An Incompetent Learns to Blush

At last I am becoming what could almost be described as a Veteran of Blogging. Lurching unsteadily into my fourth month. Well it would have been my fifth but I deleted my first Blog by mistake so we’ll say fourth. Whats a month between friends.

Like us all I peer at my stats page but in my case with very little comprehension. Obviously I am more than pleased that the Albanian sheep farmer battles through severe weather on a regular basis to read my Blog: It is heartwarming.

Below that noble statistic is another column which says I have some subscribers and subscriptions. As I wander round Blogsville I notice several styles of interaction. One that has caught my eye is the one when someone has replied to every comment they receive. Do people who made a comment go back and see if anyone else had said anything I used to ask myself, or for my Albanian fan ” Njerëzit të kthehen dhe të lexoni çdo koment”.

Sometimes a Blog post can be a photograph which I like but I don’t expect any reply.I just want to record my appreciation. Sometimes it a post about recipees and I just say something like, “Thankyou for helping to keep me fat. Can I add extra butter, cheese and cream to the pasta without effecting the flavour” In this case I would go back and see if they had replied to my comment. I’ve only just realised that you can get an email update on comments without having to go back to the original blog several times a day.

I ask this because a very nice chap called “Big Al” asked me a question today and I could’nt think of how to reply to him. I could send him a personal email but it seems a bit intrusive, or go to his blog and answer the question he posed me regardless of what he was talking about or presume the question to be rhetorical, which has alwyas been my standard aproach. How do I know if the person has comment subscribed or not. Please don’t reply to this question by the way. There is very little prospect of my understanding the answer.

For reasons which escape us all I have had a couple of pingpongs which is very nice, and sincerely appreciated but I’ve no idea how to reciprocate. I have a Blogroll of people I admire, but in truth the list is now out of date and should be at least three times as long. But pinging them is another matter. For those of an investigative nature, you may find that some of the links on my Blogroll do not work. A team of skilled engineers has promised to look at this and they should be operational again soon.

In short I have never really commented on comments, except in very rare circumstances. Is this considered a courtesy. What is the form here. If people ask me things how do I know if they will get the answer. As some singer warbled a few years ago. “The questions run too deep for such a simple man”, or as my Albanian chum would say “Pyetjet drejtuar shumë të thellë për një njeri të tillë të thjeshtë”

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21 Responses to An Incompetent Learns to Blush

  1. scrambled7 says:

    This is just your fourth month? Woah, amazing! Keep up the goood work,


  2. Jillsy Girl says:

    I reply to comments on my blog by sending an email (if they have their settings done correctly so I can reply) because on Blogger you can’t reply directly underneath each individual comment like you can on WordPress (one aspect of Blogger that many users complain about).


  3. backonmyown says:

    I have many of the same questions you have. I was reading about “blog etiquette” a while back and it said we should reply to comments because the reader took the time to make one. I have mixed feelings about all of this cyber culture. I usually respond but not always. Suffice to say that I appreciate all who read and all who comment. But sometimes, depending upon my state of mind coming up with a response is a challenge for me.


  4. Beth says:

    To each their own, Ducky. I don’t think there is a hard and fast rule on this one, so stick with what you’ve been doing and if you feel the need to comment on someone else’s comment, do it. If you don’t, well, don’t. (Putting two “don’t”s in a row seemed ridiculous.) I tend to respond to everyone, but I’m also a girl and could be that we’re wired differently. The blogs I follow that are written by guys don’t usually do that… and I take no offense at it. I’m pretty certain my comments are being read. And since I don’t use the email feature to let me know what else is happening, I don’t always know if someone commented on my comment because no, I don’t always go back to look… just keep on keepin’ on, just the way you are.


  5. says:

    To comment or not to comment? THAT is the question? Ha ha. I’d say at the beginning I tried to comment on all comments out of being polite. Then I got absentminded. Occasionally I comment immediately. I’ve been known to comment after a couple of months. I tend to agree that there is no hard or fast rule.


  6. Caroline says:

    I reply to nearly all comments – via the blog as this can get a good dialogue going on occasions.
    As to pingbacks (though I do like them being called pingpongs) if someone decides to quote or refer to a post of yours in their blog they should link the quote to your blog. When they do this you get a pingback! When you get the pingback if you’re happy being linked to their blog then you need to approve the comment.


    If you want to know more I can explain in an email!!!


