The Implications of Dating

Ok, It’s been a little time since I’ve been on one but lying in bed I was struck by one of the hidden truths behind this activity. Some of you may have guessed that I’m not a natural smoothy, and the business of smiling uncertainly at people you’re hoping to get to know , conversations about the fillet of beef, why you’re so succesful or were it all went wrong are not all that appealing. However, like us all, the desire to be loved for what you are, the pleasure in sharing and amazing experience of enjoying a cup of tea without actually having to put the kettle on yourself are all  powerful attractions to “get out there” and see if there is anyone   odd enough to take you on.

We’ve gone through the email thing, laid out the basic facts of your life and shared your secret love for old films or whatever and finally it’s time to meet. I’m saying this from the male perspective of course:  the female perspective remains  clouded in mystery to me but there you are. Anyway, you finally meet, everything is lovely and the girl looks beautifully groomed. In my case, she may have to overlook, I am told by my partner, that my shirt is slightly frayed and is not a good match for my trousers.

She on the other hand is looking most impressive: hair freshly washed and combed, make up expertly applied, more than adequate dressing skills with a hint of  perfume from somewhere.  She looks beautiful. It clearly took some time to put all this together, and that is marvellous of course and can stem from several motives. But the most important fact is, if you get through all the nonsense of getting to know each other and finally settle down in domestic harmony all that care and attention to her appearance will come back to hit you. She did it for you, and she does it for everything so that “just going out” can take longer than you thought possible. In the time it takes to wash and blow dry my partners hair I could have produced a small roast dinner. It is a minor fact, but nevertheless, one which continues to amaze me after all this time. It’s more than worth the wait but the ritual of preparation is sometimes hard to grasp for Mr NofrillsMan.


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6 Responses to The Implications of Dating

  1. Tipsy Lucy says:

    Ah, you need a natural beauty. Not to toot my own horn, but I can get out the door in roughly 30 minutes. 🙂


  2. I loved reading this post. You definitely express yourself in a wonderful way.


  3. Shonnie says:

    That is just the way of some of us girlies are. I wish I could tell you it gets better with age, but probably not. I have always been a girl who likes to look good (that takes a while–even young), but who would go out without make-up and my hair in a ponytail. I’m just glad my hubby thinks I look amazing no matter how I dress or fix up, and he never minds waiting on the doll up (anymore–when we were younger he tried to fix me-hahaha! It didn’t work!).

    Relax and enjoy mr-chill-n-relax-man. 🙂


  4. You are a hoot! Maybe it’s more the implications of social conditioning? I’m picturing your partner turning up on your date with a frayed collar and you with your manscara!


  5. Beth says:

    And my coworkers ask why I never wear make-up to work… okay, not never. I think I’ve worn make-up to work seven times in two years.

    As for the time to blow dry hair, well… if she has long hair there really isn’t a way around that one. And contrary to what you might think, not all us girls have wash-n-wear hair (present company included). It’s a hassle, but blow drying the mop keeps us from looking like we put our finger in an electrical socket or straggly like a wet dog. But the results are usually worth the time when we make the effort. The trick is to keep telling her she’s beautiful when she’s without the goop and you stand a better chance of her running errands without the prep time.

    That said, it’s probably a good thing my two brothers had two sisters… they weren’t shocked at how long it can take their wives to get ready to go out for a night on the town.

    P.S. Blame Shonnie for my input! She pinged us both in her latest entry so naturally I had to check out your blog. Very nice, very nice indeed.


  6. Miss Emm says:

    We do that on purpose. Mostly to attract you, but partially to see if you notice it. But trust me we have days when we would rather lounge around in our pj’s and eat cereal for dinner.


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