about a good life coach is they don’t teach, they encourage and believe in you and support and nourish. As to the six simple steps – total cr*p!!!! Each person’s steps are different from another’s as each person is coming from a different direction! 🙂


  6. Kirri White says:

    OOh fascinating entry today. You know I’m a life coach right? Yup, thats how I make my bread and butter and a profession that is my most fulfilling to date (second to being a mummy!). I’m definitely not an expert and I have never told anyone how to live their life.

    You will find that most coaches believe that people already have the answers to their own questions but may have trouble connecting with them immediately. Coaching creates a space for self-exploration and conversations that many of us simply do not make time for.

    As for 6 steps to Happiness, every one knows there are actually 11 right?

    Have a happy day 🙂


  7. The T says:

    ok Ducks….I gotta know…did you find the damn cookies or not? the suspense is killing me!!!



    • Beth says:

      I have to admit, that’s what I was wondering… and did the health nut keel over when Ducky insisted on the emergency stash of cookies? Or did he pitch a fit like a two-year-old?


  8. Big Al says:

    Just one word— plastics!


  9. Shonnie says:

    Ducky my dear,

    I totally love your take and reasoning. I am like you in NO ONE ever tells me what to do without me starting to question what the heck is in it for them. My hackles get up with such-and-such simple steps to a easy perfect life. Life isn’t always fair, easy, plannable … heck sometimes it just doesn’t make sense. There are things in life that are hard to absorb. There was one lady who springs to mind, she came to my house durning Will’s accident recovery, and told me how I ought to fold my laundry while I took it out of the dryer so it wouldn’t build up. I almost slapped her down.

    I however, had to have a life coach. She didn’t call herself that, but that is what she was for me. My “life coach” never ever did that. She was extremely wise and very generous of spirit in her time with me. She was also like you mentioned, not quick to say she was wise, but very full of wisdom and kindness. She is one of those people who has drifeted out of my life — I hate this — but such is life. We had a great dance around the floor and now she has new partners. 😀


  10. I like to stumble, trip, and sometimes fall. It’s the only way I have ever learned, some people take the Deepak route and it works. I just it would work that easy for me 🙂


  11. Miss Emm says:

    Do you know what I find scary? The individuals who are self proclaimed “experts” and they have armies of loyal followers. That is what bother’s me the most.


  12. says:

    *It’s when people tell you they are wise that you start to doubt them as it doesn’t seem to be a very wise thing to say.* ha ha! Got it. 🙂

    Your last sentence about being alone in your thinking? I’m not sure about that judged on your comments.

    ha ha ha on the Plastics! No, on second thought: Sheep!



    • Julie says:

      by the way, as far your sentence:

      “as to do that which I should have/ of .( I’m not sure which is the correct word here HA HA”

      I think it would be ‘should have’ and would be intended as ‘should have done’.


  13. I enjoyed reading this just like I do with your other post. Mother Theresa and Nelson Mandela are definitely people who are amazing.


  14. —I absolutely love love love this blog—–
    and your flowing inspiring honest writing.
    I am now hooked,which is one of my weaknesses.
    Looooooove Mandella & Mother Thereas. Love the Messiah.
    PS. I hate being told what to do, as well. This has been a plus in my life & the downfall!!


  15. CD. Having been a life coach and incorporating much of that into my practice I can only say that I agree with you too. There are no simple answers or cures. I have seen many life coaches…and many of the “bad” ones say things I think simply to make a problem where one did not exist before, so that their solution can help. I think Stephen, Caroline’s life coach is probably good and it seems like he has helped her very much. As she said in her last post…she did it. He helped to guide her and may have given her some ideas and tools which worked for her, but ultimately she had the power to change.
    Now, if you want to talk about the amazing power of juicing…well that’s another story altogether. BTW…you CAN juice chocalate chip cookies for a quick, healthy pick-me-up!! The trick is to add a carrot and a beet, with a hint of ginger.


    • I agree with you about Caroline. I think Stephen was great at nudging her in the right direction but ultimately she had the character and the strengh of purpose to do it for herself. In te long run she may have got their on her own, such is her “”can do” personality but I am sure he made the journey quicker.


  16. ElizOF says:

    Oh Peter, we are all coaches and teachers and students… Some choose not to wear the title. I learn from you and from others everyday, and then I make my own decisions on how to live my life. Life Coaches can be a lifeline for someone who needs professional guidance in making decisions on important matters; key is finding the right coach who knows how to support the client.
    I chuckled at your exchange with bright eyes… Hey, that’s life, eh? 🙂 Love your blog!
    PS. that which I should have or the contraction should’ve. 🙂


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