  7. Feel I must comment. To be fair, as we know, people commenting and making friends through that is half the fun of blogging so to all my regulars and any new friends I can truely say your presence is always valued and welcome. Another thing whil I’m babbling. My spell checker/proof-reader is broken and this could be disasterous


    • says:

      Your spellchecker is BROKEN? Ducky, when writing a new post or editing a published post, you have two options, right? html or visual, found in the top right corner of the text box. Click on the ‘Visual’ tab and then you will see two rows of icons much like buttons on a remote control. There is a little ABC with a green checkmark icon top row, third from the right ~ that is your spellchecker. Careful that your periods don’t fall off your sentences. 🙂 No worries. It took me about a year to find it.


  8. Do what works for you! Blogging is your own space and it’s about your enjoyment 🙂 Congats! On the four month mark! I enjoy reading your posts 🙂


  9. Dawne Webber says:

    Oh the memories. Seems so long ago when you deleted your first blog. I’m so glad you were able to salvage the posts.

    As to comments and pingbacks. I try to respond to every comment I receive, although sometimes I can’t think of much more than thank you. But I think how each blogger handles comments is up to them. It’s one of the things that will make their blog unique.

    I mention your blog in my posts because I really admire your outlook on life and your writing skill and I’d like others to be able to read your blog. I don’t do it for “marketing my blog” purposes and I don’t expect any acknowledgement from you or anything in return. If it’s a problem though, I’ll continue to read you and let people know about you the old fashioned way–word of mouth. 😉

    I say don’t worry about blog etiquette. Your very successful just doing what you’ve been doing.


  10. kirri says:

    You are too funny….in a charming way! I like to respond to comments on my blog. Comments are love to me and if someone goes to all that effort, I like to reciprocate. This can be time as time consuming as writing but I try to do it as much as I can.

    BTW, your link to my blog is now out of date since I moved…I have a paid redirection for a year but after that, you may want to change it 🙂

    Oh and Im not at much of a tech head myself but I may know a little more than you *cheeky* (given that I grew up with computers and wot not, not because Im more clever *cheekier*)
    Feel free to email me any questions – always happy to help…plus when you write a book, you will owe me credit!


  11. Tipsy Lucy says:

    I can’t believe it’s only been 4 mos. You are a natural! Honestly, I hadn’t noticed you don’t reply to comments. I just enjoy your writing so much, I feel like you’ve already put it all out there.


  12. I reply to comments I get on my blog and I comment on all blogs I visit just to let the blogger know I was there (because I appreciate knowing who is visiting my blog). Maybe I’m “old school” or just old. But the “Golden Rule” haunts (or guides) me: treat others as I wish to be treated. But just because I follow that rule, I don’t believe that everyone does. Being a Buddhist, I let go of expectations about other people’s behaviors–or at least I’m working on it! So do what feels right and keep writing. That’s the important part.


  13. I thought i left a reply yesterday, it must be my mind getting old 🙂
    Any-way, i alway’s reply to comment’s but it’s up to the blogger involved, my blog’s going 5 month’s and doing well.
    My other blog’s going 18 month’s and i very happy with it.


  14. Barbara says:

    I’m amazed you’ve only been doing this for 4 months. I think you’ve got a future with this blog!
    As for comments… I’m a proponent of responding to comments that contribute to the conversation or discussion. People think twitter is a conversation but I believe you can create good community on your blog by replying to comments.
    Most blogs, including blogger have the ability to subscribe to comments, which is what I do if I leave a comment that might create more conversation.

    It all takes time and I’d say you’ve done pretty well for 4 months Peter! Keep it up!


  15. I really appreciate all the replies. What it makes me thinks is that, for starters I will reply to comments when they ask for an answer or just to say thankyou for everyone for popping by. It’s rather heartwarming when you get a dew coments. Deathly silence from the Albanian though !


  16. Aww I absolutely love this post and I have to say Congrats on now being a Veteran Blogger. It isn’t easy, but your post are always enlightening and wonderful. And thank you for adding me to your blogroll. Only thing is.. it points to my email.. but you can email me anytime you like. I really appreciate you being apart of my blog family and keep up the great work


  17. I have just awarded you a Seven Links Award which I was in turn awarded. You will probably get a pingpong!! Wish I could link my post that explains it in this comment box – instead you will have to visit my blog (cunning plan?) 🙂


  18. eof737 says:

    Frankly, it would be wonderful to have the time to continue the back and forth comments for an extended period and delve into conversations a bit more… Unfortunately, I’m just trying to get to my backlog of comments and do the right thing with an initial reply… that I know I must do…
    I rarely go back to check on a response to my comment unless I ask a question. Like you, I want to show my appreciation and respond to a post …. Alas, tempus fujit and the daily demands of life and the long list of blogs, like yours, that I committed to support makes it difficult to do more… 🙂


  19. eof737 says:

    Checking back in to catch up after a lull on the comments front but hectic on the home front. 🙂


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