Manners and Marketing

I am very happy to criticise some people for several hours a day. This is not because I think there is anything wrong with them. It is because I love them and any criticism I make is a  tiny weed in the garden of delights which I find in their personality. With people I don’t warm to so naturally I am more guarded with my censure. Faced with a frothing psychopath I might well say, “excellent knifemanship if  may say so, and in such a small space” while if a friend of mine was waving the same knife around in the kitchen while explaining to me in depth why butter has a lower mass than water I would say, “Put that B&^**^ knife down you stupid M^*+Y  before you hurt someone”

My body is a warehouse rather than a temple and there is a quality of stuff stored  in it or on its rib-cage which shouldn’t  be present in a well organised life. That is not surprising as my life is not well organised .

None of this bothers me.  Thus it is that I am aways interested in articles or magazine which urge us to try to achieve perfection in the moment: both in dress and in attitude. You know those awkward boys at the back of the class who, while not disruptive, didn’t seem to getting the teachers message:  I am one of those. Those lessons we all hand out to each other about what we need to do in order to “maximise our output”, discover the inner you” or choose the perfect shirt for picnicking in the jungle while being eaten by leopards seem to saunter over my head  in a way which makes many who like me shake their heads.

A sister of mine was talking about some problem I have. I have so many that I can’t remember which one it is now, but she said “I needed a new strategy”. I’m rather bored with strategies” I replied and you could almost hear her surprise over the phone.

In the same way I would love my Blog to be read by millions with comments like “That is just the tip I needed to sort the economy out” Barack Obama or “Add toothpaste to chocolate . Enjoy yourself and clean your teeth at the same time.  Why didn’t I think of that” :  The Bishop of Rutlandshire” but in the main I have a small but loyal band  of followers plus that Albanian chap who I know is reading through his dictionary so he can leave a comment one day.

Some Blogs you can see are carefully constructed and use the tips found in the forum to maximise readership in a smooth professional manner which matches their polished and urbane articles. To be honest they don’t really engage me. Others talk about their personal struggles in moving and direct way or comment on the world around them with a sincerity which gives dignity and power to their expression regardless of their experience or background.:these are the ones I like. You know who  you are because I comment on your stuff on a regular basis. Blogs I like can range in subject from personal experience to talk about music film and design. It doesn’t matter what the subject is. It the passion and sincerity which draws me to them.

Sadly many of the better ones are not the best marketed so you stumble on them largely by mistake. As is so often the case I find that the wisest man in the room seldom has the loudest voice.

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23 Responses to Manners and Marketing

  1. Jillsy Girl says:

    so true…many a time the one who portrays a confident silence is the most intriguing.


    • Julie says:

      Unë jam këtu me delet e mia lexuar blogun tuaj dhe ju janë shumë të këndshëm. Ju falënderoj për të kujtohet mua edhe në qoftë se ne jemi në mes të askund!


      • Unë jam i kënaqur kështu që ju lexoni blogun tim përsëri. Unë hekuros këmishën time në këtë mëngjes do të jetë i kënaqur të dini. A keni mjaft qumësht


  2. Barbara says:

    You made me laugh out loud with this one! There’s a Jimmy Buffet song called Fruitcakes and one of the lines is, “she said, I treat my body like a temple and you treat yours like a tent.” I like warehouse better.
    You’re right about having to stumble upon some of the best blogs. That is why I routinely surf through comments and check out the interesting ones. It usually leads to something I will enjoy reading.
    Thanks for the chuckle!


  3. nelle says:

    True. We all blog for different reasons. The bigger blogs I tend to avoid. Like you, I’m looking for an element human, something that tickles the hairs of my intrigue. If one had access to my real writing, it isn’t hard to figure out what compels me – I side with people who face adversity, who dust themselves off and trod on, attempting to overcome, yet do so while trying to be there for others at the same time.

    My blog is a secondary outlet, for mental spillage away from my novelling. I’m not seeking readership so much as I’m just sharing a little snippet of me my inner steam whistle occasionally vents away.

    Should I sign off as ~ Emily Brönte? No, I think not – I need to go give Heathcliff his due, before Kate Bush writes a song about me. 😉


  4. redheadmouth says:

    Very true. The wisest man is not the loudest man in the room. He is often humble and quiet knowing he does not need to impress anyone with his knowledge, etc.


  5. I’m happy to have stumbled upon your blog. You always have something interesting and thought-provoking to add to my day.


  6. Judith says:

    The wisest man is not the loudest in the room – how very true. I blog as an outlet for my thoughts each day and hope that people read them. But primarily it’s not to have the most readers (although I am profoundly grateful to those who do subscribe to my blog) but to share thoughts, opinions and ideas with like minded people.


