Six Simple steps to Perfect Happiness

Sometimes on my voyage through here I read about self-help books or articles. Some titles are more arresting than others. I have even glanced at a few and it’s fair to say that you can find a few nuggets of information in them but, in many ways , I feel, we all take this journey in a unique manner, and from the infinite menu of possibilities afforded us, make a dish of life that is ours alone. There is no doubt that others can encourage and affirm you, and we all love that.  Making sense of where you are seems to take a bit longer as you get older. “I can’t believe I’ve done that” or “Not again” are refrains that trickle through my mind on regular occasions.

As a small boy from a household of peculiar dysfunction I was of no importance whatsoever, and my mother, exhausted from dealing with the demands of my elder siblings had largely given up by the time I arrived on the scene. She enjoyed being a person much more than she enjoyed being a mother, but she was a remarkable women none the less. I sometimes think that if  Beethoven had ended up working in a bakery,  as his clumsy hands kneaded the dough without interest,  his mind would be soaring with music that  the bread he was making would never hear. Great person, poor baker.

It takes some exercise of will to go from being of no significance to some significance and , never mind the basics of eating, finding shelter and buying my round at the bar, that particular struggle has been central to my life. Looking around us, many of us can remark on the fact that we can have such different lives yet come from the same household.

Add to that,  the fact that you also become responsible for people with passing age and the whole passage of life becomes formidable. Again reading through blogs on here I am struck by how so many of us struggle up our own mountains, or spend years recovering from a fall precipitated from the failure of a relationship, financial disaster or the onset of ill-health. Some of us succumb to the demons which tease and haunt us and travel to oblivion via drink or drugs. luckily I have never done that but I have some understanding of those that do.

Faced with the problems of my own life I am always struck  and moved by the courage and determination so many of you show in facing up to the difficulties which beset your individual lives. The way that people can celebrate what is around them without regard to their own circumstances. You find life in many colours in Blogland but one thing you see very little of is boasting: at least in the pages I visit.  That is such a pleasure to me. I don’t know you but it’s an honour to nearly meet you. Thankyou for popping by

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16 Responses to Six Simple steps to Perfect Happiness

  1. Elizabeth Rogers says:

    You are so right. Life happens and how you handle it can mean the difference between darkness and light. I enjoyed reading your blog, and thank you for reading mine. Your words of encouragement were like a ray of sunshine to me. Isn’t it magical how we can brighten someone’s day by a kind word. And to do that to a complete stranger seem’s so difficult for so many people in this wild world we live in. Thank you for the words you express in this blog.


  2. Kirri White says:

    I started my blog about 6 months and I can’t exactly recall how I discovered yours….but I know that I am a loyal visitor and will remain so! I am such an admirer of your writing style and your words comfort me like a bedtime story, always. As for when you visit me…thats just the icing on the cake!
    (And just so you know, it would be chocolate….always 🙂


  3. Miss Emm says:

    We all come from dysfunctional families. That’s the whole fun in growing up. In all honesty its what happens to us when we are kids is what makes us the people we are today. Great post.


  4. Jaclyn Rae says:

    I love your writing and your beautiful heart 🙂


  5. It’s an honor to meet you too and coming here to this blog always perks up my spirits and makes me happy. I never expected to be apart of such a large blog community when I decided to open my blog. I didn’t even think anyone would visit. But after finding new friends to communicate with, I’ve discovered an untapped community filled with creativity and love. I’m glad you’re apart of my blog family.


  6. Dawne Webber says:

    I learn more from you, than I ever have from any self-help book. I’m so glad that even though we’re an ocean apart, we can hang out together!


  7. Beth says:

    You’re quite delightful yourself, Ducky!

    And yes, it’s tiresome to listen to folks drone on and on about the way they’ve accomplished something and then have them espouse their method as the *only* method. Especially when I’ve found (as you’ve no doubt discovered as well) that what is a sure fire success for one person usually fails miserably for me. Oy. Thus we all plod along gleaning little bits from here and there, putting together our own version of success. And, as I often remind myself, to each their own!


  8. Great blog. I totally agree about same housegold differnt lives. My family life was very much like that.


  9. Julie says:

    The honor is mine. Truly.


  10. I feel your heart in each word.

    This sentence is so heartbreaking & beautiful…

    ‘She enjoyed being a person much more than she enjoyed being a mother, but she was a remarkable women none the less.’

    Grateful to nearly meet you 🙂


  11. Caroline says:

    You have been an inspiration to me. I love your writing and pop in every day just in the hope of a new nugget to read.

    Thank you. Have a great weekend!


  12. eof737 says:

    It is an honor to know you too…
    Your steady writer’s voice, and wise words always resonate with me… 🙂


  13. Such a thoughtful, kind, and well-written piece. I loved the line about your mother enjoying being a person more than a mother–so descriptive and cuts to the heart of the matter.

    Your observations about the kind of people on this blog platform are spot-on: all wounded in some way, but all finding a way to bring light to the shadows.

    I really enjoy your gentle observations about life–past, present, yours, ours. You have a new subscriber. I don’t want to miss what you have to say next…


  14. redheadmouth says:

    It is strange how people from the same household can grow to be to different. You start to wonder how you are even related? Wonderful piece.


  15. I’m not much of a one for self-help books. The only one I’ve ever read was The Road Less Travelled by M. Scott Peck. He says something along the lines of accepting that life is difficult and once you accept that, it’s much easier to live it. That was very helpful, but I certainly find more wisdom and inspiration in the blogs I’ve found. You are a particular joy to read. Thank you.


  16. Globalresidence says:

    Likewise, feel the same! 😀


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