Meeting of Minds

The cafe was unusually crowded. Sharing tables was a must and there was little room to read a paper. Never mind, a nice plate of sausages and eggs makes up for most discomforts and a sip of coffee soon put my mind right with the difficulties of dealing with the lack of space.  My fellow diners or breakfasters were all in the same situation and they seemed to be coping  so why should’nt I. I looked at the headline to find that some government minister had been sounding off about a waste of resources in the welfare system. I was’nt that interested and paused to reflect on the situation by having another sip of coffee .

Suddenly a voice cut across my day-dreaming. It was the man sitting opposite me. He seemes uncomfortably smart for such a place but if that made him happy I was easy with it. . “Are you local” he asked. “Pretty much” I said. “Not born here but lived in the area for a while if you know what I mean”. “My daughter’s getting married today” he said  largely ignoring my observation, and there was a shy and silent pride in the way he said it that made me smile. “My goodness, that’s lovely” I replied  “What are you doing here then”. “Well my wife and the girls are all over the place getting ready so  I  thought I’d come out for a bit and get some peace and quiet” .  He may have wanted peace and quiet but the exitement was bubbling out of him and I fully understood his need to share it. He had the average face of an average man but the nerves and pride  within him made him shine:  we both smiled at each other.  “Daughter getting married” I replied. “I can’t imagine a bigger day”,  I’ve got three girls myself so I can sympathise, though none are married yet so I’ve got all this to come”. “Yes” she’s called Sandra: ;  lovely girl. works as a nurse.” “Thats a good job I said” and then we both  fell silent for a bit. I worked on my sausage to egg ratio, never an easy matter if you really want to enjoy the mouthful, and thought about my girls .

There is an air  of bewildered contentment in a man who is overun with daughters. They are girls so as men we will never fully understand them, but more than that, they are “Our girls”. You can go anywhere you like in the world and sit at any table eating any food but, in almost every case, when a father starts talking about his daughters a special  sense of pride will make him glow and in a way it is impossible to describe leaving us feeling happier with our circumstances. So here I was, sitting at this table with such a man and his daughter was getting married. The cafe was crowded and stuffy and not entirely comfortable though friendly and pleasant, but in that moment I felt as if I was dining in a party atmosphere.  “Got your speach ready”. I said “Not really”, he replied, “but with Sandra there’s always plenty to talk about and the guy she’s marrying is a lovely boy so it should’nt be a problem”. I understood him and smiling we both fell silent again.

When I had finished my food I looked across at the man and said “Well, I’m off. I hope the day goes well for you and congratulations to your daughter.” “Thankyou”, he said. I shook his hand  and a we shared a another smile before I left.  I suddenly felt like the richest man alive.


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7 Responses to Meeting of Minds

  1. Beth says:

    I’ve often teased a friend of mine from college… he’s the deliriously happy father of three girls (and affectionately calls himself a ‘DODO’ or ‘daddy of daughters only’). At one point, his house was occupied by his wife, his girls, me (a.k.a. Auntie Beth… I’m unofficial family), the dog (a female), three guinea pigs (all female), and a turtle in the backyard (also female). I no longer reside there, but they have another dog… you got it, a female. He still thinks his girls (ages 8, 7, and 5) will be able to share a very small bedroom with a very small closet until the day they move out, his wife and I (and every living, breathing human who hears him utter this statement) have tried to warn him of the impending disaster. He’ll figure it out someday.

    But he loves his life! As you said, there’s something very special about a father and his girls. They may frustrate you to know end, confuse the heck out of you, and occasionally drive you batty, but they’ll bring you unending joy as well! My friend is a wise man… he’s at least figured that part out and it’s really the most important part!


  2. Miss Emm says:

    i love this story. It is very touching.


  3. backonmyown says:

    This is a beautifully written and altogether lovely post. I am the mother of three daughters and I have to admit that I haven’t and still don’t always understand them
    even though we’re the same gender. I love being the mother of daughters. I refer to all three of them as BG. That means Baby Girl or Beautiful Girl, whichever they need at a given time. They have gifted me with 9 grandchildren, seven of them girls. The two boys are novelties in our family and we spoil them a bit.

    And life is good. Have a good weekend.


  4. eof737 says:

    This is a heartwarming story… I could see the man bubbling over with pride… 🙂


  5. elleswim says:

    What a lovely story!


  6. Caroline says:

    I just love the way you get such special moments from your days. Thank you. You inspire me to look for those moments and really appreciate them. To gain something from every encounter every day.

    Thank you so much


  7. Tipsy Lucy says:

    I can so picture this! What a day. I’m sure he is still reflecting fondly on the day’s events.


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