  7. Oooh, this is a good post. I’m glad I picked to today to (finally, sorry about that) stop by. I am so tired with those types of bloggers who write CRAP just to get blog hits. Blah. It is so obvious, and it makes me puke. I like substance, not filler in my blogs.

    And, I am happy to be one of the blogs you read due to my “personal struggles.”

    Lastly, I was watching my local news and they were reporting on a study that proved nice guys finish last. Aggressive men make 13% more in the workplace than their nice-guy co-workers, while aggresive women make 5% more than their nice-girl counterparts. How sad is that?


  8. Miss Emm says:

    You know why that is right? Because if a man yells and advertises their greatness than they really aren’t that great. Either they want you to think they are great or their are convincing themselves that they are great. That’s why the wisest man sits in the back of the room and simply observes.


  9. backonmyown says:

    Good post, ducks. I’m with you–I don’t like those slick over-prepared blogs either. You probably know that already by the way I write mine. Spontaneous always works best for me. Right after my ex discovered my blog and threatened me I found myself being much too planned and careful. I think I’m just starting to get my voice back now, at least I hope I am.

    I have a mental image of you sitting on a park bench taking it all in. Watching. Listening. There’s a quote that comes to mind: “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.” ~ Epictetas


  10. Beth says:

    Preach on, Ducky! Preach on!

    I have no interest in writing one of the suggested blogs that pops up after I hit “Publish.” After all, they usually have nothing whatsoever to do with anything in my life or my blog. Stupid. And the irritating little monkeys who send me spam messages to get me to employ them to maximize my blog? No, thanks. I prefer the random people who stumble over the blog and stick around because they’re interested (and if they’re not, I won’t bolt the door behind them… everyone’s welcome to come and go as they please).

    I enjoy your blog because it has a sense of whimsy about it… you jump from the humorous to the serious to the in between. And your ongoing diatribe to the Albanian chap cracks me up! I hope he says hello some day.


    • Shonnie says:

      I have to agree with Beth. I would love it if gobs of people loved my blog and followed it, but I have to say that I really enjoy and feels so blessed by those who do read and keep up with me. 🙂


      • I’ve never heard of that espression”Gobs of people” Shonnie. I like it. It’s people like you who make me wish for instant travel so we could have a Blog party with all the Bloggers I like. It would be a great gathering


  11. oliarights says:

    Thank you for finding my blog so that I found yours. Beautifully written and all well said. We are fast at sniffing out passion and truth. It is the only stuff worth reading no matter what the subject is.


  12. Caroline says:

    Now why didn’t I think of “the perfect shirt for picnicking in the jungle while being eaten by leopards” – sums it all up for me!!!

    And yes sometimes I think I’d love my blog to be read by millions – but the fact that you call by and comment so often is good enough for me!!


  13. Tilly Bud says:

    I do my best to up my hits but not to the detriment of my blog: I want it to be an extension of me, and if I never get higher stats than now, well, that’s okay, because I have a lovely bunch of regular readers. Who take up all my time with their comments and their blogs that I comment on 🙂

    If you’re not making a living from blogging, it’s hard work 😀


  14. eof737 says:

    I love this post because you touch on a topic that is close to my heart… When I started blogging, I hardly got any visitors. Over time, it grew and when I look back on where I was and where I am, I am grateful fro the souls I made connections with and the blogs I read, like yours, that make me smile or reflect on the world we share… for that I am grateful. 🙂
    Phew… glad I’m finally catching up on posts I missed… I’ve been battling pneumonia and household changes as my children go off to college; I am grateful for God’s grace and the love/support in my life. 🙂 TY!


  15. Julie says:

    “Sadly many of the better ones are not the best marketed so you stumble on them largely by mistake. As is so often the case I find that the wisest man in the room seldom has the loudest voice.” CD, I love how you consistently give me chill bumps with your last sentence or two. Am I used to laughing out loud when I read your blogs? Well, I did this time. You’re funny. Speaking of a small “readership”, I like that mine feels intimate and that my small community is comprised of such neat people, each of them having their own rich and distinct flavors. I feel rich in life in part because of my blogging relationships. I learn from you powerfully. You do wield your words as though with a Samurai sword, yet you do it with kindness, thoughtfulness and soul. That’s why they penetrate so deeply and deftly. There are few better gifts you can offer the world.


  16. This is were I gush all over you – I love this post! And I think you hit the mark as to why I love to blog. I have never been good with strategy…I like the conversing of people and the thoughts they convey to get a different perspective. Just as I always love your perspective – it always leaves me with much to think about…


  17. says:

    Great post! Love to see how your blog readership is increasing steadily. This was funny to me: My body is a warehouse rather than a temple.


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