Unexpected Music

During my passage through Blogland I have read many  posts from many other people. Most are of general interest dealing with food, fashion, holidays , films and the like. Not every post within them but many of the articles. Every once in a while , for reasons that are lost in privacy, someone opens up their heart and starts to speak. There is no pretence now.  No brisk cheerfulness in the face of life’s teething problems.  The result is electrifying.

Suddenly someone who might have mused about the quality of different tuning forks in their previous post starts speaking from the heart. It reads like a private letter written publicly. It makes me realise that just standing emotionally naked before the world is a brave thing to do. Such is the nature of modern life that many reserve their most open comments for their writing, and we disclose many of our  intimate thoughts to those we shall never meet.

What strikes me , apart from the emotions expressed, is how clear and sure the writing becomes. Suddenly the person is no longer searching or trying to recollect something. They are there, right in the midst of the experience and tell it as they see it without embroidery or drama.

I am, and always have been, a keen reader and have devoured many of the classic and famous authors during my life. I read English Literature at university. But here, without announcement, or even possibly awareness, someone starts writing with a power and honesty which could stand proudly by those pages lauded by my past professors and others since. It reinforces my view that, in most cases, the extraordinary is hidden within the ordinary. When the moment comes when someone has no choice but to face their fears, act with courage or express themselves without shame the results can be astonishing to those who know them and those who don’t.

Once I was with another man and he was discussing a third party with the words, “He’s wasting his time”. I replied, “Most of us waste most of our time. It’s how we chose to do it that’s interesting”. This is not entirely true. we notice things without noticing them, and sometimes learn without paying any attention to the lessons which life offers, but on occasion, when there is no where else to go, we start to speak in a voice of which we were unaware . That unique spirit which is in us all finds a voice. I have been privileged, and astonished to find it singing here, Under certain circumstances so many people are greater than they know

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13 Responses to Unexpected Music

  1. Cyberian says:

    Great blog! Profound and thought-provoking. You get to the heart of things.


  2. redheadmouth says:

    Wonderful post! We do all waste our time. But if you waste time with loved ones, is it really wasting time?. No it is’nt says CD. Spending time with people you love is never a waste


  3. Shonnie says:

    Beautifully stated. I have missed you Ducky. just about got my life back in to a simblance of order. Jumped over to check on you and you BLESS me. Loved this one.


  4. says:

    liked this: The extraordinary is hidden within the ordinary.

    I wish I were a person greater than I knew. I strive though every day. It is funny because my first post was probably my most pure and honest. Then I got cold feet like when I noticed everyone was silent and looking at me. I saw all of these eyes! I tried to look good but that didn’t work either. I get a lot of compliments like thanks and stuff like that.

    I write about motivation and inspiration because they are two subjects I like. Then people call me motivational and inspirational. I get a good laugh out of that, ha ha! Still, I like what you wrote. It’s true. The current blog writers are just about as good as any I’ve seen around.


    I liked this: The extraordinary is hidden within the ordinary


  5. Caroline says:

    You’re right we all do waste time – lots of it – and it is how we each, individually choose to waste it that makes each of us different!

    Loved this post. Yet again you manage to put into words what I wish I could.

    Thank you



  6. Jillsy Girl says:

    wasting time ~ one person’s waste can be another’s treasure. many people think of blogging and reading blogs as a waste of time, but others ~ like myself, find the treasure within.


  7. Lady E says:

    Hello there! Like you I’m a newbie in blogland, and have read some really powerful posts written by people opening thier heart. On the other side of that, I have found a voice writing with naked honesty as I went through some of the worst times in my life…
    Anyway, thanks for your original and perceptive posts.


  8. Miss Emm says:

    I may have to borrow your quote. “We all waste our time”. It rings so true to my heart.


  9. eof737 says:

    Well said…and I see glimpses of that too; every day in the blogosphere. 🙂


  10. Kirri White says:

    My favourite thing about the journey of blogging? Finding my voice…a voice that is uniquely and wholly mine. I truly believe it is a vehicle for personal growth. My next fave thing….getting to know others through their words and their voice. When it comes from a place of realness, compassion and integrity, it’s both unifying and uplifting. Thats why I keep coming back…Im learning from your voice and your greatness.


  11. backonmyown says:

    And you, dear “Ducks” are one of those who sing. I look forward to your posts.


  12. I finally found time to catch up on posts and this one is so moving. Blog land has been a beautiful experience for me… reading others heartfelt words and seeing their amazing creations/photos can bring tears. And, like most of us, I learn with each post how to share my heart as best I can <3. Grateful to know you 🙂


  13. Beth says:

    Ducky… I hope to waste time with flair, great abandon, and much purpose.


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