Death by Common Sense

Sometimes there’s nothing left to hope for but hope itself. We’ve all been there. Lost in the horror of a bad decision or some disastrous chain of events which has left us gasping for air and bemoaning our fortune. I’m somewhere in that place myself. Reading stories on here, and from connections in real life I know I am not alone

Taking stock of ourselves we  realise, that for many currently in this predicament the coming year will provide a positive change in our circumstances.  Looking at events in black and white can lead to death by common sense but events are not linear or entirely predictable. Learning to live with misfortunes or misjudgment is not a solution to the problem. Every day I remind myself to face my circumstances with courage and patience. In the golf  game of life we must play the ball where it lies and no twhere we wish it to be. I am helped in this by my partner and my friends.

It’s not easy. We all know that but somewhere in us is the key to our problem, or at least the current one. Friends help us find it but most of all, knowing you are valuable gets you through. Merely being rationale cannot always be enough. Faith in yourself unlocks many abilities and opportunities. I hope we have the faith to live by more than common sense

Over and Out


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Trying to remember what my future is
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One Response to Death by Common Sense

  1. Caroline says:

    As someone once said “The position you are in is the position you are in – there is no point in looking back and wishing you’d things differently”

    Tough to hear and often tougher just to look forward.

    Believing in yourself – and by that I mean really believing in yourself is the key.

    I’ve been lucky in finding the Life Coach I have – he is incredible at getting you to find out about yourself – almost without you realising you’re doing it.

    Good luck. Writing helps – well I think so!!


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