One of the Awkward Squad

Once, in another life, I was privileged to walk along a beach near a school, group or colony of Sea Lions. I’m not sure of the correct technical term. What intrigued me about them was how fat, clumsy and lazy they looked whilst they were on land. Of course, once they enter the water they become an almost a different species, able to swim at up to 25 miles and hour and dive to incredible depths in search of food. If we knew less about them and merely saw them on the beach we would wonder what they were all about, but once in the water their strength, agility and power are one of the wonders of nature

So many of us struggle to fit into lives for which we are ill equipped and which ask us questions to which we have no answer, leaving us, as it were, on the beach. We struggle on gamely doing our best to be useful and take care of those who look to us for support, or vanish into a world of drink drugs and oblivion, depending on our circumstances and outlook.  Events throw up different requirements . During wars many men who seemed to live obscure un noteworthy existences in peacetime can suddenly display levels of courage and initiative which mark them out as extraordinary individuals. Without that terrible event they would have passed unremarked  through the world which now applauds them for their deeds.

We are all ordinary but have the extraordinary within us. We yearn for the chance to express it and often wonder what it is anyway. Sadly many of us never find out, and it is only in unsung moments of response or attitude that this extraordinary beings shines out from within the baffled  exterior  of our every day lives.We spend years waiting for the moment or situation which will suddenly make sense of it all and us at the same time. Till then most of us struggle on, getting by on the basis of our most basic competencies.

Some of us can change a lightbulb under almost any circumstances, or fix a machine others thought beyond repair. Show patience with an individual who exasperates all others who meet them or find beauty in a desert of mundane anxieties

My purpose or function in life is not entirely clear. I have discovered that I am quite good at making scrambled eggs and my children love me. As to rest, as with so many of us, it remains largely uncharted. That being said, the voyage of discovery is intoxicating and I enjoy it.”You are a very odd man” my partner said to me this morning. You can’t argue with that. Now what else can I find out about myself.

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Trying to remember what my future is
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9 Responses to One of the Awkward Squad

  1. Have you heard or read the tale about a selkie? about a seal who become a woman? I think people in Ireland believed on that before. 🙂 I read it in a novel. The Nature of Water and Air by Regina McBride.


  2. Beth says:

    Sooo true! I often say I’m an odd duck. And I am. But that’s okay. It’s my oddities that make me special. Who wants to be the same as everyone else? It’s our differences that make us so interesting. And the potential for extraordinary is incredible. Within our strengths, we all swim sleakly, smoothly, and FAST! And ironically, sometimes the very trait that makes us incredibly odd is also what allows us to excel in something.


    • Shonnie says:

      I never think of you as the odd duck — but then people say that I am so — guess my thoughts aren’t a good measure. Still, I just plain like ya! 🙂 I agree with you about our difference is what make each person so very special and unique — to me like lovely colors on a painting each bringing beauty in their own way. God’s creation so wonderful to be praised.


      • Beth says:

        You are too kind! I like me, too! And you!!

        I think if you’re comfortable in your own skin, the oddities are less odd… and our uniqueness makes life sooo interesting!


  3. Jeanna says:

    I love reading your blogs, they always make me smile!


  4. what a great analogy ~ i have more compassion for myself and others ‘lying on the beach’ after reading this and those sea lions sure seem to enjoy lying on the beach hmmmm

    thanks for the lovely comment on my blog 🙂 it makes it worth it to reveal the rawness when i get comments like yours ♥


  5. Caroline says:

    Yes again a great post. And it is finding that thing that sets apart from our fellow man. Each of us has it deep inside but it can be easy to remain ‘beached’ – perhaps for too long.

    BTW you may be “A very old man” but you are also a brilliant writer. Your ability to transport your reader to the situation, place or idea you are writing about is phenomenal.

    Thank you – you inspire.


  6. Shonnie says:

    Beautifully stated Duckie my dear. Very much enjoyed reading your post today. It made my soul smile. 🙂


  7. eof737 says:

    “the voyage of discovery is intoxicating and I enjoy it.”
    I won’t have it any other way… flaws and all. Great post. 🙂


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